Cassiopeia Build Guide

An alternate take ~revamping

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    Greater Mark of Magic Penetration (+0.87 magic penetration)
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    Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration (+0.065 mana regen / 5 sec. per level (+1.17 at champion level 18))
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (+1.5% movement speed)
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This is my first guide but I plan to make it a good one. Cassiopeia is a ranged mage with sustained damage and a game changing ultimate which along with her kiting abilities make her a dangerous opponent throughout the course of the game. Naturally low health and reliance on chaining abilities make burst, CC, and spellshields a pain for her. In laning phase her reasonable range, low cooldowns and low mana cost abilities make her one of the most powerful laners in the game especially in the lower levels. [highlight]Pros:[/highlight] - High sustained damage through E << much higher than most - Insane for chasing and kiting(W and Q) - Farms well - Great teamfight presence - Can push if needed - Easy to land attack animation - Range of most abilities is good - Can zone well (if leveling Q first) [highlight]Cons:[/highlight] - Spamming E early uses a lot of mana - Squishy - Low range, easy to dodge and buggy ult - Skill shot reliant - Spell shields, fizz's E (and ability where he goes untargetable for a short time) and Banshees veil will ruin her spell rotation - No in-built escapes - Q and W can be countered easily by shields (as with any DOT) - Gap-closers, CC and mobility counter her - No hard CC (apart from her ultimate which is easily dodged) - Difficult to play << E when the target isn't poisoned and you ruin your spell rotation. Also needs excellent positioning to both deal and avoid the most damage.

[imgext=] [center][title]^ Against AP ^[/title][/center] [imgext=] [center][title]^ Against AD ^[/title][/center] [imgext=] [center][title]^ Leveling Q ^[/title][/center] [highlight]Quints:[/highlight] MS: Improves kiting, chasing, escaping and dodging. All of these are important to Cass and the first three are part of her kits core. AP: A good choice if you are planning on leveling Q first as the scaling on that is so good. No such a good choice for when leveling E as early game you want the MS more. [highlight]Marks:[/highlight] Mpen: The standard pick for this build; gives the most damage early - a standard APC pick. Mixed pen: Can be good especially if you are up against a melee mid (zed, talon, rumble, pantheon, mordekaiser, master yi, khazix, kayle, katarina, kassadin, gragas, galio, fizz, diana, and akali) and will end up basic attacking them a lot. [highlight]Seals:[/highlight] MP5/lvl: My go to pick on Cass. Because of the masteries (extra pots) flat MP5 wont help us much. These runes set us up for lategame where - because we have no mana items - we need as much as we can get. AR: Very good if you are laning against a AD caster (such as khazix, pantheon, talon, and zed) it will give you much needed resistances to face them. HP/lvl: A good choice over MP5/lvl if you feel like you can manage your mana (/secure all of your blues) well. Because we are building resistances the extra health gained here will translate into a lot more EFFECTIVE health. Also i would advise this if you plan on building regen items (the Q build) as you will have much less need for the regen late with a tear and dorans. [highlight]Glyphs:[/highlight] AP/LVL: My preferred pick on Cass. gives you a lot more AP than flat runes and gives it you when you need it - when you start leveling Q - gives a better mid & late. MR: A very safe pick. If you don't feel confident in dodging the majority of DMG or your laner has mostly targeted spells (masteryi, mordekaiser, and ryze) then either all flat MR or a mix of flat and per level is good.

[title][imgsmall=skills/cassiopeia/p.png] Passive: Deadly Cadence[/title] [highlight]After casting a spell any subsequent spellcasts will cost 10% less for 5 seconds. This ability stacks up to 5 times.[/highlight] [title]Explanation:[/title] Really usefull passive that works especially well with this build because you can end up using much less mana. Something to think about is keeping it up like you would vladimirs E (a stacking ability that does more DMG with each cast up to four times) it saves you the mana of having to build it up but only really worthwhile if you have blue, are charging a tear or know a fight is coming. [highlight]___________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [title][imgsmall=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] Q: Noxious Blast[/title] [imgext=] [highlight]Cassiopeia blasts an area with a delayed high damage poison dealing 75 / 115 / 155 / 195 / 235 (+80% Ability Power) over 3 seconds, granting her 15% / 17.5% / 20% / 22.5% / 25% increased Movement Speed if she hits a champion for 3 seconds.[/highlight] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is a very important skill as it applies poison so that your E is set to a .5 second cooldown and gives you a speed boost. Not only that but once you level it adds a lot of DMG through high base and scaling. Can be leveled first to give great poke. When you are trying to land it try and cast it on, or slightly behind your opponent as they are going in for the last hit. This way they are forced to either leave the minion or be hit by your Q. They are hard to land even this way though but if you can find the knack then your opponent will be out of lane or struggling in CS before long.[highlight]___________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [title][imgsmall=skills/cassiopeia/w.png] W: Miasma[/title] [imgext=] [highlight]Cassiopeia releases a growing cloud of poison that last for 7 seconds. Any enemy that passes through it is poisoned for 2 seconds, dealing 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 (+15% Ability Power) each second and slowing them by 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% / 35% contious exposure renews this poison.[/highlight] [title]Explanation:[/title] Low level this spell operates mostly as utility. It can be used to poison a target if you miss a Q, slow enemies, and clear waves. Late game it serves pretty much the same purpose except that it does decent DMG if they stay in it. Also grants vision of the area for the the duration - useful for checking brush and use as a temporary ward. Try and get in the habit of casting this just after Q or at least being ready to - this will make sure that you wont leave targets unpoisoned before E lands. When farming this can be used in conjunction with a Q or two to kill the casters and maybe even the melee ones (depends on what you are leveling first). [highlight]___________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [title][imgsmall=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] E: Twin Fang[/title] [imgext=] [highlight]Cassiopeia deals 50 / 85 / 120 / 155 / 190 (+55% Ability Power) magic damage to her target. If the target is poisoned then Twin Fang's cooldown is reduced to .5 seconds.