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The Banana Queen! [5.13 Patch]

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[img=] Hello, welcome to my Guide for Support Soraka, the Banana Queen! I main Soraka and have a lot of fun playing her and I want to share that experience with everyone else. Its sad how underplayed she is, being the great Champion that she is. I hope to see a rise in people playing her soon. She has gone through many changes ever since she was released, but now she is more powerful and fun than ever. She is one of the best Support Champions in my opinion and is definitely worth playing. I didn't see any good and updated Soraka guides on Solomid, so I felt a need to make one for my favorite Champion. My goal by the time you finish reading this guide is for you to enjoy playing Soraka as much as I do, learn as much as you can about her, and do the best that you can do in your games with her. To bring this goal closer to reality, please vote and comment on ways that I can improve my Guide to make it the best it can possibly be. Nothing would make me happier than to help all of you with Soraka. Remember, you don't have to follow this Guide exactly, you can use it as a base for your own Soraka build to fit your playstyle. I hope you enjoy my Guide and good luck with all your games as Support Soraka, the Banana Queen! No one expects the banana.

[b]What Soraka needs i an ADC is:[/b] -Good Early Game harass -Help disengaging (Ganks/aggressive Support/behind in Lane) -Tough to lock down, can dodge skillshots and CC -Durability, the less DPS the enemies do your ADC, the far better your [img=skills/soraka/w.png] is. [b]Best ADCs for Soraka:[/b] [img=champ/graves.png]: Graves is a solid pick, he has decent harass, disengage, and escape/dodge. He is also durable. [img=champ/jinx.png]: Jinx has less mobility but she can poke and CC better. You have to be more careful about skillshot-lockdown Supports such as [img=champ/leona.png], [img=champ/thresh.png], [img=champ/blitzcrank.png], and [img=champ/nami.png], but you won't be chased down as easily (Jungle Ganks/far from Tower/behind in Lane) and can turn fights better with chain CCs [img=champ/lucian.png]: Lucian is great at Early Game harass, but if you get behind in your Lane or Ganked really well, you will be in trouble. He best capitalizes on Soraka's Early Game heal spamming. [img=champ/ezreal.png]: Ezreal has great harass and can dodge skillshots with ease. [img=champ/caitlyn.png]: Caitlyn has an extremely long range, providing her with great harass that Soraka needs. [img=champ/vayne.png]: Vayne is very situational due to her short range and Soraka's inability to set up for Vayne's [img=skills/vayne/e.png].

People constantly argue that Champions such as [img=champ/thresh.png], [img=champ/nami.png], and [img=champ/janna.png] easily outclass Soraka and that there is no reason to pick her because of them. They also say that she is useless because she has no real engage or innate escape. However, this is false because each Support Champion provides a different Support characteristic. Thresh, Nami, and Janna are good at peeling, and engaging with other aspects scattered throughout them. Soraka is the best at healing, and her silences aren't that bad either. Those three Champions outclass her in peeling and engaging, but they come no where near to matching her heals. Soraka's heals make her a formidable foe that can be annoying to the enemy Champions. She has great sustain and heals, making it extremely difficult to kill her ADC. Most of the time in fights at Bot Lane, the enemy Champions will focus your ADC, while you just sit back and spam [img=skills/soraka/w.png] to keep your ADC alive. If they instead focus on you, keep them distracted while your ADC picks them off.

[b]Pros:[/b] -Great heals -A lot of sustainability -Global Utility with [img=skills/soraka/r.png] [b]Cons:[/b] -No real self sustain -Little mobility -No innate escape The Cons for Soraka do seem bad, but I think that her Pros make up for it. She has some self sustain with [img=skills/soraka/q.png] if you use it right, but it can't always be relied on. [img=items/talisman-of-ascension.png] makes up for her lack of mobility and escape with it's Unique Active that gives you and nearby allied champions a speed boost.

[b]Health:[/b] 529.04 (+78 per level) [b]Mana:[/b] 350.8 (+60 per level) [b]Attack Damage:[/b] 50.04 (+3 per level) [b]Attack Speed:[/b] 0.625 (+2.14% per level) [b]Movement Speed:[/b] 325 [b]Health Regen:[/b] 2.5 (+0.5% per level) [b]Mana Regen:[/b] 9 (+0.4% per level) [b]Armor:[/b] 23.384 (+3.8 per level) [b]Magic Resist:[/b] 30 (+0 per level) Soraka's stats and scaling aren't the best, but it shouldn't matter as long as you play her right.

