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Gragas is an early game bruiser who transitions into a late game mage and is a great jungler through out the game. With the buff to the area of effect damage on his [img=skills/gragas/e.png], Gragas is a super strong early game jungler who can clear quickly, gank well, and bully the other jungler extremely hard. He's got a bit of a learning curve, but he's super powerful in the right hands and a ton of fun to play!

Gragas is a huge jungle bully right off the bat so take advantage of this by playing aggressive. Go for jungle invades anywhere from level 1 to level 3. My favorite invade is to get your red, then go into the enemy jungle and fight the other jungler at his 2nd buff. Pay attention to where the other jungler started by seeing which enemy laners get to lane late because they were leashing for him and go to the other buff. With [img=skills/gragas/e.png], [img=skills/gragas/w.png], and red buff, you'll pretty much win any fight if you get the jump on the other jungler. Kill the other jungler if possible or take his blue if he runs away then continue bullying him as much as possible by warding deep in his jungle at his wolf and wraith camp to keep tabs on him. Time all of the buffs and invade as many as you can. Gragas is a great ganker too so if you see a lane over extended, don't hesitate to get some free kills.

Mid game starts around level 6 or 7 once you get your ultimate and [img=items/spirit-of-the-spectral-wraith.png]. At this point you clear the jungle extremely quickly and your ganks are super deadly as well. Gank whenever your ult is up and continue bullying the other jungler by timing and stealing his buffs. Keep an eye on your conservation stacks and make sure to clear a jungle camp any time that you're above 40 stacks because that income really adds up and helps you get the rest of your build. Gragas has a bit of a power dip in the mid game before he gets his [img=items/needlessly-large-rod.png] or [img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] so if you find yourself getting behind, take it easy and try to farm up until you get more abillity power.

In the late game, Gragas becomes almost purely a mage and you should be a lot more cautious about yolo'ing into their team with [img=skills/gragas/e.png]. Try to poke enemies down with [img=skills/gragas/q.png] and look to engage or disengage with [img=skills/gragas/r.png]. Once you get 3 or 4 items and a good amount of AP you can pretty much one-shot squishes with a Q-E-R combo.

Team fighting as Gragas is pretty tricky, but for the most part you're going to want to play it like a mage and deal as much AoE damage as you can. Use your [img=skills/gragas/r.png] to displace the enemy team and try to knock one of their high priority targets into your team. Once again, be careful about yolo'ing into the middle of the team with [img=skills/gragas/e.png] because you are VERY squishy with this build until you get [img=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png].

To wrap things up, Gragas is a great jungler in the current patch and a lot of fun to play so I hope you guys try him out after reading this guide and have a good time with it. Thanks for reading and if you would like to find out more on how I jungle, follow me on twitter @meteoslol and on twitch at !

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