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Behold the might of the Shadow Isles

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PICK HECARIM. play him right and you'll carry every game. just follow this amazing guide to crush your enemies under your hooves. guide under construction. I GOT RANKED IN HECARIM'S ELITE! sorry about the messiness, i will clean it up when i get the chance, good luck on the rift summoners! questions/comments? please tell me down below! in construction -how to jungle, with clear routes and gank routes [img=https://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7w0jaCkSJ1qf2y2ko1_400.gif]

your hecarim, the greatest champion ever. that means you beat EVERYONE! none of those other puny \"champions\" can stand a chance. your the only real champion. for inexperienced hecarims id watch out for anyone building lifesteal because you dont have any. under i will put a few matchups that new players want to watch out for, when you get good with hecarim though, nobody stands a chance. REMEMBER! your a horse, be super dam aggressive and choke your enemies by taking all their gold and xp. once they're dead be sure to dance on their dead bodies :)

don't engage on the enemy jungler early game, you will probably lose until you become pro like me. gank a lot early so you get a lead, then you can engage the opposite jungler whenever you want http://imgur.com/BJS5yxq sorry i cant manage to get the picture to work, so here is the link so this is probably my most used route I start at blue and either go to do wight or wolves, take red and check mid lane- if you can gank then go ahead, if not wait for a chance by clearing wraiths then gank now about wight/wolves- i usually prefer wight instead of wolves but you can get to either of them fast enough to keep your stacks of [img=skills/hecarim/q.png] because you leveled [img=skills/hecarim/e.png] second. so you need to spam your q alot in the jungle to clear. i recommend blue buff start into wolves, clear red then run over their mid. keep ganking and counter jungle and you'll be sure to win! for more advanced hecarims id start blue steal thier red, kill their jungler. then if you're blue side gank top and purple side gank mid. once you start snowballing its game over.

such a monster early game, gank a hell of a lot and dont let their jungler do anything. make sure to keep those wards and timers up so you can steal thier buffs and catch them off gaurd.

this is where teamfights come in, you gotta initiate but dont worry, you're an invincible stomping machine sure to win the fight

another place where you can carry, just run them over and kill that nexus. late game (if you get that far) just keep splitpushing, your team needs to be careful becuase your not near them, but as soon as the enemies initiate youll be there cuz you're fuking sonic on steroids.

In team fights, try to use Spirit of Dread when your teamates uses their high- damage abilities on enemy champions. In this case, Hecarim can be almost unkillable in the 4 second duration.

hecarim is very good all parts of the game, best champion ever made! 11.9/10 would play again follow this super informative guide and stomp them noobs

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