[/highlight] [title]Explanation:[/title] >>> the recent changes made this so much better as its now classified as a single target spell you get the full bonus for spell vamp, and slows making your hextech and rylais purchases so much more worthwhile This is Cass' bread and butter. A spell with good DMG and a .5 second cooldown? Yes please. By leveling this first you get a large amount of DMG consistently. Make sure the target is poisoned before E lands or the cooldown will go back to 5 seconds. Utilise teemo's auto buff and singed's trail as they apply poison (can lead to an amazing lvl one if you level E and use their poison to keep E on a .5 sec cooldown). If you do level this first you will end up using a lot of mana in lane and to be honest the extra pots just arent enough if you dont manage them right. I wouldnt advise even casting this at level one as it does less DMG than your AA. So, if you do level this first its kindof an all in technique where you hope to get them either low enough so that they can't recover (and have to b) or optimally kill them. Though you'll find that a junglers help here will be very welcome. Don't just fire them off occasionally as you will run out of mana fast and their passive HP5 regen will laugh at you. [highlight]___________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [title][imgsmall=skills/cassiopeia/r.png] R: Petrifying Gaze[/title] [imgext=] [highlight]Cassiopeia deals 200 / 325 / 450 (+ 60% Ability Power) magic damage to all enemies in a cone in front of her. Enemies facing her when damaged are stunned for 2 seconds, while enemies facing away are slowed by 60% for the same duration [/highlight] [title]Explanation:[/title] Make sure to stun if possible, the animation is easy to see so experienced players will turn away before it is fully cast. In teamfights try and stun/land it on as many people at possible - having their whole team out for 2 seconds can give your team a huge advantage. Try not to use it on only one person unless i can guarantee you the kill and you couldn't have gotten it otherwise. Realise that this is not needed to kill anyone upfront usually (especially later into the game) and try and save it until you absolutely have to - your Q and E should be well enough to handle most opponents. Its best either offensively if you can land it on most of their team or defensively to get the upper hand on a burst opponent or escape/peel.

[highlight]There are two basic ways to level Cass. One is to level Q first and the other to level E first. Depending on your playing style and opponent it is important to know the benefits of each path though this setup is designed around leveling E[/highlight] [highlight]Leveling [imgsmall=skills/cassiopeia/e.png] first: [/highlight] In leveling this way Cass gets a lot more power in lane but looses out on poke and some of the speed bonus before Q is leveled up. This is good for when you are laning against someone weaker than you (and/or squishy) so that you can shut them down before they get high enough to face you (ie. akali, diana, fizz, kassadin, katarina, rumble, swain, syndra, talon, and veigar) It is also good against laners with shields as it changes you main DMG from DOT (if you leveled Q) which can be easily blocked to instant DMG (+cast time) which is much harder to shield against. This way of leveling is hard to pull off but if you can get your jungler in on it then you can almost guarantee kills in the first three levels. [highlight]Leveling [imgsmall=skills/cassiopeia/q.png] first:[/highlight] This gives much greater poke and tends to be most useful when you think your laner has a better early game than you (/a tanky laner) or you dont think you can kill them/you just want to force them out of lane. This path will allow you to escape from jungle ganks more easily as it gives more speed boost as its leveled. In essence this gives a safer laning phase but not much opportunity to kill as its focused on wearing down champions. This is so much easier than leveling E in terms of farming and mana management and follows the idea that forcing your opponent out of lane if almost as good as killing them ; which it is. They loose out on farm and XP which, if you gain a level advantage can lead to a free lane for you as they will soon wont be able to do anything to stop you. [highlight]When to level [imgsmall=skills/cassiopeia/w.png]:[/highlight] Sometimes its useful to put in a few more levels in this before maxing Q (if you maxed E first) because you might find your laning against someone with spammable slows and you cant move quick enough to get E's out. Basically they negate your Q speed boost so a few levels in W will allow you to slow them - and in that keep in E range.

[title]Starting Items[/title] [center][highlight]LEVELING E*[/highlight][/center] [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png]+([imgsmall=items/health-potion2.png][imgsmall=items/mana-potion3.png]/[imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png][imgsmall=items/mana-potion2.png]) - This setup allows you to spam E in lane which would not normally possible. In doing so you almost certainly will kill your laner/force them out of lane UNLESS their jungler comes and babysits the lane. [highlight]OR[/highlight] [imgsmall=items/cloth-armor.png]+[imgsmall=items/health-potion3.png][imgsmall=items/mana-potion3.png] - (or any other combination of pots/wards) A setup designed for laning against AD mids (ie. khazix, pantheon, talon, and zed) this will imporve your trading with them and can then be built into seekers armguard. << to get the 6 pots at level one you will have to spend two points in wealth instead of one as above. *NOTE this is not exclusive to leveling E but the extra pot is. this also serves as a great start when Q leveling. [highlight]___________________________________________________________________________________[/highlight] [center][highlight]LEVELING Q[/highlight][/center] [imgsmall=items/dorans-ring.png]+[imgsmall=items/health-potion2.png] - Very strong right now. If you go down this build path think about taking another dorans and skip the tear. This start is aimed at improving your already great earlygame and making sure that you can bully out the other laner early before the need for more hp pots arises. [highlight]OR[/highlight] [imgsmall=items/faerie-charm.png]+[imgsmall=items/sight-ward.png]+[imgsmall=items/health-potion5.png] - I love this startup on so many mid's right now its amazing. Strongly consider taking two wards instead of one (you only forgo one pot). The charm gives a little starting regen which is nice and it will later build into a tear which i would advise doing if you are heading down this route. [title]Core Build[/title] [imgsmall=items/sorcerers-shoes.png]/[imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] - Depending on your lane/jungler opponent. Choose mercury treads only if they have some very heavy CC that you want to avoid (veigar, xerath, sion, shen, rammus, morgana, nasus, karma, fiddlesticks, elise, amumu, and ahri are possible ones). Pick the sorcerers shoes the rest of the time. [imgsmall=items/hextech-revolver.png] - This should be your first buy 90% of the time; it gives you AP and spellvamp. With the recent changes to cass's E this item is much more powerful and cost efficient on her than before - nuff said. [imgsmall=items/rylais-crystal-scepter.png] - Synergises with Cass' kit, allowing her to chase, kite and flee that much better. Also gives AP and health, a perfect item for Cass I would always recommend getting this item. Later on if you decide to get liandry's then you will be able to fully utilise it. [title]Late game[/title] Here is where your build will deviate from game to game. After purchasing your boots, hextech, and rylais you need to decide on a resistance type to start building into. Why should you do that? At this stage in the game you are definitely going to start fighting as a team and encountering the opponents the other lanes have been struggling against all game. With this build we are employing a system where, because we are building spellvamp, we want resistances so that the EFFECTIVE health that our hextech is healing us is maximised. [highlight]What is effective health?