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AD Kayle! New build (Pre-season 6)

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Updated 1 year ago
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Hey guys, My name is Nickington. I've been playing LoL since mid-season 3 and I've been playing Kayle ever since. I have been Diamond for the past 2 seasons (4 and 5) basically maining Kayle. I've played Kayle in many roles and with many different item variations and I seriously think this is the strongest build yet, besides the fact that it's attack damage. Mainly I want to thank http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/127555-kayle-build-guide-fighter-by-shiina for basically starting my liking of AD Kayle and now I feel that I should also help out with this new build. I'm by no means insanely good at the game, but I feel that there will be a lack of Kayle guides in the future and I want to help out others to build her. The cool things I want to mention about this build is that is uses the full potential of essence reaver (30% cdr) along with your runes to make you have E up all the time. Also, you get 100% crit after essence reaver/statikk/runaans/IE making your mastery static 20% increased attack speed along with giving you that nice heal.

You can duel but you have to duel wisely. Play smart and you can get kills early. If not, just farm and trade. You are way better mid/late.

At this point you should have Essence reaver and Statikk shiv. You should have 37.5% CDR which means you can start pouring out your E damage continuously on enemy champs. You are strong now and can duel/fight most people, just make sure you play safely as your ult doesn't have it's good duration.

Now you should be insane, 4/5/6 item AD Kayle is one of the most dangerous champs in the game. The amount of AoE damage you do in crits and just sheer damage should make any enemy team tremble in fear. Your ult is strong, and also has a very low CD. Be a beast.

You want to mainly be in the middle of your team, infront of your adc + peel, but behind the frontline. You want to help your frontline mainly but also stay in range to everyone in case you need to ult them and save them. A mid game teamfight let's say around dragon, you should be having clutch ults and outplaying the other team. You might not be doing as much damage late game, but you should hurt. Late game is a different story, you should try to be in the middle of your team but also be able to get enough Runaans hits on the enemy team. You do ridiculous amounts of damage at this point, you should try to use it.

Hope this guide helps. Feel free to point out any flaws and or changes I should make! Thanks!

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