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This Blade's My Favorite - A Season 5 Talon Guide

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Are you looking for a character that you can use to violently annihilate your enemies with? Do you like performing the satisfying magic trick of making health bars disappear? Do you love drinking the tears of the enemy team as they rage about you snowballing the game out of control? If so, then Talon may be the champion for you! Talon has the ability to single handedly carry games by both farming to hell and ganking the mess out of the side lanes. If you like the idea of being able to control your own destiny and win games, this is the guy for you. Here are some more reasons you may (or may not) want to play knife boy. [b][center]Pros[/center][/b] [center]Insane burst damage[/center] [center]Very strong pusher, especially past lvl 9[/center] [center]Large amounts of powerful AoE damage[/center] [center]Infinite roaming potential[/center] [center]Instant gap closer(rip silence)[/center] [center]Makes people rage when played correctly[/center] [b][center]Cons[/center][/b] [center]Short ranged[/center] [center]Long cooldowns[/center] [center]Squishy AF[/center] [center]Weak early game[/center] [center]Hard to play in teamfights vs. good opponents[/center] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [center][b]About The Author[/b][/center] Hello, my name is Blue! I'm a League of Legends player/aspiring streamer/YouTuber (who isn't?). I picked up Talon after my other assassin, Zed, got nerfed into dust. He's still good, but it's just not the same. Anyways, I managed to play this guy and climb the ranks to mid diamond. This season I aspire to hit D1 and beyond. I have a Twitter, YouTube and Twitch account, all of which I will post below, along with my stats from previous seasons. Because if we didn't have those nothing I say would be worth crap. Twitter: https://twitter.com/saintnick69 YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/TheInfiniteBlue Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/TheInfiniteBlue Stats so you will think I'm at least decent at this game: [img=http://i.imgur.com/zXGPaYo.png] [img=http://i.imgur.com/bRcrOoQ.png] Without further delay, let's learn this champion.

Here is me commentating a video live. I Played Poorly. You should note how I fail some of my combos as well as my crap map awareness at times. [vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Vdod_DAG_g]

Talon has but two very imperative goals during the early game: farming and surviving. In this guide I will teach you how to defeat good players, because nobody needs to teach you how to beat bad ones. They are bad. Even if you are a pretty good Talon, your kill potential is rather, well, garbo in the early game. Good players will punish you with auto's/spells when you go in for cs and may also kite your w. If they are smart, they will keep you low enough to the point where going in on them with minions means killing your own ass. Don't do that. Make sure to use your trinket to ward one side of the river in the early game and play over to that side, giving you more time to react to jungle ganks. If you know where the jungler is/are confident he will not gank you it may be a good idea to start trading harass and getting cs with w. With flask you are able to afford a good amount of rakes before being out of mana, just don't throw the skill out all willy nilly like a dingus. Try to make sure that the lane does not hit your tower in the early levels. I mentioned this briefly in the Ahri match up, but I will re iterate it here. Talon can get cs on tower relatively easily. He is an ad character and has q for resetting attacks and getting high hp minions. However, You will likely take a crap load of damage if the minions sit on your tower, especially when you are getting ranged ones. The issue is, the minions and towers create a choke point that locks Talon and other melee characters into a small area. So, hitting you with skills is much easier. PLUS, you are locking yourself into your auto attack animation every time you swing on a minion, and there is relatively no threat of retaliation when you are sitting on top of tower. Try and avoid it if you can. Always make a point to tell your jungler not to play aggressive in the early levels, especially pre 6. Talon is a god awful duelist in the early levels, as all of his skills have a relatively high cooldown(especially e) and do approximately 4 damage. Once you e to someone, you're in there, there's no getting out. Somebody better be dying, or you're dying. In all likelihood you will both die in the 2v2 and you will get yelled at for being a crappy noob who plays a worthless champ that does no damage. Solo Q junglers everyone. Wait until you have ultimate or your lane is pretty damn poked before giving the go ahead on the invades.

