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Alright kiddies I'm gonna start off this guide like I do with every other guide. It's about midnight and I can't sleep so I'm gonna help you all learn how to play a new champion. Today is going to be (insert Champion name here). Now I'm not going to lie to you and say I'm a god like player who knows the ins and outs of this character like I know the back of my hand but I do know this game and strategy of LoL in general and I trust myself to make a good guide that all can use to make themselves a better player. So without further rambling. Here we go!

To Maximize the damage on Corki that will proc the Sheen passive of Tri-Force you need to make sure you land an auto attack inbetween each ability. so the combo is to start with E so you can start shredding armor ASAP. then empowered auto. Then you will want to BotRK the target so they stay in range of your E and keep taking damage. Then Ult since you want to spend a charge so the ammo can start refilling right away. Auto. Q to get that damage down and have the CD start on that. Now you may need to W at any point here to gap close and you need to auto after that. then Ult, auto, ult, auto. The enemy should be dead by now unless they are a big tank but you can start kiting if they are a tank and kite with a continuous Ult/auto barrage. So without the words it is E>auto>BotRK ACtive>R>Auto>Q>Auto>R>Auto>W>Auto>R>Auto>R>Auto>R>Auto... And remember that the (W>Auto can fit anywhere in the combo to chase)

Early game Corki holds all the power in lane. Once he hits 6 he can poke anyone to death and farm safely from a distance. Then as he starts getting items he just gets more and more powerful. His abilities have good ratios and items will push those ratios to pressure the enemy and go in for the kill and snowball him into the mid and late game

Now he has completed his Tri-Force and Corki is the most powerful Champion on the field. He is going to be key in taking objectives and winning teamfights so make sure that you use this to your full advantage. He is not something to take lightly so if you are facing a corki don't underestimate him

Unfortunately Corki will fall off late game and his rockets won't pack that big of a punch like they did before. The enemy WILL out scale you but you need to keep yourself relevant by poking them down and not letting the fact that your time to shine is over. You still do damage so make sure you keep your DPS as high as possible. Don't let your focus slip and keep your combos up. Don't let your mechanics slip

Corki in team fights will want to be a little more towards the front than most ADCs would like but he needs that E to hit some people. But don't sacrifice your life just to hit one tank for one second of your E. Its far better to land some hits on your empowered Autos after poking with your rockets than to just go in and throw your life away. Keep yourself alive but also keep your damage up and save you W for when you absolutely need it

God damn that was long. I need to get some sleep. (Insert champion name here) is a great champion! He or she is so good in so many ways! They can do so much for your team if you can play them right! And remember what I said about that one thing!

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