Nocturne Build Guide

[S5-5.19] Nocturne Jungle Guide By BatmanTheJungler 

Updated 1 year ago

Hello I am BatmanTheJungler from Hong Kong and this is my first LoL guide here regarding Nocturne. This guide will focus on the pros and cons of Nocturne and how to carry the game as the Jungler in solo queue. A little bit of self-introduction. I am a hardcore gamer who loves to play competitive games. I started playing Dota back then as a teen and switched to league 4 years ago. I started as a top laner and then switched to jungling due to my ENTP nature. I was bored of the top meta game and wanted to control the game with strategies and mind games. Jungling seems to be the best way out since there are more choices and freedom. (Damn ENTP problems!) Anyways, I am not the best player out there and will continue to improve myself. Nocturne Pros & Cons I view Nocturne as a hyper carry jungler and below is why: - Snowball/carry potential - Decent dueler and Assassin the entire game - Great early damage and steroids from Q and W - Fast clears, giving Nocturne an edge when it comes to counter jungling - Spellshield is incredibly strong when used wisely with double attack speed steroid - One of the strongest 'Counter Ganker\" in the history of LoL - A lot of pressure to laners once your Ulti is up - Crazy unpredictable ganks and dives - Capable of split pushing while applying pressure on the map - He is batman. No one is perfect. Not even Batman himself and below is the reason why: - Really hard to come back if you are falling behind - Ganks not so effective pre-six - No hard CC and E is unreliable - Passive is not strong enough to sustain early game and kinda mana hungry - Squisher than most junglers early to mid game

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