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The King of Trash [Updated as of Early August Patch!]

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    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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[center][highlight]This guide is UP TO DATE with the stealth rework. HOWEVER, the icons are NOT UPDATED. You won't be able to see the stats of Twitch's new abilities, as they are outdated. [/highlight][/center] Hello! I am mostly known by Stafy by some of my friends but you can feel free to call me by that or my summoner name, nak nak nak nak. Twitch is one of my favorite champions so I decided to have a bit of fun and make a guide for him. :) I hope you enjoy my first guide and my first contribution to the community! [title]Who is Twitch?[/title] Twitch is a champion who was designed by Guinsoo, one of the original developers of DoTA All-Stars. He was released in May 9th, 2009, making him a very classic champion. He was originally 6300, but he was reduced to 3150 along with Karthus. As of the Mid-July patch on July 19th 2011, [highlight]Twitch, along with Evelynn and Xin Zhao have been remade.[/highlight] Twitch, lorewise, originates from Zaun's pollution and runoff waste that has built up into the sewers and rose as the only sentient rat from the Zaun's alchemical mess. Twitch is a very insane character, being considered a maniac by other summoners in the League. He represents Zaun in the League, and his goal in the League is to get enough influence to recreate the process that gave him his sentience. If he were to succeed, it would definitely mean a revolution in biology, and as such, Zaun supports him fully. Personality wise, he's a pretty funny champion and is definitely quite the insane one. You will always hear his laugh, whether it'd be the first thing or last thing you hear before you get ganked. [title]What is Twitch?[/title] Twitch is a ranged AD carry who can work in both bottom lane with a supporting champion, or excel as a ganking jungler due to one of the few champions who can gank with an exclusive mechanic, Stealth. Twitch used to play mid, but the time of ranged AD carries mid are long gone, but still possible in a team composition as he is an excellent ganker. Twitch has once been a victim of Riot's nerfhammer, being a champion who was everyone's worst nightmare to a mediocre and the butt of the community's jokes as the worst League of Legends champion other than Evelynn. With the Mid-July patch in 2012, Twitch can perhaps be viable in competitive and high-skilled play. This guide is mostly going to cover bottom lane Twitch. I have personally never played jungle Twitch all that well, but I am certain there are other guides for him in Solomid, or CLGaming. [title]Why pick Twitch?[/title] Twitch is a champion if you want to reach late game and completely wreck the enemy team. When Twitch reaches his lategame status, he is perhaps the best 6-item ranged AD carry due to the fact that Spray And Pray, his ultimate, puts him at the highest ranged distance of 850, 110 range more than Kog'Maw's Bio Arcane Barrage. Twitch is also one of the few champions who have True Damage in their kits, the others being Corki with his passive, and Vayne with Silver Bolts. The difference between Twitch and the other two ranged AD carries however, is that Twitch's true damage is a damage over time (DoT) as opposed to burst damage. Twitch may have a difficult early game where he may be harassed by other ranged AD carries with superior poking skills. However, once he reaches mid and late game, he will have a very good time fulfilling his role as a ranged AD carry. Twitch's unique mechanic to ranged AD carries is his use of stealth. While his stealth has been significantly lower to change his playstyle, he has an escape that makes him move faster, untargetable (unless there is a pink ward in the lane, or they have an Oracle's Elixir), and allows him to reposition himself with ease. With stealth, it makes you a surprisingly effective ganker as well and with the added movement speed buff, it makes you mobile in the jungle as well. [title]How difficult is Twitch?[/title] Twitch can be very difficult to pick up. While his range has improved to 550 range, there are several things you have to know when playing Twitch: The stacks on his venom, landing Venom Cask (W), knowing how much damage Expunge can do, and how to position yourself well with your ultimate. As with all champions, it takes practice. [title]How do other ranged ADs compare to Twitch?[/title] Twitch, like all ranged AD carries, are auto-attack reliant. Most ranged AD carries such as Graves, Vayne, and Corki have much more reliable escape mechanisms in comparison to Twitch's Ambush, which can be delayed up to 3 seconds and easily countered by Oracle's Elixir. I wouldn't say he isn't worse than any ranged AD carries, but it all depends on the player. Twitch's 850 range makes him very safe in teamfights, so if you want to be safe in a team fight, play Twitch. [title]Should I roam as Twitch?[/title] It depends! If you feel that you are dominating your lane and you think you can help out the other lanes, go ahead. If you have a Wriggles, you can also help place wards in the enemies' jungles. You can also help your jungler counter jungle as well. :) However, like all ranged AD carries, they will scale off of gold and items, and ganking is a gamble. It all depends if you decide to take that gamble, otherwise, you should continue farming. [title]What can Twitch teach me?[/title] Twitch is a pretty good champion that can teach you about positioning and making decisions. I feel that by playing Twitch, I have gotten pretty great at positioning as a ranged AD carry. By being deprived of true escapes (Q isn't a guaranteed save), you can learn to be safe in the bottom lane and safe overall in the game. [title]Pros/Cons?[/title] [highlight]Pros:[/highlight] [.] Very high scaling attack speed. [.] Average range (550) [.] Stealth [.] Snowballs pretty well if you are able to do it. [.] One of the few Ranged ADs who can jungle. [.] Longest range with his ultimate (850). [.] Dominating late game with his AoE ultimate. [.] Decent harass with W and E [.] Reliable AoE slow. [highlight]Cons:[/highlight] [.] Countered by oracles and pink wards. [.] Has hard time with champions with gap closers. [.] Very squishy! [.] Susceptible to Counter Jungling more than others.

