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[title]Introduction[/title] [center]Hi this is my first build on this site. Although I'm not a high elo player(I play with my school friends so I don't take it serious) I often win the game with build I come up with myself. If guys are checking this build out, I highly doubt that the other builds satisfies your request for ap mid kayle. [/center]

Pros: -Heals -Range attack/close range attack -Tanky with correct build items -Don't rely on blue if correctly use of spells -Don't get burst down if you use ULT Cons: -Not enough movement speed when W is on CD -Random ULT when ever you think you're going to die > sigh don't play Kayle -Range of Q is short, enemy will use this against you. -Don't have CS = no use.

[img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png]This is the basic boot for most mages. [img=items/rod-of-ages.png]Gives you a lot of Health and Mana and a decent amount of ap [img=items/liandrys-torment.png]This shet works with your E (splash range attack) Also gives you health. Also burn enemy over time > giving enemy laner hard time without gank/recall. [img=items/wits-end.png]Gives you a lot of attack speed and stacks of increase ap damage per AA.(Magic resists also.)[img=items/nashors-tooth.png] [img=items/hextech-gunblade.png]This gives you double life steal like E and auto-attack. Soooo much healing done > time + W. [img=items/guinsoos-rageblade.png]This item is amazing, it gives you attack speed when stacked with auto attack, add the passive it gives + your ult. GG. Additional item: [img=items/nashors-tooth.png]I like nashor tooth a lot and i think you can also get this item instead of gunblade.

This is the main skill order - [imgsmall=skills/kayle/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/q.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/e.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/r.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/w.png]>[imgsmall=skills/kayle/e.png]

[title][img=skills/kayle/p.png] Passive: Holy Fervor[/title] [title]Explanation:This passive lowers your enemy's armor and magic resist by 3% every autoattack(Stacks to 5 times) This passive isn't the best but instead of buying armor/magic pen runes, you can use this advantage and buy ad/ap runes. [/title] [title][img=skills/kayle/q.png] Q: Reckoning[/title] [title]Explanation:This slowing homing spell is probably the reason why you can rape your opponent, with this 35% 4 seconds slow, you will have the enough time to: 1.) Go in and AA. 2.) Escape with W. This spell also chunks enemy and at lvl 5 click with all the items you bought, you should be able to do 300~500 damage.[/title] [title][img=skills/kayle/w.png] W: Divine Blessing[/title] [title]Explanation:This healing spell doesn't just heal you, it also gives you speed! With Kayle's W you will be safe from enemy's ignite. You can also use this W with Kayle's ult to dive turrets at lvl 6. Great attack to help your teammate too.[/title] [title][img=skills/kayle/e.png] E: Righteous Fury[/title] [title]Explanation:This has to be the coolest spell for all champ in LoL. It changes your short range attack to a long range ap spell splash attack. I recommend leveling this up last because it is basically the CD you'll need. Not the AP damage.[/title] [title][img=skills/kayle/r.png] R: Intervention[/title] [title]Explanation:Although Kayle's ult isn't the best, Yes it gives you invincibility, but it's 1 second first click, 2 second, and 3 second. This is a good skill to protect your teammate, and you. Use this skill wisely before your team calls you a \"noob.\"[/title]

During early game Kayle isn't the best. You will rely on CS. Although you rely on CS, you don't have to last hit rule. Play offensive, force enemy mid to recall.

During the mid game(around 10~20 minutes) you'll have a [imgsmall=items/rod-of-ages.png]This is the main item you'll need for the rest of the game. Try rushing Rod of Ages because of the 10 minutes stack. When the 10 stacks is done, your enemy laner won't even be able to kill you unless you troll off. Also get this item if you want to live longer and do more damage over time.[imgsmall=items/guinsoos-rageblade.png]

em if you have 200 something CS (PRO CS BROS) heres the items you'll have if you're still reading this build.[img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] [imgsmall=items/rod-of-ages.png][imgsmall=items/liandrys-torment.png][img=items/rabadons-deathcap.png].png][imgsmall=items/hextech-gunblade.png] You'll literally never die if you know when to ult and when not to go into team fights.

During team fights, Kayle is the most important role of the game now. If the enemy is dumb, they will target the tank, or you. Since you have your op item builds, you will have around 3000 health and 1500 mana. When entering a team fight you will need to activate E and target the weakest enemy. You act like a ADC plays like a AP mid, heal like a support, slow like a jungler, stand like a human tank, and last ULT like a boss.

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