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When playing KogMaw one of the most important things ive noticed players do is Harras instead of CSing. Its more important to CS instead of harrassing especially if your laning against a Soraka, the soraka will just heal the other Carry back to full health and it will be like nothing happened, the carry will be full health and both of you missed all those creeps while you were harrasing. When I play kog i tend to Harrass inbetween CS, When the creeps get low i stop harrassing and go for the last hit, but when playing kog its very important that you do this to take advantage of how long his range is. Unless your playing with a super agressive support like Taric/Alistar or even Sona some times its important to follow through when your support pops their stun, even if you only get a few shots off with your Bio Arcane Barage its still alot of damage which puts the other carry in fear to make them play more passivley.

When playing KogMaw when people see how much damage your putting out with your [img=skills/kogmaw/w.png] they tend to fall back alot. When you see them start falling back and your [img=skills/kogmaw/w.png] doesnt reach them anymore its important to drop your [img=skills/kogmaw/r.png] in the direction their running, Not on top of them. [img=skills/kogmaw/r.png] has about a .5 second delay before it actually drops down to do the damage so if you drop it right on top of them they will run out of the range before it lands so its important to drop it in the direction they are running in. Also while your dropping your artillery its important to keep moving towards them so that the enemy will run in a straight line and if they try to juke your Artillery most likely you will catch up to them and be able to hit them a few times with your [img=skills/kogmaw/w.png] this is why its important to Chase the enemy far enough to get damage out but not to far to put yourself in danger. Lastly when you see the enemies have banshees veils try to break them with your ultimate before the fight breaks through. EDIT: I forgot to mention that when using your ultimate its important not to use it more than twice unless you have a blue buff. Spamming your ultimate is the worst thing you can do with kog maw, it kills all your mana before the fight starts and you will be useless in the fight, also every time you use it the mana cost highly increases so make sure not to spam!

Usually before you hit level 6 at bot lane your jungler will call for a dragon. When he does its VERY IMPORTANT that you are there to help do dragon. KogMaws Bio Arcane barage does percentage damage and dragon drops very fast when your on it with your jungler, Dragon will usually die so fast the enemies have hardly any time to react, but when you get those odd dragon invasions make sure your positioning yourself while doing dragon so that you can escape easier. Kog Maw has exelent range so you will be able to hit the dragon without actually going into dragons "Turf" so that when you see the enemies coming you can easilly escape and make it out before they can attack you.

This is by far the most important thing when playing Kog. Unlike Kog most carries have built in escapes such as Caitlyn,Ezreal,Vayne. KogMaw does not have an escape so when you notice your getting focused its important to be aware of where you are in the fight, make sure you are behind your team so that for you to die the enemies will have to walk through your whole team to kill you, and if someone manages to do that make sure you notify your team that an asassin is on you. When being chased its also important to drop your void ooze on the floor, this is kogs only survivability because of the slow, when being ganked drop it right on top of you and run on the line so that the jungler will have to run over it to catch you. Also Kog has the longest range in the game so dont be afraid to auto attack enemies with your bio arcane barage over walls such as baron, dragon, blue buff, red buff and all short walls, its important to try to do this to poke at your enemies before the fight starts.

This is by far the best buff you can have on Kog. Red buff works with your Bio Arcane barage so that you can put out maximum damage throughout the fight. This also slows the enemy which allow you to catch up and chase anyone in the game. Before any fight happeneds make sure you have this buff on you, also when at bot lane and you have a jungler such as fiddlesticks, ask him to give you the red buff to obtain comeplete lane prescence and dominance.

Many kog players tend to ask me why I take infinity edge instead of Madreds Bloodrazor. Don't get me wrong Madreds is a great item but it is easily countered. Any type of Magic Resist cuts the damage of the item by so much and the item costs way to much for how easily its countered, and when killing the enemy carries such as[img=champ/ashe.png] on kog maw they dont have much health % to penatrate with this item so an infinity edge will crit them, and your bio arcane will shread some of their health at the same time and they will drop MUCH faster then having a madreds. Madreds is also a magic item and your role is being the Ranged AD Carry for your team, there is no point building this item unless their team is stacking armor and your fighting high tanky people. By looking at champ select you can decide to swap the edge for a madreds.

The main reason i love Kog Maw is because even when you die you can contribute to the fight. His [img=skills/kogmaw/p.png] is AMAZINGLY Useful. For example if you die in the middle of the fight you can explode on everyone and do a lot of damage for your team. This is also great in your laning phase. When in the lane its usually a close fight between the carries and those few times where you die first tend to upset you, but when you play kog you have a second chance to blow up the lucky few bars the enemy lived with and end up with a kill.

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