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Zilean is an extremely powerful utility mage/support champion. He has one of the most interesting and versatile kits in the game. Zilean's utility is unmatched and is a force to be reckoned with in solo queue! Despite having low base defenses, he is extremely hard to kill and every one of his abilities is game changing. He's also really simple and easy to play/learn, even after his confusing champion rework. [img=http://static.eclypsia.com/public/upload/cke/LoL%20-%20Splash/Zilean_Splash.jpg] [highlight]Zilean's Base Stats:[/highlight] Health = 499 – 1706 Health Regen per 5 = 5.4 – 13.9 Mana = 361 – 1381 Mana Regen per 5 = 6.0 – 19.6 Attack Range = 550 Attack Damage = 52 – 103 Attack Speed = 0.625 (+0% – 36.2%) Armor = 19.1 – 83.7 Magic Resistance = 30 Base Movement Speed = 335 Pros: [.]Huge speed buff that you can constantly refresh [.]Huge slow debuff that you can constantly refresh [.]Great harass in lane with autoattacks and high damaging, large AOE bombs that now STUN if you can stack them [.]Game changing ultimate [.]Passive that greatly impacts how bottom lane will go, and how the game goes [.]Better scaling than most support champions due to ultimate and 99% slow/haste at max rank [.]Best peel you can offer in the game, a revive (on top of speed up/slow) Cons: [.]Only one damaging ability that doesn't do all that much without a good amount of AP, despite its good base damage and is very hard to stick. [.]Generally a weak laner that loses all ins to many supports [.]Weak base defenses [.]Horrific mana problems

During the early game as Zilean, you'll want to focus on harassing your opponent for the most part. Look at how much sustain they have. The less potions they have, the more you should be harassing them. Watch your mana bar. Zilean's abilities do cost a lot of mana, especially your Q. So don't just blindly harass whenever you have the opportunity, harassing should be a calculated decision that ends up being worth it. Autoattack as much as you can. With your hybrid pen runes and long auto range, Zilean is really hard for enemy bot laners to play against. As a rarely played champion, they'll have a hard time reacting to your constant poke. Make sure you get your spellthiefs charges expended as soon as they're up. You should put your trinket ward down around 3 and a half minutes in. Put it in the river brush to spot the enemy jungler if he ganks. This is the river ward I'm talking about. [img=http://i.imgur.com/vAjbeFf.jpg] If the jungler does gank, you can either speed up your ally, or slow down the enemy jungler. Generally, it is better to speed up your ally, because there will be 3 people chasing him and you can only slow one of them. Make sure you speed them up before they get hit by any skillshots, like jarvan EQ combo or vi Q. This is your responsibility! Don't die for free, your champion is designed to save your teammates and yourself.

During the mid game as Zilean, your objective is ward and objective control. You should be pushing your lane and trying to get the tower of your opponent. Zilean doesn't really do that well in all in fights with other support champions in the current meta. You can't really win an all in with an Annie, Thresh, Leona, Sona, or many others. Even with your ultimate, Zilean's all in fights are really weak. So you should always try to kite your opponents back with your E. Ward the river. If you successfully control that area of the map within the 10-25 minute mark of the game, you'll have a really good chance of winning. If the enemy jungler shows up toplane, you should opt to do dragon with your adc and jungler. Having an objective based mindset wins games. If you won your lane, and you've secured dragon and the enemy bot tower, you should rotate mid and siege mid tower. This really irritates the enemy mid laner, when a random Zilean comes out of nowhere and starts bombing him. Make this rotation to snowball your lead. If for some reason you didn't win bot and laning phase gets extended, your priority should be to, again, ward, and to protect the life of your ADC. When you're near him/her, your AD should never die.

Late game is where Zilean shines, it is extremely hard to lose as Zilean when you've gotten to the lategame. This is because your E is at full effectiveness, and your R is at full effectiveness. Lategame, death timers are really long, and it is really important that you use your ultimate correctly. Games can singlehandedly be lost by misuse of your R. Make sure you put it on a priority target who is about to die. Your objective during the lategame is ward control and baron control. You are largely responsible for ward control during the lategame. Don't get caught. This is the most important thing I can stress to you about the lategame. Don't surround yourself in fog of war. Getting caught in the lategame can be the difference between winning and losing, even if your opponents don't directly end the game following you getting caught. Don't die for free. The fun part of lategame Zilean is that you can just perpetually be on your huge speed buff, since you'll have enough CDR and mana.

During teamfights as Zilean, your main objective is to peel for your carries. Use your E on anyone diving your carries to slow them down heavily, and if they get to the risk of dying, ulti them. Once again, it is imperative that you use your ultimate correctly in teamfights. It can be the difference between winning and losing. Other times, it is a better choice to speed up a hypercarry on your team. This gives them easy access to dive the backline of your opponent, it is really hard to peel a Jax or Riven with a massive speed buff. Make sure you use your ulti on a target that is low, so that your opponents don't just not focus that target until your ulti rune wears off on them. Keep in mind that your ult lasts for 7 seconds before it dissipates and they don't get the revive passive. You should rarely use your ult on yourself in teamfights, because lategame without a full AP build, your teammates will be more useful than you. You should also be bombing any enemy in sight. Keep watch on your W and how you use it, you want to get the most speed or slow time that you can, so don't use your W when none of your abilities are on cooldown during a fight. Stick to your carries.

Finally I'd like to say that Zilean is one of the most fun supports out there, and he's absolutely viable as well. Don't let anyone tell you that he's a troll pick or a weak champion, because in the right hands, he can be the deciding factor in a game. Nobody knows how to play against him, and he has one of the most unique kits in the game. He's also really easy to play and learn. I knew you would do that. [img=http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110411223458/leagueoflegends/images/1/1c/Zilean_TimeMachineSkin.jpg]

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