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[center]THIS IS AN IN-DEPTH GUIDE, SO IT REALLY ISN'T FOR THE 1 TIME BLITZCRANK PLAYER: IT IS FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO LEARN BLITZCRANK. IT IS CURRENTLY RATHER TEXT HEAVY; I'LL BE LOOKING TO ADD PICTURES FOR PURPOSEFUL CLARITY LATER ON IN THE WEEK.[/center] The goal of this guide is to take the gimmick out of Blitzcrank and make him a consistent support. Everyone knows him as hook = win, but I play him in a way where even missing most your hooks isn't entirely crippling. I'm a long time LoL player (I'm an Adjudicator if anyone still knows what that is) and I've been playing Blitzcrank only for the passed few seasons. I don't play often, probably a few weeks of the year nowadays, but over time I have accumulated experience. I finally had the time to ELO grind to diamond this year. S5 I ended in Plat 1 with 72% WR and S6 I am currently D1 with only a 66% WR (but I blame that to the massive changes in S6). I play Blitzcrank as a support and with this guide I am looking to give an in-depth analysis on how to play Blitzcrank in the current meta. My ign is churros if anyone wants to look me up.

Landing a hook takes serious patience. You need to study how your enemy dodges. You need to recognize patterns in dodging, and then accordingly shoot out hooks. This is how you become someone like Madlife: he knows how people dodge, so he just plays a step ahead. When it comes to the first few hooks of the game, you really don't know much about the enemies, so you are just taking a stab at where you think they are going to dodge. If you miss though, look at how an opponent moved and try to aim that way the next time. People are creatures of habit. Below are some general patterns of dodging I have picked up over time. It varies with the ELO of the enemy you are versing: [center][i]All of the following dodging patterns are assuming the enemy has the freedom to dodge however they want! This means the enemy can go in any direction without fear of negative consequences. The situation becomes simpler when the enemy has less options (e.g. your team is following up closely so if the enemy dodges by walking towards you, they will die). For that reason I haven't covered these other scenarios.[/i] [/center] [center][b]Hooking Under Enemy Tower[/b][/center] - Below Gold: Most people will just try to run away in a straight path (when I played in this ELO I found it very frustrating because I was used to people dodging). Hold in your hook until you absolutely feel certain. The longer you hold in your hook, the more information you get on whether the enemy will swerve or not. - Below mid Plat: People will always try to dodge here. The most common way to dodge here is what I call the circle method. If somebody is running in a straight line and you are running behind them, they will begin turning in a wide circle away from the closest wall. They begin turning when they think you should have shot your hook. It is such a natural instinct to do this for some reason. Now if I am in this ELO, I just assume this is how the enemy will dodge, and it is almost always the case. ** Be careful not to let them run this circle path for too long. I find the longer they run the path, the less predictable it becomes** - Plat and Low Diamond in general: Since this is the cutoff point between 2 levels of dodging, you will find this area mixed with both kinds of dodges. You have to tease out of the enemy which kind they are. - Diamond and above: These guys are a step ahead of the previous guys. They have played enough games to know where most people dodge, so they will try to go against that. There are 2 scenarios that are very very common here. 1) The enemy will be running away and you are running behind them. They will begin to dodge in what seems to be the wide circle method, but they will immediately turn the other way. They will repeat this over and over again. Essentially, the enemy is traveling in a tight zigzag pattern up a line. What does this mean for you? Shoot your hook straight at them, and most of the time they will zigzag right into your hook. 2) This 2nd method is extremely common among pro ADC players. If you watch Doublelift's stream or Gosu's stream, they ALWAYS use this dodge method. It was too complicated to explain so I drew a shitty drawing: [img=] Essentially what I am attempting to say, is that the enemy champion will walk towards you away from the area of safety. This is especially true when you are ganking mid or are trying to hook when they are under tower. Why would they dodge like this? Because if you miss, then they get to continue harassing you for attempting to hook. It is smart on their part, but its predictable.

[b]Invade[/b] This is where Blitzcrank shines over anyone else in the game. Take charge of your team if you choose to invade. Ping out the exact pathway you will take because you need coordination. Be wary of ambushes. Invade bot side if you are going for picks. It is ideal to have all 5, but you don't necessarily need your top laner. Be patient with your hook. [b]Help your Jungler[/b] Help with the first camp. Ideally, you should tank 2 hits from the camp, because you receive that health back from using the procs from Relic Shield.

