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Caitlyn: Boom, Headshot! Patch 4.10! UPDATED!

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Caitlyn!!! She's beautiful, she's in uniform, and she's one of the best candidates for Queen of Bottom Lane. Especially now after patch 4.10. :) Caitlyn is a pretty unique ADC. She doesn't offer the same other ADCs do to team fights, but she is amazing at siege and bullying her lane. Chances are when played right, Caitlyn will win her lane. However, Patch 4.10 has made some huge changes to ADC itemization and so here is my guide to get you all back in your bot lane game and you'll realize that Caitlyn is now one of the best ADCs now, alongside Kog'Maw - I'd consider them top class at this point. [IMG][/IMG] artwork credit to: Here are some Pro's to Caitlyn: - Long range AA - Passive make her a natural lane bully even at level 1 - Good escape in her E. - W provides vision and CC. Can be used like a ward. - Q provides good harass in lane. - Her ult can kill people even if they run to nexus once she's locked on. It can also be used to initiate or finish. - Amazing siege - She wears the best outfits in all of league - She's British. Cons to Caitlyn: - Q is mana hungry. - Doesn't provide very much to team fights unless used right - Slower AA - Takes a bit of practice Remember that if you do like this guide or find it helpful to upvote it so other aspiring ADCs can learn as well. I think the best types of players are those who are willing to learn and teach at the same time. They're the ones that help improve a community.

Patch 4.10 has buffed the early-mid game status of many ADCs. Caitlyn was already strong early game. Buffing that just made her stronger. The addition of 3% lifesteal on Doran's blade makes her very hard to lane against. She can simply stay at a far enough range to farm minions and lifesteal to heal up from whatever harass. Nobody will be able to deny her farm if played right. At this stage, be very careful for jungle ganks. Since Caitlyn pushes lane and tends to zone the enemy ADC off from CS (I usually end up with double the farm of my enemy ADC), you're more prone to ganks. Chances are the enemy ADC will call for ganks on you because they can't farm with you in lane. So make sure you tell your support to ward. But remember, don't leave warding solely to your support. He/she can only place 3 stealth and 1 vision ward at most, so help your support out. Buy a vision ward, stick it in a bush or somewhere along river. Wards save lives, and in this case, your life.

Caitlyn's Mid Game is not as amazing as someone like Corki. However, Doran's blade is now good from mid-late game because of the 3% lifesteal. Don't even sell it until late into the game. Don't go for BT or BoTRK until you have IE, PD/Shiv, and LW done. Some teamfights may occur now and remember your ult can be used before it all starts as well. You can also use it during a teamfight, as you normally would.

You should have IE, PD/Shiv, LW, and BT/BoTRK done/almost done. Go for a GA. Kill things now. Kill them all, from a far range. Don't go over extending. You'll be the priority target so don't put yourself in dangerious positions unnecessarily. Remember your job though - you are now the main damage dealer to people, to minions, to turrets/inhibitors/nexus. You were most likely well supported most of the game by your various teammates, so pay them back. Give them that late game monster they helped build.

A very important skill to learn as an ADC is how to CS properly. Yes, last hitting is easy if you just let your minions do most of the damage. That is fine. But what if you're under turret? Can you still farm steadily then? Let me help you with that. Under turret melee minions take 2 turret shots and are left with a sliver of health. This is when you AA it. Caster minions are slightly more tricky. If you can, AA them once before they get to turret range and AA them again after one turret shot. Or if you have a good support, tell them to hit the caster minions only once. You can also use your Q if it will get you all 3 creeps. Cannon minions are tanky - so....just time it according to however much health they have. Your goal: ~10 cs/minute. Aim for 11-12. This means you need 90-100% of all the waves. :) Here's another neat tip: This works on any champ. You can reset your Auto Attack Animation by issuing a command after Caitlyn's projectile is fired. So practice issuing a move command the moment her bullet leaves her gun. You can use the sound as a cue. By doing this you will end up shooting more AA more frequently than if you were to just stand there and AA. This is important on Caitlyn - who's passive relies on the # of AA used. Different champs have different timings, so you'll have to learn them individually. And finally... Learn to use your attack move. Or \"A\" if you use default key binding. It allows you to AA the nearest enemy in the direction you click - whether it is a minion or a champion. This allows you to kite while running more effectively so you don't have to click directly on the target to AA them.

ADCs have to worry about team composition too. Namely, the opposition's team comp. Say you're up against a team with a dive comp. In this situation you're good with picking Caitlyn. Why? Because you're the priority target for the opposition. You need to be alive to deal damage. The longer you can deliver AA and spells, you the more damage you're delivering to the opposing team. You need Caitlyn's long range to prevent yourself from getting dived on easily. ADCs who are especially vulnerable to these team comps are those with short ranges, like Jinx who delivers short range burst damage. Of course you should get comfortable with a variety of ADCs if you wish to be a good carry. Champs you should learn are like Caitlyn (long range), Lucian (mid range), and Jinx (short range). You get the idea....variety breeds versatility.

Above all, be positive in a win or a defeat. No single win was done solo. You are the ADC. You had another person laning with you without touching your creeps. You had teammates die for you so you would live. You had teammates take a majority of the hits for you so you could stay and fight. You had people set up kills just so you could take them even though they may have been able to get it themselves. So be grateful for your teammates. They worked with you to get that win. If you lost, you played a part in it too. No one game is lost by one person. There is always something that could've gone better and amongst that is you. You could've done better - you can always do better. If you maintain an attitude like that, you'll find yourself improving drastically. Mute the trolls and toxic people after their first negative sentence. Chances are, they won't be elated later in the game anyway. Offer a short praise to the other team, they won and they deserved it. Wish better luck to your current team - nobody likes losing, but sometimes people have bad games. It happens to you, happens to them, happens to the pros on world championship matches. If getting those nice words out is a little difficult because of how irritating that match was for you, then just put a gg and leave. Don't be negative. It doesn't help you or anyone else. Here's a video from imaqtpie about saying you're stuck in low elo: [vid=] Also, you'll get honors and league friends much quicker this way. :)

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