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[img=http://i.imgur.com/b1RstR2.jpg] [center][b][big]ABOUT ME[/big][/b][/center] Hey Guys, I'm a marksman main, and currently play on the Singapore server as \"Redemar\" since there are no official servers close to me *sob*. I hit Diamond this season, and am climbing higher every day. I started playing League of legends when season 1 was about to end on the NA server, with over 300 ping. I'm currently playing on 90-100 now, hehehe. [b][center]Season 5[/center][/b] [img=http://i.imgur.com/YAduCkH.png] [center][b][big]A GUIDE TO JINX[/big][/b][/center] Hello guys, this is a guide to jinx which covers most of her kit and her ability to still be a top tier marksman. Jinx is a really strong hyper carry which scales ridiculously into mid and late game. She has an attack speed steroid, insane range and damage due to her rockets, a form of hard cc, and a global execution ability. A two/three item mid game jinx just destroys enemies in team fights due to her passive and range. She is the definition of a marksman with the mixed elements of a caster ADC and an Auto Attack ADC. [center][b]Jinx Stats[/b][/center] [img=http://i.imgur.com/EELK9AL.png] [center][big]PROS[/big] High Range (700) High Damage Output Attack Speed Steroid Good Waveclear Farms Really Well Kills Structures Fast Gains Movement Speed on Resets Global Ultimate (execution) Good At Skirmishes ------------------------------------------------------------------- [big]CONS[/big] No Escape Without Reset Needs Good Positioning[/center]

[center][img=http://i.imgur.com/uHIiAta.png][/center] Once you enter lane, be sure of your actions. Always try to gain an early lead by hitting level 2 before the enemy bot lane. Push the wave in so that your minions stack up. Once you have more minions on your side, the wave should slowly push towards the enemy. You'll normally have no minion to last hit while they do, so auto attack them with your rocket when they last hit a minion. Walk backwards right after the trade to avoid any damage from the enemy bot lane or the enemy minions. Jinx has a tendency to get ganked by champions who can dive her at early stages due to her immobility. For example [img=champ/vi.png], Reksai, [img=champ/leesin.png] etc. Be careful. Ward well and play safe when your summoner spells are down. Once you hit level 6, try to look for snipes around the map. If there are any, don't hesitate to use your [img=skills/jinx/r.png] for an early lead. If you're matched with a support such as [img=champ/alistar.png], [img=champ/thresh.png], [img=champ/blitzcrank.png], [img=champ/morgana.png] try to chain cc the most vulnerable enemy champion at bot lane using your [img=skills/jinx/e.png] and kill them using your combo.

[center][img=http://i.imgur.com/6wGPxTF.jpg][/center] Continue farming hard in the mid game till you hit your +2 item spike. You'll be poking with your [img=skills/jinx/w.png] and clearing waves with your rockets before that. Try to push down turrets whenever you get an opportunity to. If you destroy it, you can escape because of your [img=skills/jinx/p.png]. If your team wants to fight, make sure it's around your +2 item spike so you don't lose much, unless you're way ahead of your opponent. Keep looking for snipes with your [img=skills/jinx/r.png] as opportunities will arise, I guarantee it.

This is where you start to dominate the game. Don't be cocky since one death can amount to numerous objectives or even the game. Stay with your team and pressure different areas of the map, and take objectives. Remember, don't get caught. Try to stay as safe as you can when in a group too. If the enemy team is ahead, be sure to clear out the side waves without losing much control over neutral objectives. Stay with your team, you're useless without them! Also remember to pick up a red buff before you fight, your power skyrockets with it. [center][img=http://i.imgur.com/ShKTd6K.jpg][/center]

Position behind your tanks and deal as much damage as you can to the closest high priority target using your rockets from a safe distance. If a tank such as [img=champ/gnar.png] or [img=champ/sejuani.png] tries to dive you at the back line, flash their cc as you'll probably be attacking only this one tank since he's so far at the back line. Always remember, when in minigun form you have a higher DPS than when you're in rocket form, so switch to minigun and snare them with your [img=skills/jinx/e.png] when these tanks decide to dive you. Try to be at the safest distance you can while auto attacking since being in range of any hard cc might cost your team the fight. Tl;dr: Deal the most damage possible to the closest higher priority target or who your team is focusing from the safest position in the team fight. Here's an example from one of my recent games: [center][vid=https://youtu.be/idjezlJ1XOk][/center]

1) You can cancel a part of your [img=skills/jinx/r.png]'s and [img=skills/jinx/w.png]'s animation when used together or by [img=summoners/flash.png]. 2) Remember to ward up before you start shoving the wave. 3) Always try to shove the wave to the enemy turret before you back. 4) Freeze the wave whenever necessary. 5) There is zero cast time on your [img=skills/jinx/e.png], so you can use it while you're walking. 6) Use [img=skills/jinx/w.png] and [img=items/scrying-orb.png] to check places or brushes. Don't face check. 7) Play around the map you have vision of, since you'll have an advantage. 8) Pressure the map and take down turrets whenever you have the opportunity to. 9) Last hit like a god. 10) Keep calm and play, even when you're under pressure. Although you're Jinx, don't be that crazy. 11) When last hitting under turret, you can use your [img=skills/jinx/w.png] to farm more efficiently at early levels. 12) Always try to qss as soon as hard cc hits you in a teamfight to be more effective in them. 13) Don't hold your flash, use it when you need it the most.

[b]June 18th 2015:[/b] -Added Change Log -Added Lucian matchup [b]June 25th 2015[/b] -Changed the title -Edited 'Introduction' -Added [img=items/enchantment-alacrity.png] in 'Situational Items' -Edited 'Important Tips To Remember' [b]July 9th 2015[/b] -Edited Zephyr in 'Situational Items' -Added Tl;dr for Teamfights [b]July 13th 2015[/b] -Added 'Secondary Rune Page' [b]July 21st 2015[/b] -Added Tristana Matchup [b]August 15th 2015[/b] -Added [img=items/maw-of-malmortius.png] in 'Situational Items' -Added [img=items/youmuus-ghostblade.png] in 'Situational Items'

Thank you for checking out this [img=champ/jinx.png] guide, guys. I'll update this guide every patch! So, help me improve it by leaving your feedback in the comment section below. Also do remember to adapt and play, don't follow this guide blindly. ♥ [center][img=http://i.imgur.com/yb4FFQZ.jpg] [b]I'm out.[/b][/center]

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