[/highlight] Effective health is the amount of health that a champion has plus 1% per unit of resistance as extra health because of DMG reduction. The formula is - Effective Health = Max Health / (1 - Total % Damage Reduction). The aim for us here is to get a lot of effective health without having a huge amount of 'physical' health. The problem here is that physical health caters to both types of DMG (physical and magic) but resistance items generally dont (and if they do then they dont have offensive stats). You wont have enough money to buy both at this point so a choice must be made. >> To do this look at the scoreboard and assess which DMG type is the biggest threat. From there build either abyssal scepter (for mostly AP DMG) or seekers armguard (for mostly AD DMG) - Try not to do it solely on how many AP/AD they have on their team or by who is the most fed (though this is a biggie), take both into account when you decide. [imgsmall=items/zhonyas-hourglass.png]OR[imgsmall=items/abyssal-scepter.png](or both if you think its necessary) - take depending on what the main source of DMG is or both if there are high amounts of both magic and physical DMG directed your way. As for upgrading armguard>zhonyas only do this early on if there is someone/some people (AD) that are really fed and you know they are going to be targeting you. The active on zhonyas doesn't synergise well with Cass' kit as it takes her out of the fight for 2.5 seconds - time where she cannot deal any DMG. I would however advise using it if you are against a Zed - it counters his ult really well. [imgsmall=items/rabadons-deathcap.png] - An obvious pick for any APC gives a decent amount of AP and by this point the passive will give a significant amount on top of that. Cass has some of the highest ratios in the game and so this significantly increases her DMG. [imgsmall=items/guardian-angel.png] - if you are are getting focused in every fight and die so quickly that you cant contribute then this item can help - you probably will if your doing well. It will give you resistances and make sure you survive the intital burst and the rebirth passive. Obviously if you feel your teammates will peel for you/you arent getting focused then feel free to get something else. [imgsmall=items/void-staff.png] - A very good item if the enemy team is stacking MR, will increase your DMG done allot. Paired with flat pen in the form of sorcerers shoes and/or haunting guise this is even better. Dont get this though if you went abyssal as because of the way magic penetration works it that item makes this one worse. [highlight]Completing your spellvamp item[/highlight] - there are two basic choices as described below. [imgsmall=items/will-of-the-ancients.png] - You should only really upgrade much later in the game. It only gives an extra 8% spellvamp (which translates to and extra 2.66% spellvamp for your Q and W - E is now classified as single target and receives the full 8%) and some ability power. If there is another AP carry on your team (vladimir, swain, ryze, rumble, mordekaiser, malphite, kennen, katarina, fizz, elise, diana, and akali) from top then you might consider getting it earlier as the spellvamp and AP aura will benefit both of you. [imgsmall=items/spirit-of-the-spectral-wraith.png] - This is the only other viable alternative and fits into the situational section at the same time because of the stats it brings. It can be an amazing item because of the objective control you gain (you can kill baron/drake really fast) and gives some nice regen. The rest of the stats are a bit lackluster however and so if you aren't planning on pressuring/sneaking objectives then don't bother. [highlight]Situational[/highlight] - These items can be used but only if you know what your doing/what you want. [imgsmall=items/liandrys-torment.png] - Assuming you have rylais this will significantly increase your DMG to those stacking health. Make sure that you look at what the other team is building before you buy this item - it isnt nearly as good if they aren't stacking health and because of this item and the blade of the ruined king health stacking has become significantly less popular. This will also increase your health, AP and Mpen.  [imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png] - Can be useful to stop chaining champs like yourself and block unwanted initiation spells (annie's , hecarim's, malphite's and amumu's ultimates; blitz/thresh pull etc). Also gives general tankyness (MR and HP) and mana. Note: this blocks Twisted fates ult - the vision part. [imgsmall=items/seraphs-embrace.png] - Gives second most AP in the game, tonnes of mana, MP5 and a shield active. This would be a great item because of the AP but Cass doesn't need the tear and it delays her other items. Considering she is best early/mid game its just not worth it. Could be used if your getting destroyed in lane and just decide to farm for late but otherwise i dont consider it a worthwhile buy. [imgsmall=items/warmogs-armor.png] - If you notice that no one is buying %health DMG (liandrys and BotRK) then it could be a solid buy. It will give you a lot more survivability in teamfights as long as you avoid poke beforehand. Do not buy this if people are buying liandrys & BotRK its better to get resistances instead. [highlight]Items I have considered but rejected[/highlight] There are a few items that a lot of people buy without thinking about how they synergise with the champ - here are some of them. [imgsmall=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png]- This is the number one item that i see people taking not only on Cass but on other champs which do not work well with it. The unholy grail is mainly a CDR and MR item which also comes with a cool passive (and some MP5 on the side. The reason this doesnt work well on Cass is that a fair chunk of your money is spent on CDR which in my opinion does not work well with Cass. This is because all of her main DMG abilities Q+E) are on extremely short CD's and so the 20% CDR is only going to remove .6 seconds on your Q and nothing on your E because that is set at .5 seconds. Of course it does bring the CD down on your R and R but those abilities are used little enough that they are up when you really need them. Other than that the MR can be gained from abyssal scepter and the MP5 from blue buff. [imgsmall=items/lich-bane.png] - Lich Bane might seem tempting on Cass because her cds are so short but its not worth interrupting her E rotation with and AA. There are so many better items that synergise much better. Lichbane is best used on champions with very low AP scaling and short cooldowns like twisted fate and orianna and considering Cass has the best single target AP scaling over time she does not fit this niche. I'll leave it at that. [imgsmall=items/rod-of-ages.png] - This item gives amazing stats when it finishes stacking but again its not worth buying. Getting it means sacrificing Cass's great early game which, to me, is unacceptable - it gives her no utility either which she desperately needs in some form. This would be a great buy if it weren't for the long build up and the fact it gives you no utility and essentially un-needed stats (the total mana) which you can get 'in a way' from blue buff.