THIS IS IT BABY. THIS IS YOU. RIGHT HERE. The mid game is where Talon does and must excel. If you just sit and play passive in the mid game you might as well go and play a farm champ. Talon is not a farm champ, let's be clear on that. Once you have finally made it out of that rather crappy early game, it is your job to start carrying this ish. You pretty much have to set your mentality to roaming and screwing up all of the enemy lanes. If you do not do this there is no point in playing Talon. His late game is decent but not particularly reliable, so it's time to man up and start leading the crusade to victory. Laning is very important in the mid game, as it pretty much sets up which one of the mid laners is going to be more relevant in the later parts of the game. That and it is very easy to get your hands into stuff all over the map, which is an opportunity you should always take. The mindset here should always be to play aggressive, but not dumb. Some things pertaining to the mid game will be located in other sections of the guide, which I will reference when appropriate. [center][b]Laning:[/b][/center] You finally made it, the promised land. Congrats, you can do stuff now. You are now much more free to go in on your enemy. Make sure to keep both sides of the river warded at all times, as long as you do this you can constantly go in on those mages and combo them, even using your ultimate. As I stated in the skills section, Talon's ult is on a wicked fast cooldown, so don't be shy to push the enemy out of lane wit it. One (cheesy) thing I like to do is go in at around level five, thus chunking the enemy. Then I hit 6 and often catch my opponent off guard with the sheer power spike I get. People fall for it all the time. Even relatively aware players have a strong instinct to not get bullied by a level 5 assassin, even when level 6 is around the corner. Give it a go and you will be surprised how many people will die to this. This was a controversial decision in the early game, but is now almost always a great thing to do: keep your lane pushed. Here are several reasons why: [i]CS:[/i] if you continually push your lane you will likely just have more minions. You can go around and grab jungle camps pretty easily as a bonus. Jungle Pressure: This is a big ol' concept you must understand as Talon. You are now much more useful in jungle skirmishes now that you actually do damage. If your lane is constantly pushed you can both deny your enemy laner minions and reach these skirmishes before them. Arriving even one second before them means you using all of your skills and killing the jungler. Plus, if you are smart, (of course you are) you will have your lane warded like 24/7, and its always good if you waste an enemy jungler's time with crap gank attempts. [i]Map Control:[/i] Minions at the turret keeps your the enemy mid laner at the tower, and not anywhere else on the map. Plus you are now free to gain more map control by warding anything pretty much uncontested. I will expand on warding more in the wards section. You also deny vision of the middle of the lane when there are no minions there. Although it is a very small area, that zone is useful to have vision on, as you and your jungler can pass through it freely to move to a side lane or buff of your choosing. [i]Roaming:[/i] Pushing allows you to move around the map freely without losing cs, and also gives you the jump on the action. It is your job to agitate ganks/counter gank before your laner. Pushing is integral in doing this. Keeping the lane pushed means that the enemy must either give up minions to come help with the fight, or choose not to help and get the minions. They will likely do the former, but that does not mean they will not get behind and arrive late to the gank anyway. After level nine, as long as you have some items you can one shot ranged minions with a single rake. This is around the time you want to start looking for roams, I will explain more about roaming and it's execution in the roaming section.

Welcome to the most stressful moments any league player will experience: late game as an assassin. If there is one piece of advice that is relevant to all roles, but most notably assassins, it is to keep your god damn head in the game. One mistake, be it getting caught, trying to kill someone you shouldn't or messing up in a team fight can cost you the entire game. Talon has zero escapes and his ult is mitigated easily by oracle's this late, so make sure to stay with your team and keep stuff as warded as possible. Your must tweak your behavior a little bit, as the stakes are much higher now. You cannot be nearly as aggressive as you were with regards to catching people and roaming through enemy territory. This kind of crap gets you killed and then pushed on if you are not smart. Only attempt to kill a squishy if all other enemy players are on the map or in base, [b]no exceptions![/b] If you do kill someone. Nice. The name of the game now is either split pushing or staying with the team and grouping. However, split pushing as Talon almost never works. Unlike Zed, who is hailed as an amazing split pusher, He has some low CD skills that do a ton of damage late game. You only have burst. And if you are facing a tank or a bruiser, you are probably gonna die. If you can kill anyone on their team, than by all means split away. If you choose to group and push with your team, you're going to have to be as observant and careful as ever. If you see someone doing something dumb, it is your right, no, your responsibility, to spank them for it. If a squishy is way out of position, or using a stupid route to get back to their team, by all means kill them. You must also observe when it is a good time to get into the fight, if and when one breaks out. This is an extremely difficult task, and I will explain it more in the teamfights section. But in a nutshell, you should wait for the guaranteed/easy to land hard cc to be blown, to have tanks and peelers dedicated to a player on your team, and for a squishy to be in range of you. This is much to consider, so I will further explain it in the dedicated team fight section as well as my video. Essentially, you should simply stick with the team, sweep stuff and keep things warded. You can't engage nearly as easily as the mid game, as you will explode and die. Go in when the price is right, always making sure to take the most secured kill balanced with the one with the most impact. Also don't die. You cannot lead the team from the death screen, and I have seen many a team run around all idiot like while I am dead. Plan on controlling and directing your team through both your chat and your movement. Often times teams fall apart after one catch in the late game, even if it is not as devastating as the team allows it to be.

