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Challenger Phoenix Udyr Rise your elo from the ashes! (S6)

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[center][img=http://orig02.deviantart.net/24f9/f/2016/012/4/5/k7arftx_by_baribobangito-d9npj4v.jpg] [b]Hello guys, I am Baribo :^)[/b][/center] So first of all let's start with why I decided to make a guide. I am pretty much a theorycraft machine and I like to analise everything everyday everygame and sometimes I go over the limit with criticism haha. Jokes aside, I love teaching people things and I feel a huge satisfaction when they feel happy about it. I noticed that there are no well realised guides that are up to date on any site so I decided to share my experience with you guys. I realised that Udyr has a very weird learning curve across elos/games played with the champion. I've been playing this game since about season 3 and ended up in Challenger this season. Happily looking forward reaching it in season 6 as well. [center] [img=http://orig10.deviantart.net/fb91/f/2016/012/6/6/chall_by_baribobangito-d9npjmv.jpg][/center] [center]I have played over 1500 ranked games and about 1000 normals (with friends of course!) games with Udyr. Here are 2 Udyr montages made by myself. I think you might enjoy them. You can check out my channel for a few more videos.[/center] [center][vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4Db2162RGQ][/center] [center][vid=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atxM_EEUT0I][/center] [b]PROS[/b] Fast and sustained jungle clear Moderate crowd control Reliable kit (nothing can miss) Versatility Very good sustained mobility Very durable Relatively easy to escape sticky situations Strong duelist Potent early game while also scaling very well Mixed damage Good neutral objective control Good tower pushing [b] CONS[/b] Every spell is based on auto attacks Has no ultimate Kiteable Weak teamfighting potential in particular for the newer Udyr players Predictable ganks Relies on flash in a lot of situations [center]Here's a clear picture of the new season 6 masteries since the site didn't update it yet [img=http://orig01.deviantart.net/1230/f/2016/012/7/5/ba9d6b4782399b535893bcd45f5af1a4_by_baribobangito-d9nppgp.png][/center]

[b]Clearing the jungle[/b] When walking up to a camp use your [img=skills/udyr/w.png] as you get closer to the camp then activate [img=skills/udyr/r.png] use the first empowered auto attack and then hit the monsters 3 more times to get another empowered AA off, then switch to and repeat this process. Use [img=skills/udyr/e.png] in between camps to travel faster, but only when you have blue buff. [b]Ganking[/b] Ganking as Udyr takes some knowledge and most people mess it up. As you enter the lane activate [img=skills/udyr/w.png]. Why Turtle Stance? You are going to stack your passive wich is 5 movement speed and 10% AS for free and you will reduce a chance of getting killled by the enemy laner or the enemy jungler counterganking you or you might be able to tower dive. After Turtle Stance use [img=skills/udyr/e.png] to gap close using the movement speed and stun the enemy, switch to [img=skills/udyr/r.png] for the damage and keep auto attacking until he dies. If the enemy flashes or dashes you can either wait for E and flash to stun them or activate Turtle Stance again if you think you can gapclose without flash to keep the flow of your passive or tank. [center]Udyr ganks the best when he ganks from behind wich is also an advantage in terms of vision most of the time.[/center] [center][img=http://orig11.deviantart.net/fdd4/f/2016/012/6/5/map123_by_baribobangito-d9noqm1.png][/center] The red area shows the pathing to avoid the mid lane ward placed in the bush marked by the green area. If you \"ride\" the wall you can avoid a ward placed in that bush. The green arrows show how you can gank the mid lane from behind depending on side. The red arrow shows how you can avoid a ward placed in the river. Even if the tribush is warded you can still continue the gank. Make sure you know where the enemy jungler is, as he might cut you off. Smiting raptors might be a good idea as well. The blue arrows show a special type of gank that I use a lot with Udyr and it can be done by very few champs and you need at least 2 points in Turtle Stance. Before walking in to tank the tower activate [img=skills/udyr/w.png], as the shield is about to end get out of the bush and tank the first shoot then use your W again to tank some more tower damage and then use [img=skills/udyr/e.png] to stun the enemy. Take care when facing champions like Janna as they might force you to tank more than you want and die. All of these pathings can be used on the top side as well as it is mirrored. Make sure to get vision control in the enemy jungle when going deep like this Udyr can also perform lane ganks using his [img=skills/udyr/e.png]+ Smite when he has [img=items/boots-of-swiftness.png] + [img=items/stalkers-blade.png]. Lane ganking means coming through the lane to ambush somebody and works best when he is overextended and has no escapes.

