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Renekton: A Complete Guide

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Hi. My name is The Plague and I hope to bring you an informative and comprehensive guide to Renekton, one of my favorite toplaners. I originally wrote this guide for a friend of mine in Gold, and after the urging of a few friends in Diamond and Platinum I decided to publish it on It is my first guide, so any feedback, concerns, criticisms and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. The knowledge found in this guide is the product of a few years of studying Dyrus, Quas, Balls, Wingsofdeathx, Voyboy, General Oddone, and Scarra. The biggest thank you I have to say is to SoloRenektonOnly. He has an absolutely endless wealth of knowledge not only for Renekton, but for toplane in general and his YouTube channel was extremely influential in the creation of this guide, and my own playstyle. I hope that this guide which was borne from the knowledge I gained from every player mentioned above can continue to spread the knowledge to other players, and hopefully they can have as much fun and success with Renekton as I have.

Renekton’s kit ties together extremely well and helps him fulfill his role as a frontline menace. He doesn’t have to worry about mana, but his Fury management is what separates a good Renekton player from a bad player. The standard combo for Renekton players is somewhat simple, but again, Fury management dictates whether or not it lives up to it’s maximum potential. 1. Use E to dash to your opponent, dealing damage to them and allowing for the second charge of E. 2. Auto attack them and automatically follow the auto attack up with W, immediately following that up with the active from Ravenous Hydra to free yourself from the stun and adding quite a bit of damage. 3. Auto attack them and immediately follow up with Q. 4. Use the second charge of E to dash away from them and back to safety. If done correctly this should allow you to have done a maximum amount of damage to them, while protecting yourself from their damage, and sustaining through it with the healing received from Q at the end of the combo, virtually making it impossible for them to trade back with you unless they decide to chase you to trade back. Note that Fury is best used on W in this combo, at it will allow for the maximum amount of time they will spend locked up in the stun. Use the Empowered skill on Q if traded during a minion wave to allow for sustain for any damage they deal back, as well as a large chunk of damage dealt to them since Q is always the default skill to max in any situation, and will do the most damage. There are people that will tell you to weave in auto attacks during the combo, such as SoloRenektonOnly. Do this in situations where you can guarantee that you will gain more healing than their damage will cause by leaving yourself open to retaliation. Keep in mind that doing the combo with a limited number of auto attacks means there is little to no window for retaliation, unless they pursue you in an effort to trade back. The extended version of the combo should attempt to weave in as many auto attacks as possible, clipping the animations at the precise moment your auto attacks do damage. You want to fit as much damage as possible into the 4 second window between your first E and then second charge of E. There is never anything wrong with just using the combo as listed and then backing off. Get the damage you can, but try to maximize it if your opponent is weaker than you and you can out trade them.

Voyboy once said that toplane was like a chess match. Get in your opponent's head and convince them they will lose if they trade, and then you can force them to move the way you want them to move, and to play the way you want them to play. Toplane is a large mental game. Know your Champion's strength at all times, and the strength of the people they are fighting against. If you can't beat them heads up, convince them that you can. In the movie The Big Lebowski Walter Sobchak said \"If you will it, it is no dream.\" Exert your will on them. They may possess a strong Champion, but if you can convince the person playing that Champion that they are weaker than you, then you can force them to limit themselves. Use your early game dominance to set the pace of the lane. You are in control, and you can use this mindset to make them shy away from trades with you, and keep yourself stronger for a long time. In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said \"If you opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate them.\" After you win a trade with them don't be afraid to flash your mastery emote at them, or drop a laugh emote when you make them miss a lot of minions, especially a Cannon Minion. Most toplaners love getting Cannon Minions, so letting them know that you know they missed it because of your play is salting the wound. You want to try to frustrate them and make them feel powerless in thelane. Renekton is a Champion that is all about domination and exerting his will on someone. You want to plant the seeds of doubt in your opponent's head. Demoralize and frustrate them at every turn. It will impact their play and force them to make bad mistakes, and cause a snowball effect of bad decision making. Once the bad decision making starts, blame might start getting tossed around based on the mentality of the people on the enemy team. If they start to tilt and you can tell, or they start to talk in All Chat, consider whoever is speaking to be the focal point of your efforts. If they complain that their toplaner is dying, your goal should be to kill the toplaner again. The toplaner is now the appointed target. He is the anchor for all of his team's problems now, and they are likely to blame him for the loss. Make it worse if you can. Sure, it is not the nicest thing to do... but sometimes if you want to win you have to be the bad guy. Tell your jungler the situation and how you are stomping your lane, and invite them to get in on the action. You can easily work together to kill your opponent over and over if they are weakened, and there is little they can do to make the bleeding stop. Deny them all the farm you can and combo and abuse them as much as possible, and then when the time comes your jungler can jump in and help you kill him. You want to make them feel weak and useless, and make their team feel like they have an extra large weight on their shoulders. If you can accomplish this, then you want to either stay in lane to keep the bleeding at maximum for the enemy toplaner, or you want to start transitioning into teamfights and contesting objectives. You want to demoralize their team with the mindset of not being able to fight because they fear the outrageous power gifted to you and your jungler by their toplaner, and make them feel as though they have no window to come back into the game. Some games that are surrendered are completely winnable, but because everyone is demoralized and they do not believe they can win, they seal their own fate. Nothing can be worse for a team than having a raging ADC or support flame and throw all the blame for a losing game on their toplaner... you can agitate this problem by using Teleport to head bottom if they overextend and show them the power that was fed to you firsthand. It will make them furious. Use these tools to your advantage. It is a chess game, you want them to always fear that they are walking into traps or that they are in danger of losing the game.

