Viktor Build Guide

Glorious Evolution, Viktor the Machine Herald

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Hi, I'm Chifuyu. I'm a Silver 5 scrub on the Oceanic server so if you feel as if I'm below you (if you're ranked higher than what I am) then you can either find a different guide or see what I have to offer. This is a guide on the mid lane mage, Viktor. Viktor has his own pros and cons, just like any other champion. *NOTE: CHAMPION MATCHUPS WILL BE DONE AT ANOTHER TIME

Early, you want to play safe. Just farm up and wait until you have your item+power spikes IF you're against a counter to Viktor (suffice to say, there isn't a true hard counter, each champion can be outplayed rather easily). Otherwise, establish dominance by pushing waves into the enemy and poke them out of lane with (E) Death Ray. Recall at around 1400g as you will be able to pick up the first upgrade, wards, potions, boots or a Doran's Ring.

At this point, the second upgrade is great to have for Viktor as you have small skirmishes and little trades around objectives. The second upgrade allows Viktor to get up and close to have a 100% hit chance on his (E) Death Ray. Using (Q) Siphon Power and then using the Discharge Buff and then using (E) Death Ray is an amazing trade for you and almost impossible for the enemy to retaliate unless they have hard CC or the enemy team is there also; so trade carefully. Teamfights will start to happen frequently during the middle of the mid game and this is where VIktor makes a HUGE impact. Placing (W) Gravity Field in a choke point and having (E) Death Ray and (R) Chaos Storm hit at least 2-3 people is a massive win for you in teamfights, the burst potential is just CRAZY especially if you have a team that can follow up like Maokai, Jinx, Gragas and the like.

Position, position, position. Biggest key point for Viktor in the late game, one misstep and you will be punished. In the late game, you will want to be behind your team and play as the back line. Constantly use (E) Death Ray to deal damage for the team, land (R) Chaos Storm in choke points or in the very center of the team and use (Q) Siphon Power when enemies get to close. (W) Gravity FIeld is a tough skill to land as most players have enough common sense to avoid it, if it's chained with allied CC then the shockwave that brings the enemies to the center will be HUGE as they will be sitting ducks for your (E) Death Ray and (R) Chaos Storm. TL;DR Don't get caught and land your skills.

Always keep moving in teamfights, never stay static. Prioritise squishies and avoid those who can kill you.

This is my first guide in general and it's for my favourite champion, Viktor. Please comment on what I should work on, avoid jabs to my rank and possibly give me tips.

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