[highlight]Early-August Patch Notes[/highlight] Twitch [highlight]General[/highlight] [.]Base Attack Damage increased to 52 from 50 [highlight]Venom Cask[/highlight] [.]Missile Speed increased to 1400 from 1300 Some little quality of life changes for Twitch! Now instead of reaching 101 base AD late game, he now hits 103 base AD late game. For those who do not know how base damage works, Twitch starts at 49 AD and he gains 3 per level. That means his new number is 49 (+3 AD per level). Compared to his old one, 51.56 (+3.15 per level), it's still down by a good amount (103 instead of 108.26), but once again, this isn't anything big. It's quality of life. =) Stats [.][highlight]Attack Range[/highlight] increased to [highlight]550[/highlight] from [highlight]500[/highlight] [.][highlight]Base Health[/highlight] increased to [highlight]389[/highlight] from [highlight]356[/highlight] [.][highlight]Health per level[/highlight] increased to [highlight]81[/highlight] from [highlight]78[/highlight] [.][highlight]Base Mana[/highlight] increased to [highlight]220[/highlight] from [highlight]180[/highlight] [.][highlight]Mana per level[/highlight] increased to [highlight]40[/highlight] from [highlight]35[/highlight] [.][highlight]Base Attack Damage[/highlight] reduced to [highlight]47[/highlight] from [highlight]51.56[/highlight] [.][highlight]Attack Damage per level[/highlight] reduced to [highlight]3[/highlight] from [highlight]3.3[/highlight] [.][highlight]Attack animation improved[/highlight] [.][highlight]Deadly Venom (Passive)[/highlight] Damage reduced to [highlight]12/24/36/48[/highlight] per stack from [highlight]15/30/45/60[/highlight] [.][highlight]Ambush[/highlight] 60 Mana, 16 second Cooldown After 1.25 seconds, Twitch becomes invisible for [highlight]4/5/6/7/8 seconds[/highlight] and gains [highlight]20% Movement Speed[/highlight]. Twitch gains [highlight]30/40/50/60/70% Attack Speed[/highlight] for [highlight]5 seconds[/highlight] after revealing himself [.][highlight]Venom Cask[/highlight] 50 Mana, 13/12/11/10/9 second Cooldown Twitch hurls a cask full of venom to target area that slows targets by [highlight]25/30/35/40/45% for 3 seconds[/highlight] and adds 2 stacks of Deadly Venom [.][highlight]Expunge[/highlight] 70/75/80/85/90 Mana, 12/11/10/9/8 second Cooldown Deals [highlight]20/35/50/65/80[/highlight] plus [highlight]15/20/25/30/35 (+0.2 Ability Power) (+0.25 bonus Attack Damage)[/highlight] per stack of Deadly Venom as [highlight]physical damage[/highlight] to all nearby enemies affected by Deadly Venom [highlight]No longer removes Deadly Venom stacks[/highlight] [.][highlight]Spray and Pray[/highlight] 100/125/150 Mana, 120/110/100 second Cooldown Twitch's basic attacks become powerful piercing bolts with [highlight]300 bonus range[/highlight], and [highlight]Twitch gains 20/28/36 Attack Damage[/highlight]. Each bolt deals [highlight]20% less damage[/highlight] to subsequent targets down to a [highlight]minimum of 40% damage[/highlight]. Lasts 7 seconds.