Oh boy. I take it back. The one thing more stressful than the late game while playing an assassin, is team fighting late game as an assassin. I'll tell ya, this is some of the scariest shit you'll ever do. Allow me to explain. As an assassin you are automatically burdened with a dilemma many other characters do not have, with Talon being the epitome of this problem. In teamfights, you are doing a literal zero dps while waiting for your target, or risking everything you have in order to kill your target. If you wait too long, your team is dying and you are useless. If you pull the trigger too early and fail, you're more useless than a 0/8 Evelynn. SO, it is very stressful to pick your correct target in a short amount of time, all while making sure to kill that particular player. With that being said, I have come to conclude that assassins, and therefore Talon, are pretty mediocre in teamfights. However, I shall teach you what I know, so that you may find your target and strike him down. [center][b]Positioning:[/b][/center] This is one of the most annoying things about playing an assassin, especially one with no escapes. See, you are not like Ziggs and Xerath, you can't just stand a billion miles away and do like 12 trillion dps. If you want to hurt a target, you have to get close. and getting close means possibly getting killed. Often times ranged carries and casters can stand at a distance and just hit you. If they have a cognizant peeler in the vicinity you're extra screwed. So, the key here is spending as little time in range of these people as possible. This is where Youmuu's Ghostblade saves your ass. The objective is simple: stand at a reasonable distance, activate your item, go zoom zoom and kill somebody. Make sure not to stand too far away though, if they can see you coming they are obviously just going to run back behind their tank line. Also flash. Flash is a thing. I'm really not for using flash to get to people in team fights anymore, as not having a silence means you are guaranteed absolutely nothing. If the enemy squishy has no escapes up, including their flash, then if you're a man you're a man. Just realize you will have no flash, and soon no ult, to get you out of sticky situations. [center][b]Targeting: [/b][/center] I prefaced this topic in a few other areas of my guide, and I'd like to expand on the idea a little more. Again, in the simplest essence, the goal of team fighting is to find the most dangerous target and kill him as safely and as quickly as possible. I'll explain how this balance should work and a few other factors you should consider before pushing E. Threat Level: This is obviously a big deal. Optimally, you are gonna go for and kill the most dangerous target on the enemy team every single time. We all want to kill the 10/0 Vayne and be the hero of our team, and often times that can be possible. The more damage a target on their team can dish out, the more you should target that person. Simple. Tankiness: Also a rather obvious, and unfortunate thing to talk about. Talon is all about finding those squishy targets and eliminating them in the space between the blink of an eye. That basically means doing it in one Talon combo. If someone takes any more damage than this to take out, it is a waste of time and a possible death sentence if they cc you in any way. However, I have found myself picking off half hp bruisers like Lee Sin in teamfights and having some success at that. If you are decently fed you may be a threat to their beefier characters. Doing something along these lines will free up your teammates, and perhaps even be more beneficial than taking out a carry. I always say \"Get what's guaranteed\", which may often times be an immobile slug. It all just depends on how fed he is and how fed their carries are and how safe those carries may be. If there's a no ult Kayle hanging out by herself, you might as well just kill her. [b][center]Escapes:[/center][/b] This one is slightly more subtle, but imperative all the same. Keeping track of an enemy's escapes is absolutely crucial in securing kills. You should be doing this at all points in the game, but I feel this concept fits well in the team fighting section. You no longer have a silence. That sucks. Therefor people can flash away from you the second that you blink to them.