Have a particular plan that you will loosely follow for the laning phase. Take a look at the matchup and decide who wins the 2v2; how vulnerable is your ADC; who should you be hooking; is your jungle a good ganker (express your desire for a gank in a polite manner); is the enemy jungler a ganker or farmer; are there globals like Shen or TF in the game; who pushes harder (Tristana is a natural lane pusher); when are the powerspikes for you and when are the powerspikes for the enemy. These are all questions that should be in the back of your mind as you go through laning phase. [b]Rush the level 2[/b] You want to get to level 2 before the enemy team does. Remember that means a fine balance. You want to push as little as possible, while also getting to level 2 ideally by a 1 creep advantage. Immediately use your first Relic Shield proc on the first melee minion. HOLD THE SECOND PROC for the next wave. Use this proc on the melee minions of the 2nd wave. This is done to give your ADC and yourself some health back before you engage the upcoming 2v2. The reason you always rush the level 2 is because among supports, Blitzcrank has arguably the strongest level 2 powerspike. His damage is tripled with the AA --> Power Fist and he has 2 forms of hard CC. No other support can boast such a profile so early in the game. If you get level 2 first and the creeps are thinning, you want to walk through the bushes right up to the enemy (most likely the ADC, but decide which one is best). Powerfist first. This allows your ADC time to catch up and begin dishing out his level 2 burst. It is generally a good idea to hold in your hook for as long as possible to maximize the distance grabbed: this allows you and your ADC to hit the enemy ADC for as long as possible. [b]Other general tips:[/b] - Always save your relic proc for cannon minions to maximize the gold you get. After using the first 2 procs that I mentioned above, you only ever have to proc on cannon minion waves (you get twice as many procs once you get [img=items/targons-brace.png]. - If burning your exhaust makes them burn a flash, do it. Flash is of greater value and higher cd than your exhaust. - It is very difficult to hook through a full minion wave. The best time to look for hooks is when the wave is thinning out (only the caster minions are left). - When you are running in for a hook, the most irritating thing is running into a minion wave and being forced to back off. To avoid this, before bursting in, take a look at your upcoming minion wave, and that is exactly where the enemy minion wave will be on the other side of the map. Take into account the location of the upcoming minion waves.

The jungle is where the coordination of the entire map lies. Good jungle control and communication is what allows good mid lane pressure to rotate bot lane or good top lane pressure to rotate to the enemy blue. It keeps pressure fluid and responsive. It is not just the jungler that does this: as support you also have a hand in jungle coordination. Here are some tips: [b]ALLY JUNGLER[/b] If you are asking for a gank you have to prepare the lane for your jungler. You can't expect your jungler to make plays without you setting him/her up for them. It's hardly a good idea to ask for immediate ganks; it is far better to ask for future ganks at a concrete time. Here is what you should do: -----> Look at where you jungler is: if he is on the other side of the map, don't fucking ping him to come gank bot. If he needs to get his blue at 7:50 on the other side of the map, it probably isn't wise to tell him to gank bot at 7:30. Don't call him when he just finished bot side jungle and is headed toward top side; he will say no. Decide when your lane will be gankable and tell the jungler to come in x amount of time. Try to make it coordinate with his pathing. He will be able to map a route to bot easier this way, and this gives you time to further set up the lane. -----> Look at the state of your enemies. Will they be in lane by the time you jungler gets here? -----> Tell the jungler all the wards planted by your enemy that he may pass. It is YOUR FAULT if your jungler gets caught out by a bot ward. Your jungler doesn't have the time to waste a stroll to bot lane for nothing. It puts him behind. Truthfully, he will always fall behind short of a kill/taxing/objectives. The jungler is putting an investment in your lane when he comes to gank. Don't waste it. -----> Prepare with anti-vision. Time your pink wards/sweeper lens to be ready just a little before your jungler shows up. Clear out the vision then. Don't make it so obvious though. -----> However the gank happens (whether its a tower dive, through the lane, through river) change you playstyle to bait the enemy team. I've gone so far as to Flash into the enemy and run away to make it seem like I fail-flashed <-- one possible way to bait. The above sounds like a laundry list of tasks to accomplish, but it typically takes me between 2-3 seconds to do them all aside from vision management. Most of these things can be accomplished by a single glance at the minimap and time. The more you pay attention to these things, the more intuitive it becomes. Once you can reliably land hooks, jungler ganks work really well. Because this is solo queue, you will practically always at least burn the enemy's summoners even if they have the entrances warded. Unless the enemy has amazing disengage, the jungler can simply come through lane to gank. I can only envision a good Morgana being able to completely avoid a gank. [b]ENEMY JUNGLER[/b] - Pay attention to the sudden aggression of the bot support specifically. Sudden aggression by him at an unusual time usually means a gank is currently happening. It is hard to go against your gut and run, but the higher ELO you are in, the better it is to do that. - Look at the starting position and route of the enemy jungler. Because of the pathing for junglers now (bot side start) there is almost no need to ward before 3 minutes. Once the enemy jungler backs you need to figure out his path. If he is a farmer he probably won't gank (aside from easy ganks) until his powerspike. If he is a ganker, look at your lanes and decide which one is most pressured. That is the lane most likely to be ganked. - Placing wards deep in the enemy jungle is beyond helpful to your team. There is a reason professional teams go out of their way to deep deep ward. If you see the enemy jungler, that guy is no longer a threat and provides 0 unmanageable pressure to the lanes. It is a big thing. Try to get a ward down on the enemy players bot side buff or commonly walked through brushes once you have sightstone.

