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A Preliminary View of the Emperor of the Sands

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Ahoy all! This is my first guide, looking at a champ that I'm super hyped for, Azir. ^^ I've looked into Azir's abilities and numbers a fair bit, and hope to provide some insight on what items, runes and masteries could be effective on him. My guide was featured on the LoL website - Azir is a late-game oriented sustained damage mage, who needs to find a balance between poking from a distance and engaging up close. I will show possible different methods I think he can be played, to suit different play-styles. Hope I can help some people out with learning Azir right from the get go. I plan on adding videos of Azir ability combos as well as tips and tricks but please be patient :) Please keep in mind this is only my perspective on how I think Azir can be played, if you'd like to leave comments or questions below feel free :D [center]Changelog[/center] 09/14/2014 - Guide Creation, no video references, no champion matchups added as of yet. 09/15/2014 - Updated a few areas, mostly for QoL, still no matchups or references. Will hopefully have those up within a week of his official release. 09/16/2014 - Official Azir release. Added Liandry's to situational items. 09/29/2014 - Guide featured on official LoL webpage, Guide now under construction

Azir is extremely weak at level 1 because he can only level up his W. Play very carefully and place your soldiers close to yourself to avoid being harassed too much. Azir should primarily focus on farming in the early stages of the game, because he will most likely not have much kill potential unless your jungler comes to gank. Harass your opponent away from you and your creeps with [i]Arise![/i] and [i]Conquering Sands[/i] to stay safe and farm. Don't over extend your lane unless you know the enemy junglers whereabouts, or unless you have enough mana to use [i]Arise![/i] and [i]Shifting Sands[/i] to head back to safety.

Azir begins to become a threat at this stage in the game. You should have [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] and [img=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] / [img=items/morellonomicon.png] completed by this stage in the game, which means you have enough damage and sustain to be able to put out a decent amount of damage. Look for lanes to roam/push and keep your eye out for Dragon. Azir's ult is great for enclosed areas in the jungle and river. Use it to your advantage to trap your enemy team into the Dragon pit, or to pinch your enemies escape routes and force them into your team.

Azir should now have his core items complete [img=items/sorcerers-shoes.png] [img=items/athenes-unholy-grail.png] / [img=items/morellonomicon.png] and [img=items/nashors-tooth.png] and be working towards group pushing and skirmishing with your team. Azir is great for sustained damage in teamfights, as well as using his Sand Soldiers and [i]Emperor's Divide[/i] for zoning the enemy. Keep in mind that [i]Emperor's Divide[/i] also knocks back enemies so try not to use it while trying to go offensive.

Use your Sand Soldiers as well as [i]Arise![/i] to damage the carries from a safe distance. Use this combo to create a good initiation for your team: [i]Arise![/i] beside the enemy team, [i]Conquering Sands[/i] to push your soldier behind the enemy, [i]Shifting Sands[/i] to Jump to your soldier and finally [i]Emperor's Divide[/i] to push the enemy team into your team. Now deal damage to the enemy team from behind your wall to come out on top with trades. (Video to be added later)

I hope I could provide some insight into Azir, as he looks to be a really fun, high skill-cap champion that I look forward to playing quite a bit :) Keep in mind that this is my first guide, so any and all compliments and criticisms are appreciated. Don't forget to upvote this guide if you enjoyed it :D

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