[highlight]Warding[/highlight] - Always try and keep you lane warded, it can get you kills and will save your life many times over. One of the best places to ward is at their wraiths - in the right spot you get to see wraiths and the whole width of the river. This will allow you safer wraith steals and allow you and your team to keep track of the enemy jungler. Though this spot doesn't give direct vision of the side bush so if your map awareness isn't great you should probably just place the ward there (otherwise they could sneak into the bush without you knowing). Later on your going to want to be warding key objectives (Dragon and Baron) with a vision ward preferably - and also in laning phase try and fill in your teammates mistakes by warding theirs if you have to. As a rule try and take 2-3 wards every time you back - this should allow you to keep a good amount of vision over the map but only if your teammates get in on it. [highlight]Farming[/highlight] - Low level (pre blue buffs) your going to want to be farming with mostly AA and a few E's if you need to. Later on once im not starved of mana then i'll usually place a W down on the pack and either AA or E the minions to death. Use Q's too if your trying to push. A good rule is to try and aim for 70CS/10min though you can get a lot higher than this I think it's a more reasonable amount to get considering you'll be ganking and going back to base quite often throughout the course of the game. [highlight]Leashing[/highlight] - Try and give a good leash to your jungler it helps you out in the long run but remember the other laners (bot and top) can leave later so you'll be leaving before them hopefully. If they are doing blue head over to the bush that separates the mid lane to the river as it gives the best vision then give a light leash with Q + AA (blue spawns at 1:55). The reason for such a small blue leash is that you want to be in lane for all of the minions deaths (if you are slow some will die without you and you will loose XP and gold) - making sure you get all the XP will give you a level advantage on your opponent (/make sure you don't get a LVL disadvantage). The same principal applies for a red buff start but at the start of the game head over to wraiths and guard at the ramp. [highlight]Lane Freezing (and Re-setting)[/highlight] - This is an incredibly useful tactic which gives you a huge advantage in lane. To do it let your opponent push it slightly (doesnt have to be much) so that the wave ends up over your side. Your going to want to kill all of the current wave except for one (a caster one preferably) and tank it (this means to take the minion DMG you without killing it - press 's' so that you dont AA it) - stand next to your wraiths so that the minon is out of tower range. When the next wave comes your minions will attack the caster minion you have been tanking and so the pack of minions (a combination of yours and theirs) will end up fighting on your side of the map. This is so good because to get your minions he (your opponent) is going to have to overextend onto your side of the map leaving him vulnerable to ganks via your jungler - something he may not want to do if he doesnt have wards so you'll probably end up denying farm). This tactic is not exclusive to mid either infact it works much better in the other two lanes so keep that in mind when you are playing. Resetting the lane is where you reverse the effects explained above (if your opponent dos it to you). To do this your going to want to push the lane past the frozen point as fast as you can so use your abilities. This will force yor minions into their tower which will make sure that they all die - so when the next wave comes it should end up in the center. [highlight]Ganking (and what to do if opponent roams)[/highlight] - Ganking is one of the midlaners most important tasks but one that most people look over and refuse to do. The midlane has not been given to you just because its the safest. Since you have such a good early/mid game you have the opportunity to sway the balance of the game before it becomes almost uncontrollable. When another lane is pushed (towards your side) is the time you want to gank, because they are overextended you should be able to get in behind them. Make sure you ask the laner(s) in the lane your ganking if there are wards and where because if you dont avoid them the other team will know you are coming before you get fully in position - resulting in either the other team cornering you before you get there or a wasted gank (they other team just backs off). Once you know this try and take a path which avoids the ward spots. Later on I'll attach an image of pathing you can take) If your opponent roams you either want to follow or push. Follow if you feel you can in time and you don't think they (mid+jung) will be waiting to ambush you. Push (kill the minions in the lane and start AA the turret) if you have left it too late (wont get to the lane in time to make a difference) or you think they can best you in a 1v1 in the jung/they are waiting to ambush you. When you do this make sure to ward the side of the lane which your laner left so that you can see them when they're coming back. If you ping the map to tell your teammates your opponent is gone you will waste your laners time, gold and EXP. [highlight]Coming back from a loosing lane[/highlight] - If you find yourself significantly behind your opponent give up on trying to kill them on equal ground. You can either ask for a gank, farm like mad or a combination of the two. Asking for a gank is a very good idea but if your jungler is busy with the other lanes you might not get one. Before you ask him/her pull the lane as i have described earlier in preparation for the gank, ward the lanes too to make sure the other jungler isnt there (pink one side if possible so your jungler can enter from there undetected). The other option is just to focus on farming as much as you can so that late game you have comparable gold. You should be pulling the lane for this too so that if they want to get you you'll have a tower on your side. [highlight]Baiting Baron[/highlight] - This is a very effective method of securing a baron or objectives late game. When you go for baron usually the people in the pit take a lot of DMG and one gets a de-buff. When the other team comes in your team is crippled from the get go and tends to be at a significant disadvantage. A potential solution is to take a few vision wards or an oracles and ward up baron/clear the wards. Your team then waits in a inlet to baron - as the other team comes along you attack (since they don't know where you are your team should end up landing all of their skillshots) and should come out on top. You MUST have the whole area warded if they have an inkling that you aren't actually doing baron or if they have some wards you haven't destroyed then they will either ambush you, take objectives, or just farm and leave you there loosing XP and gold.

