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Hello guys, Right now adc is really a shit role.Doesnt matter how fed you are if the enemies have 2 or 3 tanks they will just cc you and kill you I love to play ad carry but its just bullshit right now I lost about 6 games in a row as adc (5 as draven) and I always stomped my lane and couldnt do shit in the teamfights because my team is too retarded to ban sejuani,irelia and another tank or strong champ.So this is my opinion right now,if you love playing adc then just do it and if you dont care about losing or winning I dont recommend adc at the moment but,if you are too lazy to learn another role (like me) just play it and hope your team got those tanks and no feeders long time no see because nothing really changed except for the meta shift to tank from early game jungler This doesnt hit draven that hard because he can melt through tanks but its still really annoying when 2 or 3 tanks just stick to your face and cc you Now kiting is much much more important than before since kiting tanks is a must have to kill a tank when you are in lane or allone Wassup you guys who read this? Im a Diamond EUW Draven Player with 300 Draven Games I could say im an average Draven Player but I didnt mastered him yet I still dont know how to play perfectly against some adc but im always trying my best on improving my Draven Pls have in mind english is not my native Language im from Germany and I dont give a fuck about grammar so dont flame Draven already got his comeback and he is stronger than ever before although graves didnt got nerfed he is not as strong as before because bt is so strong atm Just fuck everyone in lane and you win Dravon has cons and pros i will list them Pros Good passive when snowballing or have high stacks on it Very high dmg with axes Can be picked against every adc Looks like Dravon when having gladiator draven Is a good lanebully and has good laning phase Cons No real escape Poor Passive when behind and getting killed alot Not the best range Gets countered by hard cc[img=] By the way Draven is good to pick because you can pick him against everyone you can win and lose against everyone but in the most cases you can win laning phase because you are a bully and have the higher dmg output I like to pick draven because he is a monster if you get kills on him and most of the time i will get fed and i can carry because my support helps me to snowball 12/23/2014 Did a box for mindset in ranked and fixed sum wrong grammar shit 12/26/2014 Just edited Botrk in Situational Items so nothing special 12/29/2014 Edited opinions about summoners and champ matchups 01/24/2015 Did a new rune page 02/21/2015 Doing a completely other build 04/24/2015 I edited the build (just grammar and more explanation) and I will make some videos soon to explain everything a bit better I also made a chapter about when picking draven and when not

When do you pick draven? You can pretty much always pick draven He has no true counters that dumpster him so he is actually a safe pick to win lane or go equal The only thing draven sucks at in lane is against a poke lane like caitlyn sona They both are really annoying and against soraka he isnt the best either But like I said you can always pick him because he can lane against every adc and you can survive much much easier against pokelanes now because you build pd You also pick draven against lategame carries because you can destroy them in lane so they will have a hard time reaching lategame draven is also all about fucking the enemy adc up so he gets more useless over time Wouldnt recommend draven when the enemy has alot of slows If you are confident in your draven skills you can ignore this because a great draven tries to avoid as much cc as possible

[img=champ/alistar.png Alistar is not that good his cooldowns are really high i wouldnt recommend him because he has weak pre 6 laning he provides good cc but like i said the cooldowns are waaay too high in the early game where draven shines [img=champ/zyra.png] Zyra is reeeally good she has very good burst can bully the enemies just like you her cc is very strong and her level 6 is crazy one of my favorite supports [img=champ/leona.png] She provides good burst good defensive and a really strong engage her teamfight is good also you can lane good with her but i dont like her that much because she is too fast when she reaches the enemy with e i dont even know whats going on [img=champ/annie.png] Doesnt get played as often as before but she is still strong i like this lane because she has high burst and can zone people like zyra [img=champ/lulu.png] Lulu is a nice support she has everything what a support needs but she doesnt have that much burst but she is good to lane with and can help you in sticky situations [img=champ/janna.png] If you play with janna you chose a passive lane but she is nice to lane with because she can boost your ad and has good cc and can safe yo ass [img=champ/thresh.png] One of my favorite supports because he provides an escape cc good lane presence and tankyness he is probably strongest laner with you [img=champ/brand.png] This means braum not brand i dont know why there is no braum pic but braum is good to lane with the only con is you dont have that much attack speed to proc passive [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] A kill lane but blitzcrank is a shit support say the guy who picked him he should pick other champ [img=champ/karma.png] I like karma she has not that good synergy with you because she is more a poke champ but you can oneshot people with her [img=champ/nami.png] One of the best supports good cc heal and dmg boost really strong with yo [img=champ/morgana.png] Very strong support snare is like 3 years and secures many kills after your inf edge her ult is crazy strong too you can lane good with her [img=champ/velkoz.png] Funny support to lane with can deal surprising dmg but everybody sucks at him and a con is also you have to engage because he is too squishy [img=champ/gragas.png] Strong support nice cc and good burst im sad nobody picks him he has good peel too if somebody plays him he either sucks at him or he will destroy enemies [img=champ/shaco.png] new korean tactic totally broken try this kappa [img=champ/veigar.png] i really dont know how good this is but i dont think its that bad the stun is great and he deals dmg but i the con is again you have to engage because he is squishy [img=champ/zilean.png] not good synergy his ult is good but the rest of him doesnt help you [img=champ/sona.png] can be good but many guys just go there and die but she can boost you dmg and deal dmg an okay lane not the best but not bad [img=champ/soraka.png] soraka is a support that helps you to get to lategame you dont want to get to lategame so dont lane with her [img=champ/nidalee.png] NOT A SUPPORT the guy who picked this is really handicapped [img=champ/nautilus.png] i played this myself its viable and fun but it doesnt get picked often because he has good cc but just not enough presence from early till mid If you play janna you are mentally retarded and you are the biggest faggot on earth its the most uselesss champ in the game it doesn help you with anything she does nothing just ban her so your retarded solo q faggots cant play her every janna player is a retarded faggot Finally he made it into the meta As a support you can kill almost everybody because of his cc In the enemy team you are quite fucked but you can dodge his q and qss his r away

