Xin Zhao Build Guide

Here's a tip, and a spear behind it!

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Hi I'm Jord2K and I am a Platinum Xin Zhao main. I quickly became in love with the Xin Zhao skill set as there are no skill shots, it's all based on positioning well in teamfights with him. This makes his damage output very reliable as it's easy to get all of you'r abilities off. A very strong teamfighter and very good at forcing fights. [img=] I understand it's not a large sample size but it's just an example of how strong Xin can be to win and carry your games.

Start gromp or krugs, the same side as you'r botlane, then clear your buff, try and take the scuttle crab, look to gank, or clear the last camp on that side and look to gank. After you'r gank mimic the clear on the opposite side. Back first if you're low, but if you're healthy enough clear the other side then back. Gromp/Krug Smite > Buff > Scuttle > Gank/Last Camp > Back. Swap to sweeper on your first back.

Try and get your devourer as soon as possible so you can start stacking it, look to gank as much as possible. Once devourer is complete it's super easy to take dragon, pick up a couple of greens, a pink for the pit and try to sneak it without them noticing, tell your lanes to stay where they are.

If you're behind and lategame this isn;t the best time for Xin. He can still get picks, try and help you'r support to set up vision and try and get a cheese kill somewhere in their jungle. If you're ahead press your advantage. Get you'r team to group and force fights as much as possible.

Try and get on the biggest threat on the enemy team, you should kill them pretty easy and it's pretty simple to stop the enemies form peeling for the carry with your R. E on to the carry, then R to knock away anybody trying to save them. You'r damage is huge and they should be dead pretty quickly Then turn on the rest of the team, killing the priority targets.

A very strong champion early game and for those who are bad at skillshots. Easy to press any early advantages into mid and late game with such strong teamfights. Hard to come back if you fall far behind but can still be good in setting up picks.

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