Mid game is the place where a lot of champions get their powerspikes through items and levels. You have the option to look for skirmishes around the map and secure objectives like turrets and dragons with your teammates or start [i]splitpushing. The first part of the mid game stil takes place in the laning phase. Securing Dragon with Udyr is pretty easy as he takes no damage from it with a few points in Turtle Stance and he can take it relatively fast with Phoenix Stance and a Trinity Force. [/i] Understanding the splitpush strategy Since Udyr is one of the best splitpushers this is the part of the game where you will want to splitpush a lot especially if you completed Trinity Force and your bot lane took the enemy outter turret. Splitpushing basically means putting side lane pressure wich has benefits and downsides. [b]What you can get out of splitpushing:[/b] Free neutral objectives for your team if a group of enemies comes to stop you especially if they have bad vision control over those neutral objectives. Eventually towers and inhibitors if the enemies don't try to deal with you. Stalling the game out so you and/or your team can catch back up from a bad laning phase or scaling into the late game. If a team pressures the entire map there's a higher chance of winning. [b]The cons of splitpushing:[/b] Your team has weak waveclear they will have a hard time dealing with the enemy siege and they wil probably lose the towers. They can towerdive your team while they try to protect the base. The enemies can get the Baron Nashor and use it to win the game. Your team doesn't understand the strategy and blindly tries to teamfight 4v5 and loses an inhibitor or even the game for it. [i][b]What are the qualities of a good splitpusher?[/b][/i] - dueling power - waveclear - escape capabilities - tower pushing [i][b]When do I splitpush?[/b][/i] When your team is behind after missplays in the laning phase When your team has a weak mid game When your team has a bad teamfight potential When your team has a powerful late game and they need time to scale up Can be all of the above [i] [b]How do I splitpush?[/b][/i] You want to look all the time on your minimap to see for example if you have vision on those champions that can lock you down. Sometimes even if 3 players come to stop you from splitpushing you will probably run away if they don't have crowd control. If everyone in their team is missing you can stay out in the fog of war and wait for a moment to continue the push, in this time you should tell your teammates to push the other 2 lanes so the enemies reveal themselves to hold the lane You and your team must ward key spots. It can be done blindly too but the risk is obviously higher. [b]Splitpushing when you are behind and your team is ahead:[/b] Here you splitpush just because you want to farm your items but I suggest you to group. [b]Splitpushing when you are behind and your team is behind:[/b] Stalling the game so everyone has more time to get their items. [b]Splitpushing when you are ahead and your team is behind:[/b] Basically the same as the last one but in this scenario you can duel people and win more time for everyone or get towers easier. [b]Splitpushing when you are ahead and your team is ahead:[/b] In this scenario you can put pressure on 2 or 3 lanes at the same time making the game so much easier [b] Splitpushing tricks:[/b] [b]The splitpusher flank[/b]: If the enemy team is going deep in the mid lane and somebody in their team tries to defend the base you can go through the jungle and flank them for a surprise 5v4 while the other guy is defending the base, nonetheless you need to watch out for teleport but it might be too late for it sometimes. [b]Trading Dragon for Inhibitor/Inhibitor tower:[/b] the Dragon buffs before the 5th one are not giving any stats besides the first one so it's worth it 100% of the time to trade dragon for it. Trading Baron Nashor for an Inhibitor: In certain situations (your team is missing an inhibitor and they can use the buff to siege your nexus towers) you can avoid doing it but most of the time it's worth it but first of all you need to make sure the other lanes are pushed as well. [b] The 1-3-1 strategy: [/b]sometimes you might have another champion that can splitpush well in your team who can even have a Teleport for even more map control. In this way you are going to put pressure on both side lanes. Your team will need a lot of waveclear/disengage though.

First of all what is the Late Game? The Late Game starts when everyone gets about 3+items and looks to group up and siege or contest neutral objectives wich is about 25-30min into the game. Udyr is really good at this point because he scales well with items and levels. He has versatility, he can choose how to play a fight. He can engage, dive, distrupt, peel and tank. Udyr is one of the best champions when it comes to dealing with the Baron Nashor. He can tank it for a long period of time while also dealing constant DPS to it. You can sneak baron with a teammate while the other 3 members show up in lanes to make sure the enemies don't expect it. Most top lane champions or an ADC with high DPS as well as a DoT mage can help you take it down pretty easy. Udyr is decent in siege situations as well. Udyr can tank several abilities especially skillshoots to protect the wave or his teammates using the shield from Turtle Stance especially with CDR. He can also disengage or engage decently with Bear Stance's movement speed and stun.