I always ban Vi and Pantheon They are super strong and,if they are fed they are just a pain for you A fed panth just has to press w and e and you are dead Vi will just ult you in a teamfight and the enemies will focus you The last ban is your decision some champs you can ban are: Zed Can outplay hard and has a strong kit,if he is fed he is dangerous.I know QSS is a small counter but he doesnt need his ult to kill you Zyra Crazy strong support if played correctly.Most of the time she will e you and you are dead Syndra I hate this champ she is a pain in the ass ban her.If she has dfg she will just press dfg and r All these bans fell out of meta LOL Now i would recommend to ban the following champs: Sejuani Irelia Nautilus Annie Morgana Lissandra and hecarim/leblanc Still depends on what you dont want to see in your games so ban whatever you prefer As you can see there are alot of champs that you can ban so just pick your 3 bans and decide,if they are worth or not Bans can win you games but you cant ban every champ that is really strong so just take the 3 you think are op

Like i already said really often your e cancel many dashes try to avoid as many ganks as possible Most popular cancels: leona e khazix e jax q caitlyn e lucian e (wont help that much but he will be slowed and doesnt dash the full direction) Caitlyn ult tristana w aatrox q malphite ult (JK) Try to catch as many axes as possible to deal as many dmg as possible and use your w as much as possible your ulti can return instant after it hits if timed correctly this can secure alot of kills I like the fact that even when draven seems behind you can still 1v1 the enemy adc I was 2/4 in my last game and the enemy lucian was 6/3 and I still won against him and got back my stat at the end was 17/8 Always try to bully the enemy and farm at the same time,most of the time when I play draven I outfarm the enemy and kill the enemy laner when I have bf or IE I know alot of people think its totally normal but always autohit an adc when he is trying to get a cs unless you have to cs too And dont forget to autohit those adcarries that have lower range than you

Never think like I have to win,if I dont win im mad or some shit My tips are that you should not take this game serious and dont be frustrated after a lose try to find your fails and think how you could have avoided deaths and all that things I know most of you say its your team and not your fault but it cant always be your team that lets you lose Sometimes its the fault of the others but it cant be every loss Dont rage or flame it wont help the game and it will just let your play even worse I know its extremely hard to not flame sometimes I catch myself flaming but I always try to dont flame and see what I did wrong You should have the mindset of learning from your games and not just winning winning winning Because if you learn you will improve and improve means you will be better at the game and this means you will climb elo When you watch a pro player he will almost never flame and will often say ''I suck at this game'' when he dies They wont flame their team they will be very selfcritic and always try to do better And everyone knows we get better in the game when we play more so just play and dont flame you will see your elo rising to tha top http://forums.eune.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=542847 A very interesting article from the orianna guide writer akkozen it helped me alot in improving my behaviour Btw if you want how to play orianna check out dat akkozen ori guide m9s

Early game is just farming your stacks and try to get a kill i already had many comebacks with my passive but you should do well in lane because nobody wants to face a fed draven if you bully your enemy laner good he should be screwed Always keep two axes spinnin it will boost your dmg output about 60%

Midgame is where the teamfights begin try to position yourself good and you should win because draven is excellent at teamfighting when you are ahead

Just finish before the super lategame happens draven can finish a game around the 30-40 minute mark because if you are ahead you should search for fights

Draven is a good teamfighter his ult does very good dmg and with his axes he can burst down the carries the only con about draven teamfights is if you dont catch axes your dmg output will be reduced to half

Draven fucking op and a funny champion ask as many questions as you want you can add me at lol feel free to leave a comment Hope you learned something new i spent much time on this guide so it should be helpful may even for the advanced dravons

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