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Snakes Belong in the Jungle *close to done*

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    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Ability Power (+1.19 ability power)
  • 2
    Greater Quintessence of Ability Power (+4.95 ability power)
  • 1
    Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp (+2% Spellvamp.)
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Hello everyone! AlmightyFork here trying to show you all my Cassiopeia jungle build. I am in no way a high elo player, or done expanding upon all my gameplay. I do however, have a ton of fun with Cass jungle. This is not a common pick however, so beware of the solo queue toxicity. This guide is also a work in progress, so please leave *CONSTRUCTIVE* feedback in the comments. Thank you for reading. Pros: [.]Insanely fast clear time [.]Not machete dependent [.]Extremely powerful duelist starting at lvl 2 [.]Spammable abilities [.]If you gank from behind post 6, your enemy cannot run [.]Very solid team fight ult if used properly [.]Nothing more satisfying than having your teammates bush bait, especially with champs like nunu or fiddle waiting with you. Cons: [.]Squishy and leash dependent [.]Blue reliant without a tear [.]Team comp reliant to perform at her best. Optimal choices would include cc, a peeler, and a manaless (or not blue dependent) mid. [.]Solo queue rage, beware.

Marks: Magic pen. You will not basic attack in the jungle, alleviating the need for AD/ArP. Your abilities will do everything for you. Seals: Armor. Very standard choice due to all jungle camps dealing physical damage. Currently interested testing ap seals if I gain more spell vamp. Gotta run numbers for efficiency first. I highly suggest just keeping armor. This will also aid you in ganking top lane and encountering the majority of enemy junglers. Glyphs: Flat AP, Scaling AP, MR should all work fine. MR will weaken your jungle run, but allow safer mid ganks. Flat ap is prefered for a strong start. Scaling or a mixture of seems incredibly viable to me though seeing as I clear so fast if I want wolves a second time after wraiths it's a 10 second wait. Sometimes 12-15 if I get a wicked hard leash. Quints: 1 or 2 flat ap. 1 or 2 spellvamp quints. You need more survivability. Though admittedly I have not tested 3 flat ap since switching to an armor start.

[title][img=skills/cassiopeia/p.png] Passive: Deadly Cadence[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This helps you become the dps mage you would like to be. You will barely notice it on your E though however. Overall a nice passive, despite the fact we will have blue buff. [title][img=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] Q: Noxious Blast[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This ability will be maxed first. It is your least mana intensive skill. It has your highest ap scaling. This will allow you to chase/escape though movement speed. This will help you gank. This will wreck wraiths/wolves camps with easy. Please take this always unless you can get your ulti. [title][img=skills/cassiopeia/w.png] W: Miasma[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] What a nice skill for a gank. This also allows you to clear camps well in conjuction with your Q. Spit this on some caster minions with a Q and run away. [title][img=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] E: Twin Fang[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is where you get your insane clear speed and kill potential from. Don't use in the jungle with out blue buff however. You have been warned. [title][img=skills/cassiopeia/r.png] R: Petrifying Gaze[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] OMG I love this ult. Ganking from behind? Oh, you want them to turn on you. Ready for a teamfight? Here's so much utility, so much power, so much fun. A little tricky, and wasting it is costly however, so use caution. Blue buff will allow this to be up after every jungle run.

I have a few different paths I run. If I am worried to early gank, I do a lvl 4 jungle run, ganking at completion. I do this against high cc team comps or if my lanes contain hyper carries just looking to farm early. Level 4 gank: Wolves>Blue>Wraiths>Poke Mid>Wolves>Red>Wraiths>Gank Ganking Mid: Small camp>Buff camp>Push mid out of lane>Invade>Second buff camp A level 2 gank is very possible, but requires tweaks. One would be you only get red/blue camps, no small ones. Two would be a mana pot or 2 on start. Level 2 Gank: Red>Gank>Blue>Base/Gank/Invade The only difference between a lvl 2 gank and my mid gank plans are whether I get red or blue. When I gank mid, I have gotten their mid killed, but more often than not I just push them out of lane. This would be why I prefer blue to gank mid over red. In another lane however, red will help you secure the early kill. I always finish my first run no later than 6:30 no matter what (I lie but still). I even miss a gank opportunity if it requires travel. Reason being, I love to have a ward someone around the 6 minute mark and to be near the enemy blue. I invade, always. Period. I ward your blue, I am there before you. I can trade with you like crazy, and I can kill your blue faster than you. If you are worried your opponent is at their blue and don't have a ward due to whatever issue you have, your W provides vision. I cast it on their blue buff bush edge. I have gotten a handfull of smitesteals like this already. If you get the enemy blue, do not gank after if you suspect the enemy jungle of having knowledge or being en route. Get the next mana priority champ on your team you blue. Normally would be mid, but may be top. If no one needs/wants, secure it. Don't give the enemy jungler back a blue buff ever. If you got away clean from their blue, you can kill yours without smite before they can catch up to you. That is, as long as they aren't invading yours as plenty of good junglers will. Back to the warding topic. If you can expect them by your blue, ward it. This will allow 2 other lanes to converge on that sneaky bastard. I also fully clear buff camps on invade, as to keep a mental timer of respawn. Some people keep true timers, I just recognize this pattern. 1:55, 7:10, 12:15, 17:20. The reason the time shortens on subsequent times is because you will clear faster than most, so expect it up earlier around 5 seconds. Last advice. Mute angry teammates. Ward. Counterjungle. Don't use E if you lose your blue buff on camps. Share blue. Watch your lanes. Gank over extended enemies. Ping enemy jungle movement. Counter gank. OOOH!!!! Speaking of, ok. If the enemy jungler ganks top and it's post 6 time. Grab your mid, and go sit in a bush on their return path as long as your mate is safe up top. Ult them in the face for the easiest gank ever. Same thing for bot. Also for countering mid roaming. Medusa loves brush.

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