Everygame no matter what champion you are playing you must analise both teams really well and it comes with experience it is something related to your own game knowledge and your understanding of the game. What is a backline? A backline is a group of ranged DPS champions that hides behind the frontline. What is a frontline? A frontline is a group of durable champions that tries to protect the backline or that tries to kill anyone that wants to get past them. Let's kick things in with some questions: Is their backline strong? Is your backline strong? Do they have a frontline? Is their frontline strong? Do you have a frontline? Is your Frontline strong? Is their backline imobile? Is your backline imobile? Do they have strong peel? Do you have strong peel? Wich team has the most crowd control? Wich of those are AoECC? Who is the main threat? Who to focus? Do they have strong divers or assassins? Depending on the answer to some of these questions you are going to choose one of the following options: [b]Play the role of a Juggernaut.[/b] By Juggernaut I mean that you should deal a lot of damage in a teamfight and try to focus down their carries with your mobility and CC including Flash, Smite and actives like Randuin's Omen. You should not choose this option if their frontline is very strong with a lot of peel and they have mobile or even imobile hyper carries that can deal a lot of damage per second. [b]Play the role of a Bodyguard.[/b] When your backline is strong you can choose to protect it by stunning and damaging incoming divers and assassins. Sit in Bear Stance and be patient to stun the person who tries to jump on your teammate. [b]Play the role of a Tank.[/b] As a tank you want to be the one who engages a teamfight and stun as many people as possible while making sure their backline is busy with you so you can twist their positioning while your backline does the damage.

[center]1. [b]The Safe Route[/b] [img=http://orig09.deviantart.net/de1e/f/2016/011/3/6/the_safe_route_xdddd_by_baribobangito-d9njz6u.png][/center] [The numbers show in wich order you do the jungle camps] This is the most common jungle pathing I use. You will end up pretty healthy if you didn't get invaded so you must be careful around redbuff and place your trinket. If you get invaded just leave the camp and be patient until they leave the area or try to contest it 1v1, or ask for a laner to help. After doing golems you are going to hit level 4. From this point you can choose to gank top/bot depending on which side you are or grab the crab and try to look for the enemy Gromp and Wolves. If you see them trying to gank the other side of the map that is a free information and it means that those camps are completely free. Afterwards you can try to gank mid lane, by this time you will already hit level 5. You could also choose to recall for Stalker's Blade after the 6th camp. [Skill order [img=skills/udyr/r.png] [img=skills/udyr/w.png] [img=skills/udyr/r.png] [img=skills/udyr/e.png]] [center] [b]2. The Anti-Cheese Route[/b] [img=http://orig01.deviantart.net/f969/f/2016/011/2/9/the_anticiz_xd_by_baribobangito-d9nk8ok.png][/center] This jungle route is something very safe against people who want to invade at level 2, for example champions like Nidalee, Shaco or even Evelynn. After you clear some camps on the Red Buff side of the map you have the option to go in the enemy jungle right away wich is usually a good option if you see them trying to gank the other side of the map, or you can go back to check if he killed your Gromp/Wolves. If they are up clear them and try to gank one of the 2 nearby lanes or steal some enemy jungle camps while warding the enemy jungle to secure vision for your team. [b][center]3. The Gank ASAP Route[/center][/b][center] [img=http://orig12.deviantart.net/bffa/f/2016/011/3/9/gank_by_baribobangito-d9nkc3r.png][/center] This is a level 3 route skill order [ [img=skills/udyr/r.png] [img=skills/udyr/w.png] [img=skills/udyr/e.png] or [ [img=skills/udyr/r.png] [img=skills/udyr/e.png] [img=skills/udyr/r.png] ]. The reason why I take this route instead of starting on Gromp is because the distance is shorter, Wolves deal less damage compared to Gromp and you can avoid a level 2 invade as well. If you spot the enemy jungler invading you just do the Raptors instead of the Wolves. Since the distance is shorter and Udyr's clear is pretty fast you can probably get there before the enemy jungler so you avoid a countergank or instead you can be the one who waits the moment to countergank. [center][b]4. The Level 2 Invade Route[/b] [img=http://orig14.deviantart.net/3275/f/2016/011/9/f/cheese_by_baribobangito-d9nl9az.png][/center] You should do this only if you gain enough information with your team using trinkets that the enemy jungler is starting on golems. Just grab the Gromp smiteless with a good leash, go there, smite his red and try to kill him. You should always grab your [img=skills/udyr/e.png] level 2 when doing this. When you are blue side simply start on the Red Buff instead but use smite to clear it faster and restore some health then try to kill the enemy at Blue Buff. I still don't recommend doing this if you don't have enough information.

Thank you for checking my guide. I hope it helped you get a better understanding of the champion. Udyr seems pretty easy to play when looking at his kit for many players but in fact he takes both mechanical and game knowledge. Don't forget to leave any questions you have in the comments below.

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