[imgext=] If there is one thing ranged ADs care about, it is definitely farm farm farm! With AD reds and a Doran's Blade, you will start out with quite a lot of AD and expand your window of opportunity to last hit. Additionally, you also have more bonus AD to harass more with Expunge. Armor Yellows are for most bottom since the carries at bottom mostly do physical damage. Magic Resist Blues are for later in the game to help you resist some magic damage from the AP carries. It also helps shave off some of the damage from certain supports at bottom, and certain ranged AD carries such as Kog'Maw who also do magic damage. Twitch also does very well with Attack Speed yellows and blues, though you sacrifice your survivability for doing more damage.

[title][img=skills/twitch/p.png] Passive: Deadly Venom[/title] [number]Twitch's attacks infect the target with Deadly Venom, which deals 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 true damage each second, stacking up to 6 times, and lasting up to 6 seconds.[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is a pretty nice passive for Twitch which also associates with two of his skills. First off, Twitch's true damage scales as he progresses in levels. In order, it scales at level 1, level 6, level 11, and level 16, the same pace as you should be getting your ultimate. Early game, if you manage to get six stacks of them, they can do a maximum of 12 true damage per tick, making their health go down by 72, and by late game it does a maximum of 288 guaranteed damage at max ticks, even more as you continue to shoot them. As such, harassing with this passive is pretty good. One shot you will do guaranteed 12 additional damage. As of the Mid-July Patch, the DoTs for this passive does NOT go away the moment you use Expunge anymore. The moment you hit a good amount of stacks, use Expunge and reapply as much as you can and use Expunge with every cooldown it comes up. This passive, additionally, procs Cassiopeia's Twin Fangs. (thanks to TGT for pointing this out!) [title][img=skills/twitch/q.png] Q: Ambush[/title] [number]After 1.25 seconds (delayed up to 3 seconds if taking damage,) Twitch becomes invisible for 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 seconds. Twitch gains 20% Movement Speed while invisible. Twitch gains 30/40/50/60/70% Attack Speed for 5 seconds after coming out of invisibility. Cooldown 16 seconds Cost 60mana [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] While the attack speed bonus isn't as significant or as instant as Tristana's Rapid Shot or Graves' Quickdraw, the one thing that sets move away from the other attack speed steroid is that [highlight]HE TURNS INVISIBLE.[/highlight] This is the thing that Twitch is known for and is one of the exclusive things Twitch shares with his sister assassin, Evelynn. Unlike Evelynn, however, he is not permanently stealthed nor is it a passive. Instead, it gives you a steroid which gives you more attack speed, and by relation more damage. Due to the fact that the length is shortened to from a large amount (it used to be 50 seconds at max rank), you have to use this skill as tactically as possible. A couple of things about this move. It also gives a movement speed buff. Neat! [.] If you are hit, the duration of the stealth activating becomes increased. It isn't a perfect escape, and you should press Q before you are even hit. The attack speed and the movement speed buff does not apply until you are FULLY STEALTHED. [.] If you use this before you back, or if you use [imgsmall=summoners/teleport.png]Teleport while it is revving up, you will be undetected. This window is a bit tighter now, especially at lower levels. [.] This move can be easily countered by pink wards and vision wards. Watch out for champions that have these items and try to keep away from them the most unless you feel that you can take them. [.] Aura items are not recommended on Twitch because the enemy can see the auras if you are right near them. Sunfire Cape is also not recommended on Twitch because this will be an obvious clue-in you are there, especially if you have to walk through minions to get to them. [.] The stealth breaks the moment you use an ability, auto attack them, or the timer runs out. [.]Fun Fact: If you use this spell, it will count as a cast. If you have a Sheen, A Trinity Force, or a Lich Bane, this will activate it. Overall, a very cool move. In DoTA, this move is very similar to Clinkz' Wind Walk and Strafe ability, but combined and removing the movement speed bonuses, as well as adding a scaling attack speed buff. This used to be a lot better, and used to last longer as well. [title][img=skills/twitch/w.png] W: Venom Cask[/title] [number]Twitch hurls a cask of venom that explodes in an area adding 2 stacks of Deadly Venom and slowing targets by 25/30/35/40/45% for 3 seconds. Cooldown 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 /9 seconds Cost 50mana Range 800[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] The times has changed. Formally known as Debilitating Poison, this skill is completely new to Twitch and gives him quite the harass in a lane now. No longer an AoE slow, it is now a skill shot, short AoE slow which not only slows down the target, but also adds two stacks of Deadly Venom. Similar to Debilitating Poison, it also does not do damage. Different to his old ability however, it is now a skill shot. This ability should be used as early as possible so you can get two quick stacks of your passive along with a slow. The speed of this skill is slightly similar to Urgot's Noxian Corrosive Charge, so if you are comfortable landing that then you should be perfectly fine with this skill. A very nice skill for Twitch. This vision, additionally, gives vision to whatever area you throw it in! I recommend taking this at level one for safety, but still level it last. [title][img=skills/twitch/e.png] E: Expunge[/title] [number]Deals 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 /80 physical damage plus 15/20/25/30/35 (+0.2 AP) (+0.25 Bonus AD) per stack of Deadly Venom to all nearby enemies affected by Deadly Venom. Cooldown 12/11/10/9/8 seconds Cost 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 mana Range 1200[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Probably one of Twitch's defining ability that makes his early game and mid game very threatening, and now it is good for late game since it now has a bonus AD ratio! This is a very basic execution ability that has changed quite a lot from his previous form. First off, this skill no longer consumes all of your Deadly Venom stacks. So the moment you get a favorable amount of Deadly Venom stacks, use it for a burst of damage! Second off, this move is now physical damage as opposed to magic damage. This skill has both an AP and an AD ratio. However, just because he has an AP ratio doesn't mean that you can build him AP. (For the love of god, don't.) However, hybrid Twitch... is possible. [title][img=skills/twitch/r.png] R: Spray and Pray[/title] [number]For 7 seconds, Twitch gains 300 Attack Range, 20/28/36 Attack Damage and his basic attacks become piercing bolts that deal 20% less damage to subsequent targets down to a minimum of 40% damage from Twitch's attacks Cooldown 120 / 110 / 100 seconds Cost 100 / 125 / 150 Mana Range 850[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] The more I think about it, the more I miss the old icon for Spray and Pray. You shall be missed! :( This ultimate, if used correctly, is godlike and can turn team fights around and towards your favor. This ultimate instead of attack damage used to give attack speed, which made this ultimate pretty fast and made Twitch known for getting pentakills. Along with his Q, and his ultimate, he easily reached the attack speed cap and can kill people pretty quickly. Now, it is just flat attack damage increase. This ultimate makes your auto attacks shoot skinny skillshots that can easily miss if they move to the side just a little. It is very finicky. The missile speed for the skillshot is 1600. This ultimate used to do 100 percent of the damage passed through, but now it goes down to 40%. However, this skill still passes every on-hit effect which is pretty nifty. Several notes about this ultimate: [.]Do not use this to farm! It is okay to use this to clear out a lane very quickly if it is an emergency, but do not use it to farm. Save it for ganks and teamfights. [.]The max range of your auto attack is the longest auto attack range in the game. Use this to your advantage. [.]This ultimate procs on-hit effects. As such, you can instantly get your Wit's End procs off of this, and you can easily stack Black Cleaver or Malady debuffs, even your own venom stacks. [.]You can use this to steal dragon or baron. [.]Upon using this ability, you lose your stealth.

[highlight]First 5 levels[/highlight] [imgsmall=skills/twitch/w.png] > [imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png] > [imgsmall=skills/twitch/q.png] > [imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png] > [imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png] You want to get your Expunge up as soon as you can, however you can start out with any of your skills actually! I recommend the new Venom Cask because it can allow you to check brushes more reliably than your Q now. Use E in case of small teamfight skirmishes at the beginning. You will be then maxing Expunge first, then Ambush, then Venom Cask. [imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png] Defines your entire early game and helps guarantees kills. [imgsmall=skills/twitch/q.png] So you can roam around and have more map control, along with having the attack speed steroid. [imgsmall=skills/twitch/w.png] Will be last for levels, but the slow is never bad.

