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How to play Diamond Singed in SoloQ S4

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Poison Trail
Mega Adhesive
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Hi im Tappen! I am a Diamond Singed main with 350-400 games with him. Since Ranka Lee stopped updating his guide and Inverted Composers guide has some outdated parts as Champion Match Ups, I decided to make my own guide! Lets get started. [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Singed is a AP tank that loves getting chased and fling around carries. Pros/cons + Great wave clearing at later levels + Extremely annoying to play against + Gets 4k+ HP with AP items + Fast + Getting Ganked often result in a kill for you + Laugh - No ability to get over walls. - No ranged damage to finish off people other than ignite - Can't run and laugh at the same time - Useless in teamfights without ultimate

Right after you fling your opponent, right-click him (A + click anywhere works as well) as fast as possible and you should punch him in the air while he is over your head.It's not that easy to do, but once you are used to it, you should be able to do it every time you fling. It should look like this. (At 00:42) [vid=]

Level 1: Put small barriers of poison in front of your own minions, this will make your opponent to take damage every time he wants to CS (if he is melee of course). Level 2: Singed is actually really good lvl 2, which most people won't think. Fling your opponent into your own wave (in best case a turret shot as well), Sky Auto hit him (See inverted Composers guide) and follow up with kiting him with poison + auto hits and finish him off with ignite if possible. Level 3-6: Farm if you used Ignite/Ghost, care for ganks. Don't get harrassed too much. Level 6: Once you have ultimate, ghost and ignite ready, go for a kill once you get the opportunity. Don't fear anything. You can probably escape any gank. There are very few champs that can 1v1 Singed with all spells up.

If you have bought Tear you should be able to harrass them with Fling → Sky Auto hit → Poison. Fight them if you have ultimate and ignite up or if they get too low. Top lane also known as \"The Island\". You don't wan't to leave The Island too much, unless you have destroyed 1-2 turrets. Make sure to push your opponent against his turret, so minions will either attack him or the turret, while he struggles with lasthitting between turret hits.

Push up waves with your poison, then run to your team if all lanes are pushed and go for a team fight. You should be a beast at this point. Never forget wards, if you can afford them, buy them. It helps your team so much more than you think. Vision itself wins games.

Pretty much always go for Carries in teamfights, unless you messed up they shouldn't have a too dangerous frontliner (jungler nerfed hard). Try to get a fling on either their Midlaner or ADC. Singed isn't the best engage champion, but you can take advantage of poor position and make a surprise ghost+ult → Fling. Ad Carries should feel useless when playing against a Singed, you either attack him or die, but you cant kill him so you die anyway. If your team has a bad peel you can peel for your ADC as well, just fling the opponent away from her. Singed synergizes best with engage junglers such as [img=champ/amumu.png][img=champ/elise.png][img=champ/nautilus.png][img=champ/sejuani.png][img=champ/vi.png] because it's easy to disengage Singed with tenacity nerf on [img=skills/singed/r.png]. But once you get in there, the fight is on.

4/12/2013 - Updated items and put [img=items/will-of-the-ancients.png] into Situational Items 2/12/2013 - Updated Riven match up. 1/12/2013 - Added video to Xin Zhao match uo 30/11/2013 - Guide created

Thanks for reading my guide and feel free to ask questions, I will try to answer them whenever I can. I will add more match ups once I get to face them more often in season 4.

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