This should be the main reason you would ever want to play Talon. His roaming game really is one of the best, as he has an instant gap closer and insane AoE burst damage. The finer element of roaming are the elements that separate good roamers from dominant ones. A quick note on my focus, I firmly believe that Talon players should focus almost all of their roam time on bot almost every game. There are 2 kills available instead of one, an easy 3 man push on bot tower as well as a potential dragon take. Therefore, I will gear most of this section towards focusing on bottom. I also love messing with the enemy jungler, so there will be some of that in here too. [center][b]When to leave lane[/b] [/center] This could be one of the most important questions to answer accurately when discussing good roaming strategies. Roams become worth it when the cost of initiating the roam pale in comparison to the gains you make from it. So, there are a few things to consider before you even bother trying to kill some side laners. [i]Your Lane is Pushed:[/i] This is the most well known prerequisite before leaving lane. It is always important to get the lane pushed before dippin' out to kill so fools. There are a couple of reasons why it is very important to push your stuff before you leave, all of which are key to making your gank successful. First, it allows you to leave lane without getting behind in neither cs nor experience. Naturally, you will have less minions than your enemy if you are in the lane for less time than they are. Getting the minions first is like a pay day up front. Plus, this allows the minions to walk down the lane and get killed by the tower. If your minions are getting killed by the tower, they are not hitting the enemy minions. Plus, when new waves come they will be further down the lane, away from your own tower. Secondly, pushing the wave prevents the enemy mid laner and possibly jungler from taking your tower. The farther down the lane your minions are, the more time it will take your enemy to push it out and get their own minions on your tower. Minions walk slow as hell man, the stall is real. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, pushing the lane before leaving creates a dilemma for the opposing mid laner. If there are minions dying on his tower, he is likely not going to want to leave. if he doesn't leave, you have all of that time to crush the lane your heading to, without him there to stop you. However, should he choose to leave the lane, he will be losing all of those minions. Remember, you already got all of those minions because you pushed first, if he leaves he loses them all. If he is smart, he will come try to stop you. But just know you are making him pay a price to do so. [i]The lane you are heading to is healthy:[/i] This paragraph is dealing with the issue of our allies hp, not our enemies. Perhaps it is not a likely problem, but this will save you a lot of pain later. This is a rather obvious one, but believe me, it needs to be in here. I must admit, I have made the mistake of not checking my side lane's hp many more times than I should have, which is why I am warning you about it here. It is imperative that you are aware about both the hp and mana bars you are ganking for, perhaps for reasons you may not always consider. I should clarify. It is not so often that we do not consider our allies hp, more that we simply underestimate how much is required for the gank. Consider Murphy's law: everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. You must be prepared to have cc miss, auto attacks cancelled and most importantly, you must be braced for the enemy counter gank. Often we think that 40% hp on our bot lane is enough, since we will simply burst the enemy before they can attack us anyways. Well, the gank does not always go as expected, so having wriggle room is nice. A poorly performed gank may get you all killed if you are low to boot. Poor ganks happen, but they will cost you far less if you consider the health bars on your friendlies. [i]You have ward coverage:[/i] Having wards to cover your transitions is an extremely important thing to have. This is pretty much what separates the noob gankers from the non-noob gankers. See. Ganks are all about map pressure, and taking control of said map. And if you want to do that, you need to have some gosh darn wards to do it, like any decent player would tell you. Without wards you cannot tell when or where the counter gank is coming from. Or that stepping out of lane means that you are face checking into a fed Jarvan. Or that by going top, you allow bottom to get slaughtered. I will talk more about how to ward to effectively negate these problems in the ward section, I just thought you should know in the roaming section that it is imperative to have some wards slapped down. You can do a butt load of warding, but also make sure to ask bot to get some done as well, if you are smart you can easily have the entire bot side lit up like a Christmas tree. I love Christmas. [i]Your jungler is not back or R.I.P.:[/i] Another kind of obvious one, but I see idiot people go through with ganks even when this is the case. Let me tell you, it is DUMB to gank when your jungler is not on the map. I will almost never recommend going for a gank when this is the case, with some very rare exceptions. Ganking is good for a lot of things, but we just have to accept that the jungler is kind of at the center of all the perks. Without him it is much harder to kill dragon or push other towers. Plus, if something happens to go wrong, you can kill your ass goodbye. Help. Is not. On the way. If the enemy jungler is dead or far away, I suppose it is a slightly different story. But even still, the enemy mid laner can easily come clean things up should events go awry. Having that safety net that is a fourth person is immensely helpful. Good situations can lead to a bigger lead, and bad ones can get minimized. If your jungle is K.I.A. or in base, Simply push and farm until he is ready to back your stuff up. Now that we have covered when to actually get a gank going, we can start talking about how things are executed. First off, I'll talk about the lush topic of: [b][center]Pathing[/center][/b] Pathing is a rather simple topic, and there's not a lot to it. A lot that has to do with pathing is actually about wards, which I will talk about later. So when you are ganking a lane, you have a couple of options. I Have two graphics for you , and I will explain each one of the paths I have drawn on summoners rift, for both blue and red sides. This includes when to use which, and the pros and cons to each. Note that these include ganks for bot lane only. This is because top is much simpler to gank, as there is a lot less going on. Just walk up there and get free kills when you feel like it. [i]Red side:[/i] [img=http://i.imgur.com/SZL1Uq4.png] [i]Red path:[/i] The red path is your most basic and cookie cutter gank route. It is similar to the pink path, varying in the fact that you do not go through the tri brush. If you choose to go down the red/pink region, it will be rather easy to choose to go through tri or just pull into the lane. Essentially, if your bot lane is being attacked by the enemy, the fastest way to get into the action will be to simply walk in. This path also works if the enemy has pushed the lane very far up, wrapping around through the tri brush will just be a waste of time if the enemy is on the tower. [i]Pink path:[/i] Similar to the red path. Again, making the choice will be rather simple. If you plan on sneaking up on the enemy, it is smart to get behind them, rather than rushing towards them from the front. tri is very powerful for sneak attacks, and if you can manage to sneak into the brush, your gank is likely to be extremely potent. I will talk about this more in the wards section, but tri bush is often warded, so try and call for a sweep before you use it if possible. [i]Black Path:[/i] In recent times this has risen to be one of my favorite gank paths, for a couple of reasons. First off, there is a far slimmer chance of you getting spotted by a ward than when using the red or pink paths. Second, the time you spend getting into the tri brush and sneaking behind the enemy lane is far less then the other paths. Allow me to explain. When you use the pink path, it takes forever to wrap around the dragon pit and into the tri. When you come through the enemy jungle, you cut directly through tri and cut the time the enemy has to respond to the impending gank. Just make sure to keep track of the mid laner's wards and you should have no trouble using this path. Pinking the bush behind red will help keep you in the clear as well. [i]Yellow path:[/i] This is one of the more situational paths you will use, but it surely has it's uses. Er, I guess it has a use: tower diving. You're only gonna want to use the yellow path when you either have a 4 man gank coming or the enemy bot lane is really low. Whether or not you have a wave coming, you can sometimes walk through the tower and take a shot or two, all while cleaning up some kills. Don't do anything too dumb though, I have personally done a frick load of stupid ganks using this route. Don't disgrace the yellow route. [i]Purple path:[/i] A timeless gank route, and one that I have had a ton of fun with. There's a lot of pretty good times you can use this thing, and not a lot you can do wrong with it. It is obvious when you don't want to walk through the lane. If your allies are pushed to tower, this clearly is not going to work. You may get a crazy engage at tower and kill people, but you will not be utilizing the bushes. Basically, if you notice the enemy going in a lot on your friendlies, the purple route may be the one for you. Tell your guys to push up a little bit so you can sneak into the first bush. Often times this is enough, and the enemy will get impatient and go in. If they do, congrats, you get a double kill. You can also try to have your boys engage if you have a Leona or something. If neither team is going in, you can have your friendlies push even further, then sneak into the second brush. If you can pull this off, you're probably going to have a lot of fun. the support will probably face check you, and if it's a Sona/Nami/Annie, they are pretty much dead. If not, just jump on the AD carry and kill him with your team. Love this path, just make sure the bushes are swept before you try sneaking in. I have been counter ganked so hard a few times because I thought I was sly, but the enemy was actually waiting for their jungler to come kill me. Don't let that happen. Don't disgrace the purple path. [i]Blue side:[/i] [img=http://i.imgur.com/JhZ09Ll.png] There are a lot of similarities here. I will try not to repeat any information. [i]Red path:[/i] Red path kind of sucks on blue side, but it has it's moments. You are basically gonna use this thing if tri is pink warded. And it is much more likely to be pinked on blue side because it is very close to your tower. So, you can essentially go through your own jungle then pass through a bush you know is not warded. Pretty guaranteed stuff if you ask me. You still have the chance of walking through a river bush ward, but that's no biggie. If the enemy is pushed at all, they probably will not have time to react to their own impending doom. [i]Yellow path:[/i] Yellow is basically like doing a lane gank, but dropping down from mid lane. I almost never do this, but like I said, tri is easier to have pinked on blue side. Another thing I like to do is to wait in tri brush and hope the enemy engages on my team. This is powerful because you know they can't see you in there, and they likely did not spot you coming down either. Food for thought man. [i]Brown path:[/i] Literally the exact same rules and conditions as purple path. [i]Orange path;[/i] I really like using this path while on blue side. It is kind of like red side's tri brush, as you kind of get the wrap around effect from the river bush. However, dragon or river is almost always warded in one way or another, so this is more of a fishing expedition. That doesn't mean I don't do it, a lot, you just need to be smart. If you see bot lane running away, that means the saw you. Go back to lane and farm. Come back later using the same path or trying something else. [i]Dark red path:[/i] essentially the yellow path of red side. It's another tower diving