Nasus Build Guide

You're Not Going Anywhere! -{Nasus Guide 5.16}

Uploader iFunnyKing
Updated 1 year ago
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Hello, I'm iFunnyKing, I'm very new to making guides. Please note that these are just options and opinions, These guides are just if you want to mix up your Play-Style and have fun doing it. I would recommend Higher and Professional Guides. I'm a Amateur and it's okay if you don't like my guides. This is just for Fun :) Now I'm going in depths of detail on this champion Nasus, He's a AD-ish , Tank. He mainly goes towards tank. No one rarely plays him AD because he's strong either way you build him, AD or AP. But people build him AD because he has the capability to deal IMMENSE DAMAGE when he goes AD, almost literally unstoppable. But since he does go AD he is very vulnerable to fed ADC and fed MID, basically anyone that is fed and does high damage early, because in early Nasus is VERY squishy, unless you go tank ofcourse. He does have the ability to decimate fed and squishy foes, tanks may be a problem for him though. But if you go tank, you'll be able to withstand strong fed champs, and the tanks will just tickle you as well. but as far as you attempting to burst, it's indefinitely. Unless you're pretty good at stacking your Q, then other words you're pretty strong, But not that strong. If that's confusing then think about you going tanky Nasus Vs. Fed Quinn, OBVIOUSLY she's going to win. Because even if you do have for (ex. 400 ) stacks, she's going to have a hard time Killing you, and you'll have a hard time killing her because of your lack of damage, even with your high stacks of Q, She'll struggle with killing you but you'll die either way, and you'll need back up. Now if you go AD Nasus, you'll have the ability to BURST her, with or without high Q stacks because you're AD, but that means you're very vulnerable and she'll immediately delete you. But if you go Semi-Tank, you'll just barely make it alive (barely, 50% chance) and you'll barely kill her (barely 38%). and Semi-Tank is basically Tanky items with a bit of AD, in which this guide is mainly about. ENJOY!

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