[title]Starting Items[/title] [center][item=dorans-blade] [/center] A cost efficient item that gives you every stat you need as an ranged AD carry. Makes last hitting a breeze and gives you some of your life too! Neat! [center][item=boots-of-speed][item=health-potion3][/center] You use these in case you happen to get into a solo lane as Twitch, or you have a non-sustained support bottom such as Leona, Janna, Lux, or Blitzcrank. [center][item=cloth-armor][item=health-potion5][/center] These are a pretty nice alternative to the non-sustained bottom support, and it allows you to build into a [item=Wriggles-lantern]. In general, if you want to be safe from pokes from Caitlyn or Kog'Maw, get this. [title]First Back[/title] [center][item=dorans-blade][item=dorans-blade][item=vampiric-scepter][item=boots-of-speed][/center] A good set of items that will help you for the laning phase and gives you extra sustain, thus making you stay longer to farm. These will give you enough HP and damage to go into some fights. [center][item=wriggles-lantern][/center] If in the case you are lagging behind, or if you simply want to have even more life steal along with a free ward, you can feel free to grab this item in the place of the two Doran's Blades. A free ward for Twitch isn't that bad, especially since you have the option to put it anywhere in the map, considering they don't put a pink ward or have an Oracles. Overall really good item that is cost effective and can be sold later in the game. [title]Core Items[/title] [center][item=infinity-edge][/center] A standard item to put on a ranged AD carry. This is especially good for Twitch because of how his ultimate works, and thus gives you a lot of damage. This will definitely be your main damage output. [center][item=zeal][/center] A great item to have on Twitch that increases his wanted attack speed, crit chance, and gives him the benefit of faster movement speed. Don't rush a Phantom Dancer quite yet. [center][item=berserkers-greaves][/center] Twitch enjoys more attack speed as does most ranged AD carries. As such, getting these boots are definitely a no brainer. [title]Other Items on Twitch[/title] [center][item=the-bloodthirster][/center] The best item to build off of the Vampiric Scepter. Gives you 60 damage and 15% life steal initially and scales with how much you farm. A very nice item that will keep you alive and give you even more damage. [center][item=last-whisper][/center] An excellent item for people who decide to go on the physical damage rune option. Along with the mastery, you get 48% armor penetration and with it you will be able to shred through defenses pretty hard. Along with some pretty nice attack damage, this makes it a great item. This item is best to get right after your Infinity Edge, so your Spray and Pray instantaneously does more damage. [center][item=wits-end][/center] A good item that gives you not only extra damage, but it also gives you magic resist as well! You also gain some attack speed. Makes this a really good item on Twitch and will give you a chance for fighting mages. [center][item=ionic-spark][/center] This item gives you a wee bit of health and some attack speed. Cheaper than a Wits End, the passive on this gives you free damage that bounces up to four targets in a team fight, and helps you farm more. Even better, in addition to using this on Spray and Pray, this really dishes out a lot of damage. Try it out sometimes! [center][item=the-black-cleaver][/center] Along with attack speed, this also gives you pretty decent attack damage. In addition it also gives you a passive that kills 45 armor upon hitting them three times. This works with your ultimate, as the missile it shoots procs on-hit effects and makes it a pretty good item on Twitch overall. This also helps you destroy tanks. I sometimes get this first. It is a pretty good item. [center][item=phantom-dancer][/center] Increased attack speed and increased critical chance. Need I say more? The movement speed is great too. [center][item=frozen-mallet][/center] Gives you a permanent slow, some health, and a small bit of damage. Combine this with an Atma's Impaler and you got a lot more damage off of this thing. Gives pretty decent survivability. [center][item=guardian-angel][/center] If at first you don't succeed, try again! A good item that guarantees Bloodthirster stacks and gives you decent defenses. :) This also for some reason, removes all aggro from you. [center][item=banshees-veil][/center] Free HP, free mana, and blocks a spell every 45 minutes. It's pretty great. [center][item=quicksilver-sash][/center] Some cheap MR and gives you the ability to get out of any sort of CC every minute or so. Make sure to use it a lot, as it can change a teamfight. [title]Questionable Items[/title] [center][item=tiamat][/center] I personally love this item, but it could be a lot better. It works well on Twitch due to his ultimate. It actually doesn't give half bad AD, but you can easily trade it for a Bloodthirster. [center][item=hextech-gunblade][/center] Not going to lie, I used to build this on Twitch before it got nerfed. However, I think this item is completely possible on Twitch due to the fact that Expunge scales both off of AD and AP. Try it out. [center][item=guinsoos-rageblade][/center] This item can work, and you can get the stacks off quite quickly due to Spray and Pray. Attacking faster and gaining more ability power for your expunge is pretty nasty.