A healer gifted with the magic of the stars, Soraka holds all living creatures close to her heart. She was once a celestial being, but she sacrificed her immortality and entered the world of mortals. So long as evil threatens life in Valoran, Soraka will not allow herself peace. Soraka lived for centuries in an enchanted grove. A being of the stars, she healed the wounded and sick that sought her out. One man called Warwick came to her grove and begged her to heal his wife, who lay lifeless in his arms. His despair touched Soraka's heart. Though it was too late to save his wife, she offered to help heal the pain of his loss. Unwilling to let go of his grief Warwick ran from the grove, but returned over the following days to hear Soraka's guidance. She began to grow attached to the grieving man. One day Warwick told her he had found the men who killed his wife. He believed revenge would heal his pain - and if he died fighting, he would at least find peace. Though she pleaded with him, Warwick ignored her and left the grove. The voices of the stars warned her not to follow him, but Soraka had to intervene. She stepped into the mortal world for the first time, and soon found Warwick desperately fighting a group of men. She tried to heal him, but for every wound she closed, the men inflicted two more. Soraka realized that she would have to fight to save her friend. The stars screamed in her mind, telling her not to use her powers for harm. Ignoring their warning, she struck the attackers with a flash of brilliant light. Crying out in terror and shielding their eyes from her divine radiance, they fled. Soraka's celestial form faded and the stars fell silent - for her transgression, she became mortal. She still felt the power of the stars within her, but they no longer offered her guidance. She took comfort in Warwick's safety, gently healing his wounds, but the man she had called her friend slipped a dagger between her ribs. As her blood spilled, Soraka realized he had fooled her, and everything he had done was a complicated ruse. Feeling humiliated and betrayed she called once more on the power of the stars, searing his flesh and cursing his cruelty. He retreated with an agonized howl, leaving Soraka to reflect upon her fate. Though her life had changed, she felt empowered and renewed with a singular purpose. No longer bound to the grove, Soraka set out into the mortal world, vowing to heal the wounded and protect the helpless. ''The cruelty of one will not blind me to the suffering of many.'' -- Soraka

[b]Friends:[/b] None... Poor Soraka :( Rivals: [img=champ/karthus.png] and [img=champ/warwick.png]. Sadly, there are no special interactions when Soraka and one of these champions are on opposite teams, like it is with [img=champ/khazix.png] and [img=champ/rengar.png].

Its fine to get one or two kills as a Support, but if you start getting 3 and above, you need to be less aggressive and let your other teammates get the kills. If you do it too much, your team will get mad at you. If someone gets mad at you for just 1 KS, ignore them because its not that big of a deal. However, it is extremely hard to KS with Soraka because she doesn't do that much damage, so it rarely happens. Sometimes a stray banana might get the finishing blow, but as long as it doesn't happen a lot, it'll be fine. With the build in this guide, you don't need that much Gold, and the Fold from assists should be enough. Once the enemy Champion's health is below 1/4, you should stop attacking to avoid KSing. If you are 100% sure that the enemy cannot be killed by any other allied Champion, then go ahead and kill him/her if possible.