procedure, and it's freaking awesome. The bush is behind the tower, but still close. Plus that shit's like never warded. Try and make sure you have blue and the bush by wolves warded if you can. Often times I have found an enemy jungler on my way down and settled for killing him instead. That also works. Obviously these are not the only paths you can choose to gank with. You can switch up what parts of the jungle or river you weave through, depending on what is warded or what the enemy expects. [b][center]Targeting[/center][/b] Targeting is possibly the most important aspect about ganking. There's a ton of moving parts during a gank, and a lot of snap choices to be made as a result. I must say, targeting is kind of a hard topic to teach. I will write this stuff down for you, but your instinct is what will eventually make you successful in picking your targets. There's so much minutiae that goes into picking what to kill when that you'll just have to keep practicing it. You'll base your choices off of a few topics, covered directly below. [i]Priority:[/i] I will quickly define the word priority for you, at least in this context. It is a combination of how much damage a target is capable of doing, is or is not doing, and who the target can/is doing that damage to. In all likelihood, the AD carry or mid laner are going to have the most priority when in a gank, along with the jungler as well. The idea of priority applies more to skirmishes rather than a clean up type gank. If you're owning them anyways, nobody on your team is going to die, so priority does not matter. When this is not the case, you may want to target a player with a lot of priority (but not always). If the enemy AD carry is pumping damage on your boys, of course he is a prime target to take down. He won't be too far away, and he's probably distracted anyways. However, it may be just as important to kill the fed, full damage J4 with red that is raping your Graves. I'm all for trading kills and what not, but if you allow your carries to die you could easily lose that fight. Try not to let that happen. So, killing the damaging targets that are a threat to your own damage is almost always a good idea. It is safe, and often provides guaranteed kills. [i]Available escapes:[/i] This is a massive one, and is a great example of how priority sometimes needs to get thrown out the window. As Talon, you only have one skill to gap close besides your flash. If someone peels off after you have used your E, you are pretty much useless once they are out of range. You must now ult and try not to get dps'd into the dirt by the guy that slipped away. I see lanes like Ezreal Sona a lot. And let me tell you, I will kill that Sona 10 times and still manage to fall asleep at night. Targeting the support with no escapes is a favorite activity of mine, especially the squishy ones. Killing people that have no escapes is a great way to get easy kills, and I recommend doing it pretty much every time. [i]Positioning:[/i] This kind of factors into priority, but I will briefly expand on the topic either way. Basically, you want to kill targets that you can get to, and that your team can get to. Often I have dove super hard into the back line to demolish a Vayne, only to get exhausted. All of my skills do 3 damage, and then my team cannot help me. The support also slips away because I did not help to lock her down. We get no kills. Unless you're pretty fed, your burst will not bring people down fast enough for nobody to react to it with a flash/exhaust/heal. So, it is important to use your E(which has a small slow) and your w, which also slows, on people that your people can also attack. Simple. Pick targets you do not have to flash to get, that is rather obvious in the mid game. However, if you are going to get more kills by flashing to a target, do it. All in all, don't be dumb about diving too deep, and stick with the team. Again, it is really up to you to take the rather basic and bare bones information I just provided and turn it into instinct. Go get 'em partner. [i][b]Jungler Shenanigans[/b][/i] My own little flair to roaming. There's nothing I love more than sliding into the jungler's red buff bush, seeing him at half health, then killing his ass (while taking the gold from red). You gatta be ruthless man.... Almost... Cutthroat. Basically, you're gonna need a lot of good wards to make this work. Deep wards at that. In order to catch a guy at any particular camp, you have to catch sight of them walking there. I'll have a section on the wards required for such a task in the wards section, depending on which side you are on and what buffs and camps you are going after. Beyond that there's not much else to really consider when going for these plays. Obviously coordinate with your jungler and make sure he has your back when you're about to invade. He doesn't always has to come with you to the buff, but it is a good idea to make sure he is at least pressuring your lane or is in the vicinity of your quest. If side lanes are missing, especially when going for bot side red buff, make sure to back off immediately. It can be tempting to stay and kill the man and take his buff, but the entrance to red is very often warded, and there's a strong chance you will get counter ganked if you do not get the frack out of there. Try and avoid doing anything in the jungle pre 6 as I stated earlier, but I have pulled off some decent invades at low levels when the stars align. Just don't be too overzealous with it. Make sure not to see an opportunity when there isn't one. Just because you see a low jungler walking to red does not mean that you have the golden chance to kill him. If you have 0 wards and all of your enemies are in the dark, I'd definitely just play it safe. Once you hit level 9 you can destroy non tank junglers, especially if they are chunked a little bit. All in all, please make sure not to be an idiot with this. Talon does tons of damage to almost anyone when he's not behind, but you must realize he has zero escapes and high cooldowns. If you get caught without your skills you will die. And that is bad. Don't say I didn't warn you. Also don't complain when you get collapsed on. Make good choices friends.

