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Hi. I'm Heartbeat, from the formerly Team MRN. I'm also a high-ELO ranked player, who has three accounts in diamond 1 currently. I've played three roles competitively (mid/ad/support) and i consider myself to be a very versatile player with a good understanding of this game. you can follows me on twitter : @HeartbeatLoL or twitch stream: twitch.tv/heartbeatttlol [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/V9jr6pg.jpg] Kassadin. He's been out for a very long time, and he seems to be on and off. One week everyone's playing him and saying he is OP, and next thing you know you rarely see him. He's an incredibly snowbally champion, probably one of the best as an AP caster. Let's talk more closely about kassadin. [highlight]pros: [/highlight] [.]incredibly long silence from [imgsmall=skills/kassadin/q.png] [.][imgsmall=skills/kassadin/p.png] makes you very good at dueling with other AP damage champions [.]has built in mana-sustain from [imgsmall=skills/kassadin/w.png] [.]fast wave clear with [imgsmall=skills/kassadin/e.png] and [imgsmall=skills/kassadin/r.png] [.]has the lowest cooldown blink ability in the game, making him one of the most mobile champions in the game. [.]incredibly annoying because he is hard to chase/escape from. [highlight]cons:[/highlight] [.]laning is difficult against AD mid (since passive does nothing against AD). [.]very mana hungry champion [.]can't use [imgsmall=skills/kassadin/e.png] on demand, since you need 6 spell charges.

How does kassadin do vs popular mid champions? I'll rate the match ups from a scale of 1(eaisest) to 5(hardest). remember that this is from my personal experiences, so I expect some people to argue with me. [img=champ/ahri.png] - [highlight]3[/highlight] If she maxes W in lane, she will give you a hard time because everytime you want to cs, you will eat 3 fires. However, if the ahri maxes Q, this lane should be a breeze. Try to take as little auto attacks from her as possible, while still trading with her using your Q. After 6, just watch out for the charms, and you should be able to poke her out and all-in her. [img=champ/anivia.png] - [highlight]3[/highlight] can be difficult early if anivia takes armorpen or some AD, because she will give you HELL with her super long range auto attacks. However, you actually will counter her pretty hard after 6, because your Q will stop her ultimate. If she doesn't take AD, you should be able to survive through the early harass, and make it to level 6 easily. [img=champ/diana.png] - [highlight]4[/highlight] hard match up because diana players usually mindlessly shove to your tower starting from level 1. Because of this, you will miss a couple cs. Try your best to cs under tower. Even at 6, she will out-duel you, so try to roam as much as possible. [img=champ/jayce.png] - [highlight]5[/highlight] A good jayce will push you out of lane, and even if you get in the range to Q harass him, he will auto attack you a couple times and Q+E hammer form on you. He will also poke you very hard under your own tower using his range. I recommend starting cloth 5, and trying to beat him early. Your only kill potential is when he hammer forms you at level 2 among your own minions. This is one of those lanes where you pretty much have to survive until level 6, and roam. [img=champ/khazix.png] - [highlight]3.5[/highlight] this match up is not TOO bad. Don't be isolated because he will jump on you and Q you, which will chunk you hard. If you don't isolate yourself and dodge his W poke, you should be able to farm rather freely. just DONT isolate yourself. [img=champ/karthus.png] - [highlight]2[/highlight] pretty easy match up unless the karthus is a god. Be smart, even if karthus hits a couple Q's, you should be getting the half-damage Q since you will be amongst minions. You can eat a LOT of Q's. Not to mention, most karthus ive seen in solo queue won't hit a single one, so don't worry about it! This is a free farm lane, and after 6 you have the kill potential, so zone him. Remember that your silence will cancel his ultimate! [img=champ/lux.png] - [highlight]3.5[/highlight] Early game should be a little difficult because she frikin pokes you sooo hard with like a million range, while still shielding your Q. Later on you can out play her and all-in her if she uses her cooldowns on creeps. Try your best to not get poked out, just get as much cs as you can until level 6. [img=champ/orianna.png] - [highlight]4[/highlight] really hard match up. She will out damage you pretty much the entire game, and she will shield your poke damage. Again, you can outplay her after level 6, so survive! [img=champ/zed.png] - [highlight]4[/highlight] He out duels you, and out pushes you starting from level 1. And you can't do anything after 6 either. Just avoid him, and try to out trade him early while his pushing isn't as fast. If you can poke at him enough right before you hit 6, you can all-in him and kill him. Otherwise, don't fight him from full hp. Roam!

