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Ah Yes, Kassawin. Basically the strongest roaming champion for mid in the game. Let's list off some pros/cons! Pros- Has a silence on a short CD that is a targeted ability, meaning you can't miss. Has an AOE Nuke with an amazing ratio/base damage + a slow. Has a short gap closer/escape in the form of his ultimate which allows him to go from point A to B seamlessly, also does a lot of damage. His W should not be overrated, it basically doubles his auto damage which allows him to CS under turret effectively and gives him mana every time you auto. Very flexible in his build paths and skill path. One of the highest or the highest scaling AP Mid in the game. Dominates Solo Queue. Cons- Has mana issues if used incorrectly. Gets dumpstered in lane by almost everyone and anyone. Hard to balance roaming/farming on him, need a good understanding of game to make use of Kassadin. Anyway, moving forward with the guide I'll explain everything I know about him! Please enjoy :D

Normally speaking, on other champions I can go in-depth on certain champion match ups and explain what you can do vs champions to win them. HOWEVER, with Kassadin I think I'm just going to try and explain your goals in lane, as he literally loses all lanes 1v1 unless the enemy misplays. (This is all pre-6 and before you have blue buff, as the lane changes after that). 1. Ideally speaking, you want to let them push on you. Kassadin can farm under turret extremely well with his W so you don't have a hard time last hitting under turret. This also keeps you safe from ganks and you are pretty hard to dive since you have a silence, just be careful using it and then getting dove. 2. In the case your lane is pushed out and you can't do anything about it, you need to ask your jungler to help you reset the wave so that you may be able to farm with either Q or at least not get zoned. 3. Do your best to survive in lane, just don't die and wait for level 6/blue buff. Once you get those two things, your life became a LOT easier. Okay, so far it seems like Kassadin has a hard time in every match up. Which is mostly true but this does not mean he cannot win lane in the case they misplay or you have opportunities to punish them for mistakes. Here's a few things you can try and do! 1. In the case you're vs Riven or something, forcing them to use their spells and harassing them with your E will prove to do a lot more damage than people expect. 2. At level 2, if you have Q W you're much stronger than people think. Don't be too afraid of melee champions if they start fighting you, you can win the fight depending on who you're versus. And if a range champion ever comes up in range, you better smack him silly. 3. In the case you have ignite, you can try and kill your lane opponent by spamming Q/E and then flash autoing with W. Otherwise if you have teleport, just look towards level 6 so you can start making plays. With Kassadin, I don't play to try and win lane phase as it's almost impossible early game, I look towards the mid game and post level 6 era where you've become infinitely stronger than you are the first 5 levels. By all means you can try and play Kassadin to win the early lane phase but it's extremely hard and I recommend playing safe and waiting for your power spikes. Once you hit 6 you can spam your spells on them without worry of running out of mana because of blue and the dorans/catalyst you bought.

So the cool thing about Kassadin in team fights is that, he has a very short cool down blink! He is very mobile and get onto the enemy back line really easy. When you're sieging you can cast Q/E and port out safely without worry of being caught, or doing random ultimate's towards them and nuking their front line then running away. You're there for the clean up, so send in your teammates first to deal damage and you'll finish off everyone! Don't jump in first unless you have hourglass/they can't do anything to you . You can single handedly win team fights similar to that of Khazix in the case you just wait for enemies to get low hp. Play it cool and be patient, look for good opportunities to jump onto their back line or priority target. Don't forget to AA and use W on who ever you are trying to kill.

Hey guys, thanks for reading over my guide and checking everything out! Follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook! Twitter- https://twitter.com/Hai_L9 Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/HaiL92 Be sure to check out my other guides over at Cloud9.gg and good luck on the fields of justice!

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