[title]Matchups[/title] [center][highlight]VERY EASY[/highlight][/center] [imgsmall=champ/mordekaiser.png] - Mord is pretty easy too in my opinion. There are two kinds of morde ones that push and ones that dont. A pushing mord gains a sheild through his passive (charges up when he deals DMG with abilities) but in doing so overextends a lot. Make sure your jungler knows and punishes him accordingly. If the morde isn't pushing then he's going to be even easier - he'll have no shield and will be last hitting with melee AA - An easy poke lane if you like that type of playstyle. Hes another lockon champ so consider leaving behind the MS quints (though they make chasing glorious). [imgsmall=champ/vladimir.png] - His sangiune pool (an untargetable state) can be a pain but because you dont really put out any burst DMG it wont block much (he may even use more health than if he had taken your E or whatever. Hes a safe laner because of it though, try and bait it out before your jungler comes in for a gank as its got a pretty long cooldown. Low level his cooldown on Q (his sustain) is very long - take advantage of this and try and push him out of lane post LVL2 or 3. [imgsmall=champ/nidalee.png](AP) - Nidalee is pretty horrible in lane because of her javelin poke and heal. However late game she falls off if you have a good engage team remember this and try and force fights. Take the MS quints they're mandatory in this matchup and they will help you survive the laning phase with minimal backing. Nidalee may take a dorans ring so make sure to check and punish her for it - she can heal up but it shouldn't be enough to keep her in lane with your E harass. Try and get jungler help pre-six because she has no escape or CC so she makes an easy target. [center][highlight]EASY[/highlight][/center] [imgsmall=champ/ryze.png] - Ryze has a mixed early game and if hes better than you you may find that he is uncontrollable even early in the same way that Anivia can. Consider not taking the MS quints and Utility page (all his spells are lockon) if you think that it wont be as useful late game. All of your abilities are longer range than his so if he snares (a lockon ability) you he will have to stay in range of your E to do any more DMG. If you get too overconfident he can use it to snare you for a jungle gank so be careful without wards. You could also consider leveling Q because you will get so much poke that he can never retaliate from and before six he wont be able to sustain it. Be wary of his lategame strength though as because of his passive he becomes powerful and tanky at the same time. [imgsmall=champ/kassadin.png] - As an antimage Kass is going to be a pain. However he has a horrible pre-six. You have one of the best pre-6's. TAKE advantage of this. Try to kill Kass early and get your jungler in if possible. Since he's melee it should be very easy to zone him and gain a lead (in cs) even if you don't manage to kill him. After 6 a good Kass will almost never get caught out - if you want to kill him ask for a jungler to help and try to bait his blink (ultimate on a 7/6/5 second cooldown) so that he cant escape. [imgsmall=champ/karthus.png] - Karthus has the best late game DPS (through E + Q) and because of his passive (keeps him 'alive' for 7 seconds in the place he died) even if he dies he leaves behind a trail of destruction. In lane you should be fine as karthus has no burst and his kit isn't set up for 1V1 the only one killing here will be you (or his jungler if your not careful). He's going to try and farm as much as possible for late game so try and deny him that by harassing with Q whenever he comes in to last hit. His Q is going to make that hard for you however so LVL E and go aggressive on him. Keep the lanes warded if your doing this because Karthus can place W (a wall that slows and reduces resistances) setting up great ganks for his jungler. Overall though hes squishy and you should punish him for it - make sure his late game doesn't happen. [imgsmall=champ/malzahar.png] - Malzahar has probably the best 1V1 in the game and he is a great farmer/pusher. Early game if hes good he'll probably pushing the wave hard (ask for ganks) with E (the plague) and Q (the silence) which will make things hard for you (A good idea to level Q) Try and get as much CS as possible if he gets you under the turret and don't let the plague pass to you (it jumps when the host dies). He has amazing 1V1 because of his suppression ultimate and silence but late game he falls off in teamfights because if he does use his R he can be focused really hard (and he cant do anything) and if he doesnt then the rest of his DMG is avoidable so he has less of an impact. Late game you going to want to stay in packs - don't walk through the jungle alone or facecheck - Malzahar will be waiting for you. At the end of the day, Malz is hard in lane but doesn't serve much of a purpose outside of that. [imgsmall=champ/katarina.png] - Another champ with an average pre-6. As said previously take as much advantage of this as possible (she is also melee). Don't initiate with R post six unless you can kill her before the duration ends (you shouldn't be using it in this case either - its better to save the ult) because you are going to want to save it to cancel hers. It can be difficult to land Q in lane as she can shumpo (a targeted blink) to avoid it - level E to reduce your reliance on landing skillshots and increase kill potential. [imgsmall=champ/akali.png] - Yet again, a champ with a poor pre-6. This 'easy' field is filled with them, Akali being one of the more severe cases. Her shroud can be a pain and I would recommend investing in a pink ward so that when she places it you can still attack her with E. After six she becomes extremely powerful. Play it safe near your turret and freeze the lane; if she dives use R and kill her, if she roams retreat ping your allies. The only way for an Akali to do well later on is to get extremely fed (she brings no CC and is very squishy), denying her this will make her useless to her team. [imgsmall=champ/swain.png] - Swain is a tanky sustain mage who deals a lot of both single target and multitarget/aoe DMG. He will be leveling his E which amplifies his DMG done to you (that includes ignite and AA - EVERYTHING) he'll use that to poke you in lane and add DMG when he goes all in. You MUST take ignite against him as is will cut his ultimates healing by half giving you a huge advantage - without it be careful fighting him head on as he will most likely beat you. Take the MS quints you'll want them to dodge W (his snare) because if he lands that then he's all in though his slowing Q will make this hard. [imgsmall=champ/brand.png] - He does almost no DMG if he cant land his W (circular skillshot) and Q (straight line skillshot) abuse the MS quints thoroughly. If you have no wards, be vary careful of his 2 second stun, he'll use it to set up ganks for his team. Since your building resistances his passive (a burn) will do very little DMG to you until you get your rylais but even then its only going to be small and to do any DMG with it he has to land his abilities :D. He's going to try and land ultimate (a bouncing flame ball) where it will hit as many people as possible, since it jumps your going to want to try and either avoid it by moving away from whoever