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Akali Jungle (Qui Style)

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Hi , Im QuiDaM From Montreal,Quebec. Let me Share My Akali JG Build with you! Akali is one of my fav Champ and i like to play Off-Meta Champs in the Jungle. Consider Having a Tank support and/or Top tho becauce a frontline is always good to have. You're just gonna Jump in And Kill everything pretty much. Up to you to Know when and How

Most Of the Time i wont counter JG and i will simply rush to lv 6 and clear my JG asap. Dont forget to keep an eye on your lanes as you can still walk in and help your mates or ganks if the timing is good. If you can predict the enemy JG starting camp and next one , You can go meet him there and try to kill him (usually possible if they do gromp+ Blue for exemple) Otherwise: I usually do Gromp + Wolves + ward Blue + Red + Wraiths and Recall ... somtimes you can get 1k gold before recalling for the first time if you are used to your rotations. Good Tips when you clear your camps: 1)Lower the Small ones a little and switch focus to the large one: Your E damage is gonna finish them Off as you slay the big one. You save HP when they die fast 2)Always move between autos, Qs, Es as you gain energy by moving 3) My rotation is AA, Q , AA , E , AA , Q , AA , E 4) Your shroud can give vision on the other side of a wall , then allowing you to ult on the people or monsters there -- Can be used for chasing/Juking 5) Save the wraiths for the end when you wish to go counter jg after clearing your camps (Anti-ward Buff) On my first Recall i usually Upgrade machete into Trailblazer , i buy 1-2 stealth wards , possibly a potion and switch trinket to Sweeper Second Recall : i have Warrior Enchant and maybe Boots , more stealth wards. Then you Focus on Getting Lv 6 and Hextech Gunblade so the real fun begins Lv 6 + : The Hunt is On! Simply Pick a lane and start ganking. Your Ult covers good distance so its up to you to time your arrival and the ganks should be fairly easy to execute. Tell your lane to commit just before you arrive and do your Magic !

You start to group and Team fight , make sure to put vision on the objectives you seek and prepare to get them. Try to find easy picks (squish targets out of position) and kill them asap. Try to see who's got detection for you (oracles,pinks) It may be a good idea to kill them first and allow you to shroud freely Your Job is to Jump on their Carries and *insta Kill* Them. Dont forget to save a charge of your Ult when you are near minions or Monsters as it can be used to jump on them and gap close for juking

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