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4.5 UPDATE! Bruiser Kassadin - Top/Jungle

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*****NOTE***** Make sure to click on \"jungle\" item tab if that's your intent - the default item set is for laning. With Kassadin's changes in the 4.4 patch, Kassadin has received a new identity that many people seem to think is in all ways worse than his previous form. Fortunately for any Kassadin enthusiast, that is not the case; in fact, Kassadin is now a god tier jungler with a frightening presence post 6. [img=http://i.imgur.com/Lsx2qEh.jpg]

Start red; any auto attack based jungler should, and Kassadin is no different. The red buff will not only help your clear time, but it will allow you to duel very effectively; having an auto attack reset and red nets a lot of damage that would otherwise be missed from a blue buff start. Kassadin can gank before level 6, although it can be difficult. Kassadin is much better at counter ganking due to his W or simply power farming to 6/Feral Flare; focus on farming and reacting to your opponent's ganks.

Early game for Kassadin has changed dramatically in what is has to offer, but the goal is still the same: don't attempt to make plays until you have your ultimate. The changes to his W make his laning phase less of an automatic loss, as he now has damage to clear minions and trade enemies, but he is still a melee champion, so be careful.

As soon as you acquire health and Iceborne Gauntlet, you can dominate the mid game, especially in solo queue. Most Mid game builds don't have any way to deal with a spam flashing permaslow (in fact, I can't think of one that does), so you can abuse this to snowball literally any lane. Hell, you can tower dive any lane where you have a team helping you; you will have enough armor and health to take multiple shots before being phased by it.

Late game, you are an initiating tank for your team, with the ability to quickly target an out of place back liner on the enemy team. With Iceborne and an immunity to death while not misplaying, you can poke the enemy team very efficiently, weaving in and out with Riftwalk, Iceborne procs, and Force Pulse.

You are going to be the initiator for your team in many cases. Unlike most initiators, your entire opener is on a 1.8 second cooldown, allowing you to try many times for the fight you actually want - use this to your advantage. When a fight begins, you can quickly assassinate an enemy carry or peel for your carries - your role will most likely depend on your comp, but the flexibility of changing your role in 1.8 seconds is why Kassadin is a broken teamfighter.

The new Kassadin gets to be a burst mage, physical damage bruiser, armor stacking tank all with ONE BUILD in addition to having a 1.8 second flash.

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