Please purchase wards. If you do not, this entire section of the guide is relatively useless. If you choose not to ward for whatever reason. Screw you. Warding is a very important part of the game, and if you go full noob mode and never do it, don't question why you are losing a lot of games. You should always shoot for a ward or two every time you go back, but if you can't always get a ward it's not the end of the world. Sometimes you have to finish a big item, your you end up getting killed without any money. If you have like zero wards on the map you may want to make some compromises on your build. The decision is up to you. Obviously, the way you want to ward will change depending on what time in the game it is, as well as what you are setting up for. I promised to explain a lot of different warding strategies throughout the guide, so now I will make good in that promise. Without further ado, your warding strategies sir. [center][b]Early Game[/b][/center] These are some of the best and most basic wards you can have for the early game. Essentially, the goal of the early game is to survive. All of these wards provide a good amount of coverage ganks by the enemy junglers, which should be the only reason you should ever die in the laning phase. [img=http://i.imgur.com/FJZLz2d.png] [i]Side Brushes Entering River:[/i] Warding the bushes next to lane entering the river cut off almost all options by the jungler. They may sneak behind you onto the ramp to get you, but that should only work if you are relatively over extended. They don't provide as much time to react to a gank, so be prepared and scan the map often if you employ these wards. [i]Ramp Leading To Red Buff:[/i] This is an awesome ward to have for a lot of reasons. First, you can see the jungler while he is doing a camp, giving you plenty of time to react to his gank. Second, this is a very common area for the jungler to traverse. He may want to gank you, invade you or dip down to his red buff. This ward catches it all. I almost always slap one of these things down in both the early and mid parts of the game. It also provides great vision of enemies swirling around dragon, if they are on the blue side at least. [i]Pink Ward Behind Red Buff:[/i] This ward is pretty awesome as well. It doesn't always have to be a pink, but I like it to be for a number of reasons. Many junglers will not loop behind red buff to get to you, so they may not clear that ward for some time. It catches a lot of jungler movement, while also being quite stealthy. [i]Pink Ward In River Bush:[/i] Obviously, all pink wards can be replaced by green wards if you feel that you would be better off with one. Pink areas are just suggestions for pink wards, but are not necessarily the best option at all times. This thing does a similar job as both the ramp into the raven camp as well as the ward in the bush behind red buff. This ward catches more river movement, but is not as deep into the jungle as the ramp ward. Also, this bush isn't checked and traveled through as much as others, so it can be smart to put a pink ward there, as it may not be destroyed for a while. [i]Bush Leading To Blue Buff:[/i] Another decent ward for the early game. This ward is pretty deep in the jungler, so it will warn you pretty early about ganks. It will catch people coming from blue as well as top/bottom lane. However, if the jungler does manage to loop through your jungler and get you from behind, you will not know it until your screen is about to turn grey. [center][b]Mid Game/Jungler Shenanigan Wards[/b][/center] These wards can share a section, as jungle shenanigans will occur in the mid game. Many of their wards are also pretty much the same, so it is pretty much a waste of all of our time to make multiple sections. Also, just because I do not include a ward in a specific section does not mean it is irrelevant. The sets of wards in each section focus on the main goals and advantages you want for that section. All wards besides the really dumb ones are always good. Aight, lez go. [img=http://i.imgur.com/8b5KL4H.png] [i]Pink Ward Behind Red:[/i] Recognize this guy? Yeah, he's back for another section. This ward is good for all of the reasons I stated before, but has one more unique advantage in the mid game. Many mid laners and junglers will either ward that bush or the ramp to cover your roams. If you have a pink ward in that bush, you can easily call for your jungler to help you clear those wards, then roam later. If you do this they will obviously catch wind of your ward and kill it eventually, but it will give you a window to gank that you would not have otherwise. [i]Ward In Bush Leading to Raven Camp:[/i] This thing is really awesome for the purpose of jungle shenanigans. You are able to see the jungler before he even starts the raven camp. And if he doesn't do the camp and goes straight to red you may still have a chance to catch him. The ward on the ramp may not catch him if he loops behind the wall