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The sound of chimes (Guide to support bard and his chimes!)

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Hey guys, I'm here to possibly and hopefully lift the stigma that Bard has picked up from his release, he's seen as useless, unhelpful and a general burden to the team, however, that does not have to be the case. Bard when played correctly can be a huge asset and can, with intelligent thinking turn a game around as much as he can throw it. Bard's kit as a whole is very hit and miss and I hope to spread the word on how to hit and not miss. [img=] Here's an idea on how ive been doing lately. I have been playing the game since Diana was first released and have played support for a majority of that time.

Use chimes to restore your mana and keep yours+Your adc's hp topped up with relic shield procs+Shrines, do not abandon lane to go and farm chimes, wait for opportunities such as going to ward, needing mana or backing (Back or collect chimes, do not do both, you lose too much time and exp) Poke the enemy down and ward around, if you land a stun on either the enemy support or adc and the enemy jungler is not around, not fully commit. Depending on the enemy, if you can land on a stun on both the ADC and the support, that is your time to engage onto them and try for a kill. If for example you land a stun on Morg, her ult is down or shes pre 6, engage on her, it will generally lead to a kill.. on the other hand, if the enemy laner is someone like Annie, you might not have the damage to kill her before she gets off a combo, effectively out trading you. Take care when against a champion like Annie in bot lane.

Towers will generally be down at this point, point still stands, chimes are NOT more important than your team its never beneficial to go after chimes if you feel a team mate might be in danger or you are needed for an engage (Ult makes a good engage), chimes are a bonus, well a nice addition they are not all that Bard is about and you don't need to throw the game for that 1 chime. Try and land a good stun on the enemy carries when fighting. Keep your ult for team fights and stalling objectives.

This is where your ult will make or break and game, and one wrong ult will lose you the game. The safest way to use your ult at this point is as an engage, throw it at the enemy carries, and allow your team to position before fighting, this gives you a huge advantage at this point in the game. If the enemy has an Assassin such as Zed or Leblanc..instead save your ult for your ADC, ulting your adc and saving them from a Zed ult proc..and a Leblanc sigil proc can change a fight even if you have to freeze an entire fight to do it, thats still an enemy Zed without an ult and a lot less damage to worry about.

I want people to accept Bard and see him for how useful he can be...yes as a champion he has him ups and downs...a lot more than any other champion..but his ups can be just as good as his lows are bad..ive taken up an oath to solely use Bard over the past few weeks and really learning to use his kit properly..I will update this guide regularly as I go..hope you enjoyed the read!

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