Mid game is a serious powerspike for Blitzcrank. The part of the map that you are pertinent to has grown. Now your speed can be put to good use as you roam/make plays around the map. Keep your focus on objectives and not on kills. Every kill should be in aim for an objective (most of the time, they inadvertently are anyway). Your main jobs will be: - Warding: you should have 3 sight wards and a pink ward out at all times from here on out. Your vision should move towards the objectives you are hunting. If you have less than 3 wards out at any given time as support, you need to get better at warding. - Sweeping: you should have your oracles by now, and you should be mass sweeping areas. As your vision moves towards objectives, you should also sweep that area to decrease the enemy's vision of the area as well. - Shot-calling/objective control: people tend to forget that because supports have the least micro intense game, they have the responsibility of shot-calling objectives. It is a good idea to give this job to the support, because they are who are in control of the majority of the vision and anti-vision. They can make objective securement a smoother action if they run both processes. - Picking: This is the best time to be getting picks on the enemy. Nobody should be so fed that they are bad to hook. You really can hook most people (barring the obvious no-no's). **Pay attention to who has Zhonyas finished. If the enemy team has a great teamfight, you may want to avoid hooking the enemy with Zhonyas, because that Zhonyas can delay the pick and allow the enemy team to start a teamfight.** - Spoils of War procs: please please please remember to continue to proc Spoils of War whenever you get the chance. You cannot fall behind on economy at this point in the game.

At this point in the game, your hooks are at their greatest value: they are now inhibitor destroyers, baron securers, and game deciders. Aside from the blatant pick, hooking becomes more complicated now. Here are some tips: - Hooks must be used sparingly, because a bad hook can also decide a game. - You MUST stay near a champion that can output high damage. Your hooks are worthless if there is no backup. - Pay serious attention to where all your allies and all your enemies are. It doesn't matter if you have a sexy grab on MF to start a teamfight if your Vayne is pushing out bot lane. You're probably going to lose that fight. - If you are trying to go for a Baron steal, hook the enemy jungler out of Baron pit. This will prevent him from smiting. This dramatically increases the likelihood that someone on your team will be able to steal Baron. - Your exhaust is extremely important now. Use it wisely. Just because a Malphite 5 man ults your team, doesn't mean you should exhaust him. If you want to exhaust a burst mage, you need to do it before they release their damage. It's not the best use if the enemy Annie already layed out her damage and you are exhausting her after the fact. Save that exhaust for a high priority target. - Your wards probably shouldn't be lasting the full 150 seconds at this point in the game (unless the game is stagnating/you're turtling). Your vision needs to move around quicker here because of how vital vision becomes late game. No team can afford picks anymore.

There are really 4 positions you can take as Blitzcrank in a teamfight: - Initiator: You'll find yourself at this position by default because you are Blitzcrank. It is, however, better to be in this position because of your track record of solid hooks. This is because, your teammates will naturally fall in line behind you and trust in your hook. You will get a quicker response from your team. - Peeler for your ADC: Sometimes the best thing to do as Blitz is to stand back and protect. If your ADC is the main/only damage dealer, protecting them is more important than landing hooks. You should sit back and let someone else handle the engages unless you have a really easy hook. This is really important when the enemy team has assasins (RANGO especially) - CCer: This position is the worst situation for Blitzcrank. You end up in this position if there is no one you can easily initiate on AND your ADC does not need a peeler. Put simply, this is a situation where the enemy team has a strong teamfight composition (Swain, Jinx, Malphite, Amumu, Braum). You are next to useless in this position, so your team should seriously avoid all teamfights and elect to split push. - Tank/damage soaker: Not really a good position for Blitzcrank. He can't soak that much damage. Probably best to leave the real tanking to a real tank. You are no Alistar/Braum.

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