[b]Map Control:[/b] Being able to control the map in a manner which allows your allies to roam the map safely and disabling the enemy from doing the same. Getting towers also gives you more control of the map. [b]Laning Phase:[/b] For early map control I usually grab 3 Sight Wards and 2 Vision Wards, I tend to Ward the enemy Red if they are starting Blue and vice versa if they are starting Red if my Jungle is planning to invade. If the enemy Jungle is a strong counter Jungler like [img=champ/nunu.png], [img=champ/shyvana.png], and[img=champ/shaco.png], or our Jungle has a weak early like [img=champ/amumu.png], [img=champ/nautilus.png], and [img=champ/rammus.png] who are vulnerable to invade. I Ward the buff they aren't starting at and alert my team to be ready to close in on the buff if an enemy is seen trying to steal it. [img=] [b]Blue Side Support:[/b] As the Minions reach each other and the Laning Phase beings, remember to sight Ward the area outside Dragon around 2:05 or the brush further down along the wall (this is less safe but useful for Jungles who can bypass Wards outside Dragon by using gap closers to go straight to this brush and sometimes Supports Pink Ward Drag) to prevent Ganks and begin to pink your tri-bush around the 4 minute mark or when you see the enemy Support move to Ward your tri-bush, Pink Warding the tri-bush is benefical in three ways, it allows your Jungle to Gank from there therefore allowing easy kills if they continue to play aggressive, the other benefical way is that it makes the enemy bot lane to play more passive as they will be constantly wary of Ganks due to lack of vision allowing you to play more aggressive and make plays, the third is it also alerts you of Ganks from the enemy Jungler or enemy Mid Lane if they decide to take the long route passing through your Jungle, increasing your chance of survival from the Gank due to being alerted early. [img=] [b]Purple Side Support:[/b] There is two ways of Warding this Lane, you can Ward the enemy tri-bush and your Dragon to stop Ganks or just put one Ward in between the two but that gives around 1-3 seconds less time for you to react to Ganks. Usually Pink Ward Dragon unless you see the enemy Support Ward the brush along the wall then Pink Ward that brush instead to allow Ganks from your Jungle. If leashing your Jungle at Blue, never walk down via Dragon toward your Lane (remind your ADC as well) as it can be very easy for the enemy Bot to snag a kill or two as they have the advantage of brushes and you do not, getting killed early can allow the enemy Bot Lane to snowball, let it be your ADC or you who gets caught it doesn't matter as the ADC cannot 1v2 and will get zoned, if your ADC gets caught then you will be forced to play passive or generally lose trades as the enemy Bot Lane will have more Gold and be ahead in levels. It is possible for the enemy to Gank from behind especially when you are low and hiding behind your tower and the enemy Minions are pushed up to your Tower or you are extremely pushed, these two situations could happen and putting a Ward in the brush above your turret can give you 2-3 seconds heads up and could potentially save your life, always do this when you are being sieged and are forced to last hit at the Tower. [b]Bot Lane Brushes:[/b] For the bottom brushes, I then continue to Ward the second brush once the Support goes in there, it alerts you from initiates by the enemy Support, when fights break out it also allows your ADC and you to continue auto attacking, using spells which require vision and also lets you continue to aim skillshots with more chance of hitting due to vision instead of doing blind ones and relying on luck, warding the 2nd brush also alerts you from Lane Ganks by the enemy Jungle. The enemy Jungle will probably Ward your first brush and try and stop you from initiating/free harassing the enemy Bot Lane hence you should use your second Pink Ward to eliminate the enemy Ward, many people laugh when you take out their explorers but let them laugh as it prevents further Wards placed and allows free action in that brush for 3 minutes. This stops Supports like [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] and [img=champ/thresh.png] from landing easy hooks and grabs as they will be blind of your position in the bush. Buy an extra Vision Ward or two if you are facing Champions with stealth like [img=champ/evelynn.png], [img=champ/twitch.png] and [img=champ/rengar.png] in the Jungle or up against a Twitch in lane so you can prevent Ganks or surprise attacks from Twitch, also make sure you acquire Pink Wards when facing a [img=champ/vayne.png] and they are nearing 6 as having vision of him whilst he is invisible can help you win the trade. [b]Global Ults/Fast Ganks:[/b] Ults such as [img=champ/pantheon.png], [img=champ/twistedfate.png], [img=champ/shen.png], and [img=champ/nocturne.png] which allow enemies to travel from a far these Ults give you only a few seconds to react and are relatively hard to escape, if you see one of these Champions on the enemy team, make sure you play with a more passive mindset than you usually do and as soon as you see them away from their Lane walk back ASAP as their Ults except for Shen's Ult have a radius which are not wide enough to be used from one Lane to the other, they actually need to walk a certain distance (around 1/5th of the distance to the other Lane) therefore giving you a few more seconds to react, you can Ward further up or down from where you normally Ward alerting you earlier as you'll see their Ults windup animation but only do this if you are still wanting to play aggressive also this can save you from Ganks such as [img=champ/rammus.png] and [img=champ/hecarim.png] who can reach and initiate Ganks on you faster and usually come too fast for you to react and escape by the time you realise they reach your door step if you Ward in the normal spots which work efficiently against other less mobile Junglers. [b]Mid Game:[/b] Either you or your Jungle should always have an oracles on them (remember it no longer disappears on death), ensure you Ward the map to control larger amounts of it and always remember to Ward Dragon and pink it if your team wants to do it in the next 3 minutes, Baron should also be Warded once Mid Game starts to ensure the enemy team does not sneak an early Baron to gain an advantage, Dragon spawns at 2:30 and Baron spawns at 15:00 always remember to keep timers on Dragon and Baron so you can prepare and be there for the next one as it spawns (Dragon respawn time is 6 minutes and Baron is 7 minutes).