[title]Sustain Supports[/title] [img=champ/alistar.png] [highlight]Alistar[/highlight] is pretty good for Twitch. Gives you some CC and allows you to be aggressive in the lane. Guarantees ganks, and has a pretty decent heal. Overall, pretty good. [img=champ/soraka.png] The mother of supports! [highlight]Soraka[/highlight] is pretty good for hard lanes such as Caitlyn and Sivir, as she can simply heal you back from it. You also get some free mana, though you do not need to use it much. She can feel free to use it to harass the enemy team, or silence the jungler. [img=champ/sona.png] [highlight]Sona[/highlight] is an excellent support who can do everything but doesn't excel at much. Does a lot of harass with you, gives you heals, and gives you a game-changing ult which can help line up your ultimate as well. My favorite support for Twitch. [img=champ/taric.png] [highlight]Taric[/highlight] is a pretty decent support for Twitch. Gives you an excellent heal and can promote some aggressive playstyle. Helps guarantees ganks and kills for both you and the jungler. Overall, very fabulous and definitely my second pick for support. [img=champ/nidalee.png] Nidalee is a champion who has a pretty strong heal, and can give decent harass if she can hit her spears. Pretty good champion that can kick the ranged AD or the support out of lane, and also gives you protection for the brushes. [img=champ/karma.png] [highlight]Karma[/highlight] is pretty strong on the harrass and gives you a shield. However, she requires mantras in order to heal you, which can be a bit of a pain. [title]Non Sustained Supports[/title] [img=champ/janna.png] After much consideration, [highlight]Janna[/highlight] is always an alright pick for most AD carries, Twitch included. While she may not be my most preferred support for Twitch, her knock up and her ultimate is amazing for saving your life, and her shield gives you more AD. I would advise just being careful when you are in a lane with her, because the enemy carry can and will bully you. [img=champ/leona.png] [highlight]Leona promotes aggression and can save you a ton if she knows what she is doing. An alright pick for Twitch. [/highlight] [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] This champion is hit or miss. If he keeps missing hooks, then you won't be doing kills very often, which is what Twitch needs if he wants to snowball. [highlight]Blitzcrank[/highlight] does have quite a lot of CC though, which is good for the jungler and for you. [img=champ/lux.png] [highlight]Lux[/highlight] gives you a shield, and a snare. The slow is pretty good on damage and also helps with your slow. Pretty good non-sustained and promotes aggression as well. She also shoots lasers. Oh god. [img=champ/nunu.png] [highlight]Nunu[/highlight] is probably my favorite support simply because he provides a pretty good slow and attack speed debuff, and has pretty good harass. He also has an amazing buff that grants Twitch Attack Speed and Movement Speed. Overall? A pretty great champion for Twitch. [highlight]NEW[/highlight][img=champ/lulu.png] [highlight]Lulu[/highlight] is one of my favorite characters in the game other than Twitch, but how does she fare with Twitch? Glitterlance is a pretty decent slow and definitely a better slow than Twitch's, along with having a lot of harass power. Her shield scales off Twitch's attack speed, which is pretty good! Along with having an ultimate that increases your health, and her Polymorph ability making you faster and giving you additional AP on your expunge, she might be an excellent choice for Twitch.

