Zilean Build Guide

AD TOP ZIL completely destroyed after patch 5.4

Updated 2 years ago
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Tank killer AD Zil- The perfect choice against Melee top Tanks with excellent late game potential and surprise factor.

This toughest part of this build is the early game. Trying to get our two BASIC Core Items. (Ghostblade, BOTRK,) while punishing unaware tops, continually staying out of range yet harassing them with your long range AA. This takes skill to do. They may buy MR and you can laugh.

Hopefully you will be on your way to 4 core items (Ghostblade, BOTRK, IE, PhantomD) but most likely by 20 minutes in, you will just have the Ghostblade, BOTRK.

By this time you should be close to being able to 1v1 anyone on their team. You will have your 4 core items and working on the BT in an average game. 30-35+ minutes in.

Act like an ADC and support at the SAME TIME! You can slow, revive, speed up while you stand there and AA everyone to death. Did I mention you can destroy tanks?!

Before level 6 laning \"The Cuckoo Clock\" - Hide in BUSHES, TIme warp and POP OUT at the right time! Then keep running, because you wont have any real damage to do. \"Time gank\" - Slow target or speed up jungle champion to finish off enemy in your lane. Teleport bottom and slow enemy for bottom lane kill. Nothing like support skills with some damage output. It helps to have teammates ready for this move. Post level 6 laning \"The Sucker Punch\"- bait them to tower dive, Chronoshift yourself, Hit them with a Time Warp, let the tower finish them off. \"Slow Harass\" - Lower their health down, hit them with a slow and chase to their tower. DIVE! , Chronoshift and finish them off. Revive and Time Warp away from turret. *Dont forget to use Ghostblade and BOTRK actives!! Best is to use BOTRK as a finishing move or escape and Ghostblade at the start of fight or just after a Revive to get a few extra hits. Using both and a Time Warp can really speed you up if need be.

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