This is 100% lane match up. In any match up however, poke with your Q until you hit about half mana and wait until level 3 to throw out any more Q's. If you feel like you're getting some good poke in, your lane shouldn't be too hard, because your opponent isn't playing aggressive enough to punish you. If they are aggressive however, and you're in a losing match-up, you should just try to use your spells to last hit, and turn on W to last hit the caster minions. A lot of times you will find yourself just surviving until level 6, and sometimes it's really really hard, but after 6 it's a whole different game. Try to plan ahead - if you're going to be going bot or top after 6 to roam. A good kassadin can survive anylane to level 6. So just practice hard, and patience is a virtue. :^)

Mid/Late game is the most important phase of a kassadin player. If you're completely crushed, you might want to throw your tower away and go roam to other lanes. Some games, you will be consistently picking up double kills bottom, and that alone will snowball the game to victory. Don't be discouraged if a gank fails! Another thing is if you're not losing your lane hard, make sure you don't over roam. A lot of kassadin players in lower level over-roam, and i see them with like 60 cs at 20 minutes into the game. Make sure you're balancing the roam vs farm! A good tip is to always just shove your lane really fast using your E and W auto attacks, and THEN look for a roam opportunity. Remember that you can riftwalk join into random skirmishes faster than any other champion so you should always be watching your map. Teamfights.. is difficult to say. The best advice is that you shouldn't riftwalk into 5 people. You can single handedly throw games if you play that way. Think twice.. If you riftwalk in, are you going to die? if you do die, will you get 2-3 kills, and make it worth the death? another advice is be CONFIDENT. If you hesitate and don't use your spells on anything, you're essentially useless. Half your kit IS definitely melee (W and R) so your kit pretty much encourages close range fights. Another tip before your team wants to group for an objective like a dragon or baron is, look for a catch. To do this, you should probably buy 2 wards on your back, and ward the enemy jungle. If you're well-farmed, you should be able to 1v1 most AD carries (except like.. vayne or draven) and supports. And it's extremely easy to catch people with kassadin because you will usually have like a 5~7 second window to kill your target before the enemy team can respond and help. practice makes perfect! you can also pay close attention to my video guide to learn a little bit more about what to do mid/late game. :^)

This video is from season 3. However, the gameplay is still the same, and you should watch it if you want to learn how to play kassadin! [twitch]http://www.twitch.tv/heartbeatttlol/c/2384688[/twitch] This is a video I made while playing kassadin. I vs. a zed this game, and I do start out with a cloth 5. I try my best to balance roaming and farming so that I won't fall behind in farm, while still being able to pressure other lanes (mostly bot) with roaming. I also demonstrate how to kite people using riftwalk. hope you guys like it!

Thanks for watching my Kassadin guide! He's a champion that snowballs really hard, so if you master him he should be really good at getting you some W's! Getting through laning phase is half your battle, so make sure you have plenty of practice and experience regarding that. Goodluck! remember to follow me on twitter: @HeartbeatLoL and subscribe to my stream at : twitch.tv/heartbeatttLoL to learn how to play other champions too! tune in to my stream, i often do commentary and teach how to get better at the game, as well as me trying to get better myself. this is my stream schedule! weekdays (mondays~fridays) 12PST ~ 6PST and i stream on weekends on random times :p but DO tune in on weekdays! ^~^

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