[img=champ/caitlyn.png] Ugh. She can be a bit of a pain to deal with, mostly because she has all of that range on her auto attack. I would recommend getting a [highlight]Wriggle's Lantern[/highlight] for this matchup so you can have added sustain and armor. Her traps and her net escape are pretty strong too. Otherwise, just last hit when you can and harass her when you can. [img=champ/sivir.png] She doesn't appear as much anymore, but nonetheless she's still a pain in the rear. Dodge those Boomerang Blades! As for her spell shield, the only things that can break those are Twitch's W and E, but she can't block out your true damage from your passive. [img=champ/graves.png] You think he's bluffin'? He's been hit with a couple of nerfs, but I believe he is still one of the strongest AD carries around with decent harass and a very good AoE ultimate that can devastate any champion around the saloon. Make sure to not be in a position where he can Buckshot you, and be wary of his Smokescreen as you won't be able to target him and forces you to reposition. He has a very good escape with his Quickdraw, but he also has a good engage with it as well, since it gives him attack speed. Just be careful of his Q and keep shooting him. Due to the nature of his passive, True Grit, he has free armor and magic resist by just auto-attacking creeps. Your harass may be negated, but he isn't invincible because of it. [img=champ/corki.png] Corki is a very bursty champion due to the nature of Phosphorus Bomb and his missiles, so trading with him can be a bit tough but possible. Along with that he has a very safe escape mechanism that if you follow will do magic damage to you. Just farm to the best of your abilities and do not be in a position where he can Q or R you. His auto attacks do 10% of his damage as true damage, so be careful if he decides to built a Trinity Force first. [img=champ/kogmaw.png] Kog'Maw is very harass prone as soon as his W is off, so harass him at every opportunity once it is off. However once his W is on, he will try to poke at you with long range. Along with having a very strong slow and an ability that can reduce both your armor and magic resist by a flat amount, Kog'Maw can be a threat if he is in range to use his Q. Along with that, his ultimate is very good at poking and can reveal not only you in the brush, but your stealth form as well. Be careful of this matchup once he hits level 7 or 9. I recommend bringing Exhaust and Flash. Whenever he dies, make sure to stay a good distance away from him! [img=champ/ashe.png] This champion is sisters with having the least amount of decent matchups, however I think Ashe outdoes Twitch. Make sure that you stay behind your minions or put yourself in a position where you won't be poked by Volley. Try to harass her back as much as you can, but if she is dedicated she will have a constant slow on you for the entire duration, which forces you to fight. Once she hits level 6, be wary of her ultimate as it can give you a devastating stun. Make sure to tell the other lanes where she is shooting the arrows as well! Run cleanse and flash with this champion, as the ultimate can really turn things around. [img=champ/vayne.png] Your sister with another crossbow. Both of you deal true damage, but only one of you has a slow. With the slow you can negate Vayne's passive, which gives her movement speed if she is looking at you. Try to harass Vayne as much as you can in the laning phase, hitting her with Venom Cask, your auto attacks, and Expunge as much as you can. However once she hits level 6, she wants to start being aggressive as much as she can. However, even before 6 she can still pick up a kill with Condemn, which can not only reposition you back away from her, but if you are near a wall you will be stunned and take additional damage. Beware the night hunter. [img=champ/tristana.png] Once she hits level 7 or 9, be careful of her incredible burst from Rocket Jump and Buster Shot, her ultimate. She is one of the champions who can give you a healing debuff, so heal is not really recommended for this lane due to the fact that its effectiveness will be cut in half. The more levels she gets, the more range she receives as well. However, you outshine her mid-game, so take advantage of that. Just do not be in positions where she can rocket jump you. [img=champ/ezreal.png] Ezreal is a very aggressive champion due to the nature of his Q and W, along with his blink. He can be last hitting one time and in your face the next second, winning most trades due to his attack speed debuff and his passive which increases his attack speed with each successful spell. Most Ezreals these days will make their W first, which means that your attack speed will be lowered by 40%. Don't try to engage with an Ezreal unless you are confident you can beat him. I recommend bringing Exhaust and Flash. [img=champ/missfortune.png] Be careful of when she uses Make It Rain and decides to shoot at you. Double Up you have to be careful with, and in due time you'll get used to how it works. [img=champ/urgot.png] This champion is appearing a lot more in bot lane, and all I have to say is that you still need to dodge his bomb so he doesn't Q you to death. Since Urgot is going to be beefy, your true damage passive is amazing assuming you can get a lot of stacks on it. Be careful of when he wants to commit though, because he will swap you which will usually lead to your death. Just don't be obvious to when you are last hitting and you will usually dodge the skill shot. [img=champ/kennen.png] A situational and rare pick, but none the less does show up in bottom lane sometimes. [highlight]Kennen[/highlight] is a beast whenever he decides to go either AD or AP. Just be careful of his free harass on every fourth hit, and don't get hit by the shurikens. When he turns on his ult, prepare to go into a fight because he is definitely going to be committed. Try to bring flash or cleanse when fighting this champion, because the stun can pretty much mean your death. If not, a heal will do. This matchup, as with most matchups, is dependent on the support on both teams. [img=champ/varus.png] [highlight]Varus[/highlight] may not be seen a lot but nonetheless he is a big threat to Twitch. He has one of the longest harass skill shots for a ranged AD carry, and with his attack speed steroid on his passive after killing a minion or champion his damage will rack up quickly. Be careful of his E, which will cut 50% off of your healing and will give him the upper hand in trading. Along with that, be careful of his ultimate as well, as it will tie both you and the support up. I recommend bringing Cleanse or Flash. [img=champ/draven.png] [highlight]Draven[/highlight] is kind of a big asshole much like his character. Be careful of his Spinning Axe and Stand Aside harass, as it can all happen very quickly. Throw Venom Cask on him if you think that he is going to go in and try to auto attack on you. Overall, both of your ranges are the same so try to shoot at him while he is last hitting. Lastly, be careful of his ultimate which is global much like Ezreal's.