l play passively because you are still squishy, but have a lot of Utility to make up for that. Stay behind your ADC at all times and heal him with and poke the enemy whenever you can with [img=skills/soraka/q.png] and your Basic Attack. As a Support, you should never be greedy and try too hard for a kill, because you'll end up getting killed. Also, Soraka does very little damage so your efforts would be in vain. Just stay behind your ADC and you should be fine. Eventually, your ADC will wear down the enemy while you keep his Health high with [img=skills/soraka/w.png]. If you are trying to secure an early kill for you ADC, either use [img=summoners/exhaust.png] to Slow and Debuff them or [img=skills/soraka/q.png] + [img=skills/soraka/e.png] to possibly Slow and Snare them. Do not try to secure the kill unless the your ADC makes the first move or the enemy Champion's Health is low. If your ADC has to Recall anytime during Early Game, hug the Turret, don't try to kill the enemy by yourself unless you are 100% sure you can.

During Mid Game you should have more Utility and sustainability, allowing you to roam if you want. However, never roam alone or you could easily get caught by an enemy Champion and die due to your squishiness. Ask for Ganks from your Jungler because you and your ADC will most likely need it due to Soraka's lack of engage and aggressiveness. With your heals and silence, your Jungler and ADC should have no problem getting kills. The major thing during this stage is playing safe and not dying, your team needs your heals and you need your team. If you can keep them alive, you can win.

During Late Game you should have a lot more survivability, which is good because you have a lot more Health to use to heal other, and you stay alive longer, letting you heal your teammates for longer. This part of the game is crucial to winning the game, and you play a big role in that. Keeping your team alive is essential, one good Ace by the enemy team and you could loose the game. You can stop this cruel fate by healing your team as much as you can, and being with them at all time to keep them alive. Never wander off by yourself or you will die, I learnt this the hard way.

50+ minutes, everyone on the enemy team has their Core Items and will now start to build defensively. Most people end up building [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png], [img=items/banshees-veil.png], [img=items/quicksilver-sash.png]. This makes them a lot harder to deal with, but you should still focus on healing as much as you can. Also, this time in the Game is where your ADC shines, so hopefully you helped him get kills early on and now he can do a lot of damage and help your team when Teamfights, which happen almost constantly during this time of the game. Remember to never go off alone, or you will most likely die. Stay with your team and Support them. People may see Supports as not that important, but they can change the game as easily as anyone else can.

You play a huge role in Teamfights, and can change the tide of them with your heals. Stay as far away from the enemies as possible while still being in range to heal your teammates. Heal whoever has the lowest Health, or whoever the enemy team is focusing because they are focusing them for a reason, so keeping him/her a live with ruin their plans and win you the Teamfight. However, they might target you because of your heals, and if they do try with all your might to stay alive. This is where Guardian Angel come in handy, because while it is instantly reviving you, your team can pick off the enemies. If they haven't by the time you are revived, you can continue to heal them.

-Stay behind your ADC at all times, never go ahead of him unless it is absolutely necessary, such as in order to protect your ADC or help secure a kill. -Don't be too aggressive or you will most likely end up dying. -Play passively during the Laning Phase unless it is absolutely necessary to not be, such as in order to protect your ADC or help secure a kill. -Poke when you can, don't play too passively. -Always keep whats supposed to be Warded is Warded. Being able to see where the enemies are can save you and your ADC's life. -Heal as much as you can -Pay attention to all of your teammates Health, it can save their lives, and the Game.

I hope you all enjoyed my Support Soraka Guide and learned as much as you could from it! I felt the need to make this Guide because I couldn't find any good, updated Soraka Guides on Solomid. Soraka is underplayed, but I hope to see a rise in her soon because I love playing her so much and I want others to experience the same thing. If you'd like to play a game with, talk, or have questions, add me on LoL. I'd be happy to do any of those things with you. My Summoner Name is Sebaschan. Goodluck with all your games as Support Soraka! May the banana be with you! [img=] I bet you weren't expecting that, no one expects the banana.

Published on 6/9/15

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