Early game in most matchups is all about building to your level 3. It is when you get your full combo, and one of your best power spikes. Hit them with Q when you can and try to start working down their health and gradually building the window toward killing them at level 3. You want to tag them with Q as much as possible and get your fury pool built up to a respectable level. Once you hit 3 You want to dive on them, so you need to make sure you have proper wards and an idea of where their jungler is. If the window is open for you to try to kill them, execute your combo on them at the earliest possible window. Winning this will mean that you either forced them to burn a Summoner like Flash or forced them to back and use Teleport, or you got an early kill. Do not burn Flash or tower dive for the early kill at level 3. If you do it means their jungler can camp you for the duration of your Flash being down, and that means your power spikes are going to be lost, and your gold income will likely suffer. Force them to give up resources without losing any resources yourself.

Mid game is about continuing to deny your opponent while also looking at the rest of the map. Look for windows to teleport to bottom lane and cause havoc, in turn securing Dragon for your team. Renekton's AoE puts him on another level during large scale fights, and you will probably have more AoE than anyone during the midgame. Look to abuse your lane opponent and then torture his teammates at every oppurtunity. Also make use of his ability to hop over walls by going into the enemy jungle and dashing over camps and placing wards, using the second dash to get back over the wall and to safety. Warding is one of the strongest things you can have in your arsenal for any player or role.

Late game should be all about being a tanky frontliner that can cause chaos and force enemy priority targets to live in fear. You can dive on an ADC or APC and blow them up by stunning them and letting your team help focus them into the ground, and that will win you teamfights and allow you to open up the map to get objectives. Forcing Summoner Spells, Crowd Control and Ultimates to be used on you means that your team is free to focus targets and attack with reckless abandon, and can turn the tide of a fight. Always be looking to be the catalyst in teamfights that controls the flow of the fight. You are the Tank, and you are extremely good at picking off squishy targets and using your burst and stun to secure and lockdown high value targets while helping to protect your own VIP targets on your team.

Renekton is a beast in team fights. While he does not excel at peeling and protecting his carries, he more than makes up for it with his ability to zone enemy carries away from his own carries and the fight at large. His main job is to shut down the enemy ADC, diving on them and smashing them with his combo, and then sticking to them with his ultimate and forcing them to focus on him. Empowered E does a lot of good work here, because if landed correctly it can armor shred multiple targets on their team, forcing them to take more damage or exit the fight, both are beneficial to your overall success in a team fight. Renekton is more than capable of solo killing an enemy ADC or APC, and will dictate the pace of a fight and change the battlefield forever. Use all of your abilities on your target, making sure to put a kill order in the chat for your teammates to follow up on. Once your abilities are exhausted Renekton’s DPS will take a sharp dive after his initial round of violent burst, but he can still do quite a bit of damage due to high base stats for his auto attacks, and his AoE damage from his ultimate lasting 15 seconds, more than enough time to have an effect on a fight.

To cap everything off, my thoughts of Renekton are that he is basically what the lore concept of him was intended to be. He is a brilliant solo lane bully and early game Champion skilled at domination. Renekton is the measuring stick when it comes to toplane bruisers, and he is the true test of a toplaners skills and capabilities. Those who can master this unique Champion will find much success with his unique role as a lane bully and disruption tank. I hope that everyone that reads this guide has as much fun with Renekton as I have. \"As I live, all will die.\" -Renekton, The Butcher of the Sands

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