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Top Lane Paine, Pony Only, Guide (No-Skin)

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Hello, I am a top lane pony only top lane paine Hecarim player, and I will teach you how to not only be a beast with Hecarim, but cheat the ranked elo system so you can get to diamond V which is my peak league, gotta bag bitches now after I leave a mental cumstain of my pro-ness as a guide, for my little horsies.

Dueling: 1) Q'ing a champion in a creep wave does not accrue minion aggro. 2) Q harass the opponent a lot. Only go for more prolonged dueling if you Q has 2 stacks (which makes the CD from 4 seconds to 2 seconds which allows for twice as many Q's) 3) Great way to do damage - Q once, then AA. **** NEVER AA then Q. WHY? A) AA attracts minion aggro before Q if you do that. B) AA'ing stops you in your path. SO YOU STOP. which means you might not hit your Q. Q first because if you're near the guy you will always hit your AA. Promise. Then you stop. BETTER YET? The Pro way of Dueling with Q+AA is: Q, CLICK AHEAD TO MOVE CLOSER TOWARDS YOUR OPPONENT, THEN AA. SO YOU ARE TRAILING HIM BETTER. AND THEN REPEAT UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO END THE TRADE. Get this? Q, move towards him, AA, move towards him, Q, AA. 4) Is he running and you want to do more damage/ Kill him? E, trail next to him for 2-3.75 seconds, Q'ing him, then E'ing him, preferably towards your side of the lane, but you don't always get this. Basically, this is a speedup for trailing him, while Q'ing him. To get more damage in. Then potentially going for the kill. 5) WHAT IF THE LANER IS ~200-450 HP PUSHED INTO THE TOWER???? (THIS HAPPENS SUPER OFTEN) Remember, you're running ignite, this automatically does ~150 damage depending on your level. Nobody ever expects you to do this shit, just like how nobody will ever expect you to do what Im about to teach you in point #6. -Anyways, on the kill, charge up your E for 2-3.75 seconds, and then Activate your W (before you collide with him because W absorbs HP based on damage you do so you must activate this before you E into him. The amount of damage E gives to your AD because of the increased MS stays for 1 second after you E into something. This means your Q after your E will do a bit increased damage if you use it a second after you E. THE COMBO? Charge your E, flirt around the guy (he'll be scared trust me it's funny) Then as your almost about to hit him, activate W, then E, Q + ignite, add that to another AA, should all happen within 1 fucking second. Thus he'll insta-die and you only take 2-3 turret shots max. Get why it's 1 second? After you E into him (around 100-200 damage depending on the level, you W which is around 20-30 damage, then Q, which is like 90-150 damage depending on the level, then you AA, which is ~ 100 damage, then you ignite which is around 150 damage, and get the fuck out of there. So worst case, 100+20+90+100+150 damage -> ~400 damage. If you're level 6, you can do this combo and add an R before your AA, which is an extra ~100 damage. And fears him so he can't do SHIT and DIES. You gotta get the hang of it.

Always ward + watch your bottom lane. If your opposing mid laner is extended, it'll take you 15 seconds to get down there, 4 seconds to E to him, then kill him pushing him back to your mid tower so you and your mid laner can fuck him. It's all about making the other team rage. Check your bot lane, if they extend, you can TP without homeguard. You can Tp with homeguard to have a higher damage E (Because homeguards +200% MS and how that stacks with the E) Another trick - TP to a minion if the enemy ADC is there, run towards him with your homeguard + E, repeat the W, Q+AA skill, then keep chasing, fuck him. Devastatingly better if you have your ult to close the gap to the flash + getaway skill of the ADC, (eg lucians dash, corkis E, Jinx's bombs, Cait's E) ____ Your main goal: Push top like a fucking mad man, take your laner for a kill if it's a minimal time investment, (it's not if he's playing passive and you don't have a gank) Then roam to gank bot or mid or dragon, TP is helpful here. You don't need to TP to lane if you have homeguard. Also on philosophy - Fuck preserving your top tower, it'll only slow you down if you're attached to it, instead of ganking other lanes and helping take their towers, this is especially true if your laner is tanky and a pain to kill, rather than the enemy jungler or adc, or mid, hecarim is just overpowered. Make sure after you gank, take that laner's CS. All ganking is a world's easier after you completed your triforce, you only need triforce for damage then you gotta be a tank for your team. UNLESS, the enemy team is squishy as FUCK. Then get a youmuu's then a Frozen heart, spirit visage, then a warmogs (warmogs helps you dive towers so fucking much and the HP scales with the armor from your FH like a madman.) Thornmail is also a great item if the enemy team is heavy AD. If the enemy team is heavy AP, get AP defense items - Mercury, then SV (which scales well with your W), then Locket, maybe a Maw if you want damage as well. Experiment. It's really not that important, and if you play enough games, think and your intuition will guide you.

Okay, so do you really trust your team to own in teamfights? No. You have to always get a scanner and maybe a pink. Then ping your team to hide in a bush to make a pick. This is how I've lost many games, either me or a teammate gets picked off. This is also how I've won many games. Why teamfight when you can pick someone off then teamfight? In teamfights you often are the one who initiates, so R into the whole team if you can sense your team is willing to follow up, then activate W. Either peel your ADC, or knock out the enemy ADC. A good trick to pushing as a team is if you send to the fountain one or two of the enemy laners, take that time to take the tower down. They will be at the fountain. Upgrade your trinket at some point, that will basically be your sightstone, you can place 3 wards down.

CS in lane, Beat your laner, Beat the enemy's mid and bot laners, and their junglers. Avoid 1v3s, 1v4s, 1v5s. Win before it gets to teamfights. Play with your team if the game is tough. Hecarim is the definition of Solo-Q. Ain't nobody got a counterpick for this nigga.

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