he's cast it on or run away from your team if hes casting it on you (it is probably too late by then though). A horrible mistake people sometimes make is flashing/running into the team thinking it will give them refuge (which it will) but they provide a platform for brand top get off all of his potential DMG - don't be one of those. [imgsmall=champ/rumble.png] - Rumble is a really strong mid but really hard to play (especially after the recent nerfs to his whole kit. His ultimates huge range lets him help every lane and pressure the objectives + when he uses his passive well he gets tonnes of DMG. His spammable shield means you shouldn't level Q. The tazer (slowing straight line skillshot) is really powerful and it will make chasing him hard if you let him land it (so take the MS). Now to begin - Rumble has a really bad early game pre-four try and take advantage of this even though its a small window. After that he's going to be running right at you with his flamespitter and shield (which will help him take way less DMG) id advise trying to land a Q on him when he runs at you and then when he turns back land a W and E,E follow up. Be careful, if you escape with low health don't back near tower as he can easily and probably will fire a blind ultimate into lane - always run well out of range before you back. Late game he could be a pain but he has to really go all in to do DMG (if hes not fed its going to make that hard for him) so unless hes quite fed you should be able to take him out pretty fast. Stay out of the R, I see too many people just waiting around in it and it kills teams. [center][highlight]EQUAL MATCHUP[/highlight] [/center] [imgsmall=champ/anivia.png] - Be careful of Anivia, even though shes squishy she has some very strong burst and an AOE stun. She suffers with long cooldowns early and if she misses the Q (slow ball which stuns and applies 'frost') pre-6 she wont be able to do any DMG to you - this is when you want to attack her as her retaliation with E (non frosted) and AA wont be nearly as much as your retaliation of Q and E. Respect her passive (when she dies she reverts to egg from and after six seconds she re-births if not killed) - Make sure that you don't ignite to kill her if she has the egg unless its the only way to proc her passive before she reaches her turret (she gets cleansed when she is egged) or go all in under her turret. Note that in the early levels it is very easy to kill the egg (she gets -20 AR and MR) and as Cass you will definitely be able to kill it before she is reborn. [imgsmall=champ/diana.png] - Diana has a below average pre-six and after that can be a pain if you dont have your R. She builds tanky and so dives really well with her ultimate (a blink) and W (a resetting shield) if you have your R though you get the upper hand. As soon as she dives under turret stun her and follow up with heaps of E (after poisoning with W/Q) + ignite. This combined with the turret DMG should see you on top. Her being melee, it is pretty easy to poke her down with a Q and a few E every so often allowing you an even greater advantage when she dives - this translates into early game and so zone her as much as possible from farm. An early abyssal could bode well for you depending on their teams setup (/your team) giving you even more specific tankiness to her particular DMG. Also because shes an all in melee champ she will likely be in range for the scepters passive. Late game you make more of an impact so sit tight till then and lane safely. [imgsmall=champ/lux.png] - Lux can be very scary if played well, shes similar to Orianna in that way but not to the same degree. Her sheild is annoying because it has the potential to block two E's and easily covers level Q DMG but the rest of her kit is easier on Cass (/this setup). If you took MS quints it should be relatively easy to dodge her binding (note this can hit two people so even if there is a minion between you it will still land on you) and the DMG from her E is not great on its own. Call mias promptly as lux only has to walk a short way for her ultimate (a straight line skillshot) to be in range. You cannot cancel it so if she casts it and your in range/the area just try and dodge it. Make sure to be wary of her passive, her abilities dont do that much DMG alone but if she lands a snare she can chain the rest of her abilities - if she procs all the passives here you are looking at some serious burst. [imgsmall=champ/twistedfate.png] - He will never beat you in lane (unless there is a huge difference between his and your skill); TF is a champ designed not to beat you but to beat your teammates. You may want to take teleport to counter his ult. Try to destroy him in lane so that he makes less of an impact in the game. Remember that TF can count his 'pick a card' (an ability that cycles through either returning mana, dealing aoe DMG and stunning on AA) so that he picks a stun card straight away giving you no time to prepare - so watch out for that. He can also do a lot of tricks with his R (using zhonyas while he ults makes him stay where he is but all the animations still run and using it just after will obviously save him from a lot of you DMG if you focus the spot where he it TP'ing) [imgsmall=champ/orianna.png] - Very dependant on skill. Orianna does well against anyone and fed or not adds a lot to her team. Her sheild laughs at your DOT's so id advise against leveling Q first. She can cannot cancel your ult with her ultimate (aoe, circular displacement tool) but it can be used to get away from you and obviously does DMG. W (a speedboost/slow) makes it very easy for her to get out of range of your damage (potentially slows you and speeds her) and she outranges you. A good Orianna will be a scary force to face lucky for you most of them aren't competent at all. [imgsmall=champ/zed.png] - A well balanced champ that can be big pain for you but ultimately i think its possible to come out on top, I've never come across a very good one though at least not in lane. Zeds poke is skillshot based so you'll want to run MS quints. You could potentially start with cloth armor but i wouldn't; i find that if you are good enough at dodging he wont be able to so much DMG (if you dodge it then there is no need for armour). His W (a shadow of him is created a bit away which he can switch positions with) can juke your Q and W which can lead to a unpoisoned E. That along with his ultimate (he goes untargetable for a moment and applies a mark that deals DMG after a few seconds based on the DMG he deals to you in that time) make landing anything difficult if he doesn't want you to, potentially he can dodge your R and Q (possibly even W) leaving you with one targeted ability (E). This as you can see will pretty much nullify your DMG and ruin your rotation and is what makes zed a solid pick against you. Lucky for you there aren't many zeds that will pull that off. Another thing to note - his W slows which makes chasing him very difficult so this is maybe a point where you want to level W up a bit (LVL2 or 3) before maxing Q because it will increase your chasing potential tenfold. Only do this if you're more powerful than him obviously as if your not you wont be the one chasing. [imgsmall=champ/ahri.png] - Ahri is a very strong assassin that brings both a lot of burst and