to get to red. I don't know who the hell does that, but you never know. [i]Ward Behind Wolf Camp:[/i] This is a super deep ward (at least for the mid game) that most junglers will not expect you to have. If they don't see you warding, this thing can net you a lot of free buffs and kill. It catches the jungler super early, and covers all options to his blue blue buff (besides entrances from bot lane and base). [i]Blue/Red Buff:[/i] Relatively obvious. You will almost always want these wards while invading the buffs, as you are able to target the jungler before you enter the bush. It also gives you an estimate on how long you have to get to him, which is nice. If you can, get this ward down before you try to invade his buff. A lot of junglers will pull their buff into their bush (which is smart). If he does so, he will see you before you are in range to ward. If your ward is already there, you may be able to jump on him even though he has a decent amount of vision. [b][center]Late Game[/center][/b] Late game is an tense and scary time in all of our lives. If you die after 35 minutes in the game, expect to cost the team a bunch of stuff. This is why wards are more important than ever. When the map is lit up during the late game, you are more free to move around and position for objectives without fear of death. For Talon specifically, this enables you to get your catch game on. You can find enemies in the jungle and catch them while they are transitioning when you have super deep wards. Talon is able to do this because he can literally kill his targets in about one second if you are decently fed. Again, deep wards are crucial to this, kind of in a similar way that jungle shenanigan wards are. You can find people early, then kill them. Also they help to see reinforcements shuffling around in the back, so you can make better informed decisions about opening up on people. Here's where you'll want to ward. [img=http://i.imgur.com/FJNbL7z.png] [i]All Wards:[/i] All of these wards are deeper than the Mariana Trench. I love to place these wards because they catch a ton of enemy movement. You can find enemies early on in their pathing, cut them off, then kill them. Seeing the movement of enemies in the back line is extremely important. You can find where more of the enemy players are when the wards are deeper, giving you assurance when catching people. When both teams are grouped late game, at least 2 or 3 of the enemies are going to be in the same place (usually pushing/defending a tower), You may find the 4th and 5th players, then choose to kill one. You may also see that a tank or peeler is with a squishy, then realize that going in is an extremely bad idea. Put these wards down if you plan on catching people/helping your team not get caught. Just don't put them down at an extremely ignorant time when you yourself may get caught.

Talon is a unique character, especially in the current meta. He's very powerful when used correctly, making him appealing to good players. However, he lacks a certain set of tools. He is very unsafe to play, as his damage is not guaranteed/has no poke/short range. He's also an AD caster, meaning you may set your team up for full AD. Also he is not particularly OP. So, if you choose not to play other characters that do have those things, you are putting a sense of burden and responsibility on your shoulders. The fate of the game is in your hands when you play Talon, so you cannot let this fact go unrealized. If you choose to play this character, you MUST roam and hard carry. Otherwise you might as well play Xerath. If you do not, you burden your team by making your damage super unreliable and attack damage based. Top may feel inclined to pick Rumble even though he sucks at him just because you picked Talon. It's up to you to win this game, victory is within grasp, reach out and take it.

Thank you very much for reading my guide on how to play the assassin of all assassins. You guys are bomb as hell. If you enjoyed the guide, please give it a big ol' thumbs up. If you have any comments or suggestions for improving my guide, please post in the comments. I'd love to improve this bad boy in an way I can. There is a lot of content in here, and I did my best to proofread and edit carefully. If I missed something, please let me know. Once again, here is all of my stuff. I am trying my best from here on out to upload content to YouTube and stream often. My computer is not really fit for streaming, often causing it to crash/overheat. Also I can stream at a solid 22 FPS. Buttery as hell. So expect me to upload more guide videos and stuff pertaining to League of Legends and other games. I'll probably do let's plays of other veejeo games. Cause veejeos are fun. Thanks again Twitter: https://twitter.com/saintnick69 YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/TheInfiniteBlue Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/TheInfiniteBlue

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