Just farm up the best as you can and if you can, push them up to their turret. Once you get your BF sword and your vamp scepter, you can stay in the lane pretty long. Alternatively if you get a double doran's and a vamp scepter, you will also excel pretty well in skirmishes and early team fights. Wriggles is excellent for early game and can also help your jungler get Dragon and make you last hit easier and safer, along with free life steal to help you stay in lane. [imgsmall=skills/twitch/e.png]Expunge is the entirety of your early game and you should be leveling this up first. When you get a decent amount of stacks on them, just use this as soon as it is off of cooldown. Use your [imgsmall=skills/twitch/w.png]Venom Cask as well to give them two additional stacks and a decent slow. Do not use your [imgsmall=skills/twitch/q.png]Ambush that much in the lane. Safe it for escapes when the jungler potentially tries to gank you. If their support put down a pink ward in the lane, this might be a bit more of an issue however. Just be wary of when the ward will end, or get your support to kill the ward.

At this point you should have a couple of kills and your finished Infinity Edge and your Zeal. [highlight]This is when you are creeping up to be a threat.[/highlight]Team fights will fare quite well as long as you are positioned well. If possible, try to kill their support or their jungler who will have the Oracle's and will try to spot you. Do not try to roam that much around the dragon or baron area, because their enemy support could possibly have pink wards there waiting for you. Use your slow in team fights to help out your teammates. Twitch's slow is very strong, though pretty short early on. Once you get to level 13, your slow will begin to become longer and more important in team fights. Try to assassinate as well, but be careful when doing so. Make sure that their teammates are not along. You can also possibly go toe to toe with their AD carry and their AP carry depending on what it is. Go for the support as well, as mentioned, they could have an Oracle's which will hurt you a lot. As always, build to what their team's strongest is.

Do not go to bottom during late game! You want to stay at mid and top in case the enemy teams tries to go to Baron, or your team wants to bait a Baron. Baron is the most important goal in late game and it will make you win, so there is no use to stray away from it. As long as you are positioned well and you are a good distance away from their assassins and the team, you should be fine. Twitch's late game is very strong simply because of his ultimate, and having a lot of AoE damage that scales off of your crits and your attack damage is very strong. Twitch's late game is also good because if one of their teammates are out of position, you can easily kill them depending on who it is. It can definitely turn the tides around of the game and can make you win it. Doing this is risky, as I said, but as long as you have vision on the map you should be doing fine. You want to join team fights a bit later. You want to use your ultimate so that it can hit most of the champions in the team fights. The number one rule of team fights and late game is simply to not. get. caught.

In team fights you have to make sure that their team is bunched up so that you can hit them all with your ultimate. Your ultimate has very strong range, so do not fight in melee range with it and do not try to fight very close to them. Once you begin to shoot them, put down the slow once you can and proceed to go in and shoot them up. Stay away from people that try to target you and stay close to the tank or the support. Just position well and stay safe.

Twitch is a pretty fun champion to play with and if you want to give this carry a try, then you should feel free to! While many people will ridicule you because you use Twitch, you shouldn't let that get the best of you. With the remake, I am confident the little guy will become better in the competitive side of League. :) For now, have fun with the little guy. Perhaps the King of Trash will rise to the top one day. :) I'm not sure if it is too much to ask, but if you loved my guide and you have a bit of spare time or planning on a smurf I am trying to get Medieval Twitch! :) If you want, please click my referral link! I would appreciate it dearly.

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