utility to the team. She can be a pain because of her juke/escape ability through R (a blink ability - can be cast three times) and her hard to land but powerful charm/E (unique CC that makes whoever it hits walk towards her harmlessly). Thank God her abilities are mostly skillshots - Take the MS. In lane be wary of Q poke as it passes through minions and the E (minion blocked) as it sets up all of her other abilities. Preferably you want to wait until she has expended all of her ultimate casts before you R or she will try and dodge it but if you cant (too low) your just going to have to hope for the best. In lane Ahri should be pretty easy to kill because shes squishy (like you)and has long cooldowns so if you can manage to dodge Q and/or E you should come out on top. Since she has so many 'jumps' (with R shes going to try and dodge your poison abilities try and do this in the situation where she has her ult - Q her and if she jumps W right after to where she is going (her ult cannot be cast instantly again she has to wait a second or two) and you should have your poison - now EEE. [imgsmall=champ/morgana.png] - Agh, horrible champ to lane against. Shes not incredibly powerful 1V1 but shes so safe that she threatens to waste your killer early game. Try and keep up with her pushing pressure or you'll find yourself farming under turret all game. Bait out her sheild (makes her immune to CC as long as the shield isnt broken) if you can before the jungler ganks by getting her in a tight situation with W (though this will be hard) because with it she is almost impossible to gank without insane burst on both you and your junglers part, one thing you dont really have. Take the MS quints for sure here, the bind is extremely powerful (both in DMG and CC) if she can land it so stay behind the minions (or be ready for it) when she has it up. If possible try and set up a disengage team to counter her ultimate (casts out chains to nearby enemies which if within a range after 3 seconds stun those targets) as abilities such as trist and janna ults work really well against it (though she will probably spellshield it so try and break that first). Other than that farm for late game and stay safe so that you can make more of an impact than her. [imgsmall=champ/khazix.png] - Kha'zix is one of the more useful AD casters (also does some magic DMG) who is quite often seen in midlane. I haven't had much experience with him but from what i've found he's a reasonably tough matchup. With his leap he can easily close the gap which he needs to do most DMG and possibly dodge R if he jumps behind you at the right time. You will hit him in the air (with R) as long as hes facing it. Keep close to minions because moving away from them makes you 'isolated' (from the Q passive) and will make his Q active do more DMG. Also, W is minion blocked so that's another reason to stay close to your own. As with all gapclosers even if he is hanging back, expect a gank (keep it warded) as he can easily jump up to you when his jungler enters. You might want to buy armguard early (maybe after revolver) it will make him do a whole lot less DMG to you. [center][highlight]HARD[/highlight][/center] [imgsmall=champ/masteryi.png] - Master Yi is a tough matchup. Pre-6 his heal (W) will make him a pain to lane against as he can regen back the DMG you do with Q and E (especially if he has a dorans). His Q can allow him to dodge your Q, W and R so be aware of that. The best way to deal with him is to get him low before his heal comes off cooldown (its really long) and get a jungler to help finish him off. Post six he becomes much harder to kill as his ultimate allows him to ignore your W and give him bonus MS greater than your Q will. [imgsmall=champ/leblanc.png] - Leblanc is a pain for anyone squishy with the best burst in the game. Your going to want flat MR runes to effectively trade with her. To win early game you'll want the junglers help - make sure to bait the blink before your jungler ganks to make sure she cant escape. Make mias really obvious for your teammates so that if she roams she wont get kills ( putting you ahead in CS and EXP). If you want to counter gank be very wary of bushes as its more than likely leblanc and her jungler have set a trap for you. Late game she falls off pretty hard so just try and make sure you don't feed her and minimise her impact in early/mid. [imgsmall=champ/fizz.png] - A nasty matchup that you'll find very hard to win if the Fizz is good. His E (untargetable for a short time) being the main problem allowing him to dodge all of your abilities and potentially ruin the E rotation. Him being an assassin (and you being squishy) is another downside as he naturally counters you. Take the MS quints as your going to want to be able to dodge the R as its his initiation move - be wary of the very short cooldown. Consider abyssal as it gives you MR (since hes close he will be in range for the passive) or alternately zhonyas because of the active (use it just before the ult does DMG or as he E/Q(targeted dash) in). He's one of the reasons you don't firstpick Cass - please don't play this matchup. [title]Synergies[/title] [highlight]I'm not going to do full writeups on these because I don't think they are needed and the matchups took me so long that I'm getting sick of it << this is not yet an exhaustive list![/highlight] [highlight]Supports:[/highlight] [imgsmall=champ/alistar.png] - Alistar has some great peel with his ram and knockup and can tank most of the DMG coming your way when he activates his untimate (reduces DMG 70%). Also since your building resistances his heal restores a fair bit of effective health. [imgsmall=champ/janna.png] - Janna's ultimate (a safehaven is created around her, shoving all enemy/nuetral units away) has the potential to save you many times throughout the course of the game along with her Q. Love her passive (gives 3% MS to the whole team) as it will give you better chasing, running and dodging abilities - Maybe you'd like to take Ap quints here (if leveling E) [imgsmall=champ/kayle.png] - Her ultimate (makes an ally go untargetable for a short time will stop most of the DMG aimed at you if used right and its got a really short CD so it should be up each teamfight. [imgsmall=champ/zilean.png] - Another great ult, it will revive you on death if he casts it on you and if he's using his W (reduces the cooldown of all his other spells by 10 seconds) a lot the cooldown on his ult is really short. [imgsmall=champ/lulu.png] - Lulu has amazing peel, anyone trying to dive an allied carry will get a Q in the face. She can also cancel abilities/disable people outright with W which comes in handy if an enemy is ulting you. Finally and possibly most importantly her ultimate will prolong your life and knockup all enemies nearby. [highlight]Top:[/highlight] [imgsmall=champ/leesin.png] - Lee sin is hard to play but for some reason a lot of people play with him and are really average hopefully you don't get one of those. His ultimate (kicks a target) is another great disengage and if your winning then his Q combined with E will help you catch up to Q him. [imgsmall=champ/jayce.png] - Has good disengage though E but I wound say he's the best as he doesn't offer much else to you. [imgsmall=champ/xinzhao.png] - His ultimate (other than one enemy which