Rammus Build Guide

How to Wreck(ing Ball) with Rammus

Updated 1 year ago

Hello to all you Rammus newbies and Rammus not-so-newbies. My name is BSCHNEIDS, and I am a top lane and jungle main. I began playing Rammus in Season 4, and he is currently my most played champ. Having several years of Rammus play under my belt, I have been through many phases of tanks in the meta, and have developed my Rammus builds to what I believe is the perfect build for Rammus. There may be those who disagree that Rammus is viable in the current meta, or should be built in the way that I describe, but Rammus has my highest win rate of all the champions that I play, and so I can attest to the fact that Rammus is perfectly viable, and that this build does in fact work, and work effectively. All introductions aside, here is my guide to Rammus, the Armordillo!

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