he has marked all others are shoved away from him) provides some insane disengage for you leaving a vulnerable enemy near which you should be able to quickly finish off. [highlight]ADC:[/highlight] [imgsmall=champ/tristana.png] - For her knockback ultimate [imgsmall=champ/vayne.png] - For her knockback E [imgsmall=champ/varus.png] - For his snaring (which lets you set up really epic chain ults) and slowing W. [imgsmall=champ/missfortune.png] - Another pretty amazing disengage/DMG ult that you can chain with R to do heaps of DMG. [highlight]Junglers:[/highlight] [imgsmall=champ/leesin.png] - Lee sin is hard to play but for some reason a lot of people play with him and are really average hopefully you don't get one of those. His R is another great disengage and if your winning then his Q combined with E will help you catch up to Q him. If he's good he'll give you amazing ganks with E slow and later (post-six) his R will secure you kills. [imgsmall=champ/maokai.png] - Great jungler, his ultimate will reduce DMG done to you in the area which will of course keep you alive that much longer + he has a root (W) and a knockback (Q). Works really well with you late game and will set up some epic ganks early - he can keep your opponent from getting to turret for ages. [imgsmall=champ/jax.png] - Has some really good low level (1-3) ganks with his Q (a leap) and E (a stun) and scales well into late game who can take a lot of DMG but also give it if he buys a hextech gunblade. [imgsmall=champ/nautilus.png] - Epic ganks with tonnes of CC, through his passive (which roots), the pull, and aoe slow. [imgsmall=champ/nasus.png] - Possesses the best slow in the game which he cant miss. Is great for keeping them in your clutches

This is where Cass really excels; as most midlaners struggle with long cooldowns Cass stands out with Q (3sec cooldown) and E (.5sec cooldown if poisoned) allowing her to continue applying DMG as long as she can land the Q OR W before using E. >> At the start your going to buy your items and head down to either red (go to the ramp next to wraiths) or blue (go to the long straight bush at the entrance to the river - next to midlane) depending on where your jungler is starting to watch for an invade. . If you see the enemy while you are watching ping the location to your teammates and be on guard. If you took the explorer ward then now is a pretty good time to place it (as you leave to leash) so that you can see if the enemy team is sneaking up for an invade while you do so. >> Play passively until 3 when you have LVL2 E. Make sure to AA harass your opponent and Q them when they move in for a last hit. If they start dorans be even more aggressive. Make sure not to take much minion aggro as its very strong early on (you will draw it with AA). Don't lose focus though, cs is very important and shouldn't be missed for a AA harass or a Q. >> Once you hit 3 play extremely aggressively especially if they have pots (so they cant regen it back) make sure to keep topping up your mana with and health with potions. Try and get your jungler to gank if they have any hard CC then its almost certainly FB and/or a burnt flash. Also make sure to watch out for ganks - you could use W when overextending or the explorer ward if you have it. Focus on getting as much of a lead as possible in these early stages so that you can make a big impact later with ganks.

At this point in the game Cass is extremely powerful. Hopefully you have maxed Q and E by now and will be dealing a lot of DMG. Be careful about using your ult on one person unless you would have died otherwise you'd be surprised at how often you can shred people with just your Q, W and E (make sure to uses the extra MS to your advantage and dodge their abilities) - Its better to save the R for 2 or more opponents. >>If they aren't, push out your lane and gank but only do so if you think you will get a kill/assist (you will loose too much XP and gold and could end up underleveled/underfarmed). A good practice is to ward the path you have taken so that you can see if anyone is following you - in which case hide in a brush and ambush them with Q>R>W>E>E>Q + ignite etc. There is practically no way they can survive unless they are WAY ahead of you. >>Another note - keep the objectives pressured, it is ultimately the aim of the game. Try and have your first turret pushed and then go to other lanes to help secure theirs in between keeping up your farm. If you are ahead get you team to take drags as often as possible (something which Cass is very good for) [highlight]make sure to pink[/highlight].

Cass, in terms of DMG, is a lategame beast. She operates kindof like an ADC but with magic DMG and a lot more AOE. Move with your team (dont go off solo unless you have everything warded) and pressure objectives. If you are behind play passively/turtle; wait for the enemy to make a mistake, remember you have all the advantages when you are under siege (friendly turrets and the fact that they are overextended) if they dive your team at turret punish them for it by using R in their face. Hopefully you will come out on top, now is the time to push out and take a turret or maybe baron/drake. Consider saving your ult lategame for peel. If they have really good initiators which will end up sticking to you or your ADC then you'll want to use this as soon as they jump you to allow you and your team to finish them off quickly.

As teamfights come around make sure that you are behind your bruisers and tanks so that the enemy team cannot initiate onto you. Once the fight has initiated focus the person dealing most DMG (usually the APC or ADC) usually they are squishy so you should be able to take them out pretty fast. If you cant reach them then just attack the closest enemy [highlight]your priorities should be ordered like:[/highlight] APC/ADC > Bruiser > Tank > Support - its not worth putting yourself in harms way to get the APC/ADC because you don't really have burst and their tanks will just load CC on you before you can take the target out. >> Keep in mind not to move too far away because you will likely miss out on chasing opponents as the fight disperses and punishing their mistakes. >>Your R in a teamfight can be devestating to the other team make sure it is by either casting it while your team is being chased or while the teamfight is going to reduce the chance of people turning away and only getting slowed. Initiating with R head on is generally a bad idea - its predictable. Obviously you want to land this on as many people as you can - it will give you 2 seconds where you can kill the ADC/APC without retaliation.

Thank you for reading my guide, i hope you gained insight into a very fun and powerful champion which, if you spend enough time playing will see you carrying your teams to victory. Please feel free to comment and help me improve the guide im happy to update the guide if you can provide valid opinions on it. Please let me know in the comments what you think of the formatting and whether or not you would like that changed. For me this is the nicest way to format it and i found that its useful at least for champions other than cass to have the small image to let you know what that ability does. But, if you disagree let me know and ill change it.

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