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Darnude Snadstrom IV - The Bird Guy Strikes Back

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Hey, i'm Skippy McJimbo, a high gold player who mains mid. I'm terrible at video games but thats ok. My favorite champions are high mobilty champions who can make big plays and dash around quickly. I enjoy playing Kassadin, Yasuo, Katarina and Fizz. I Think Azir is in a very good place at the moment, with a strong mid/lategame oriented playstyle. I have about 30 games of Azir so i have not mastered him by any means but i'll give you my opinions anyway. Pros to playing azir -very mobile -high damage from a large range -very strong utility ultimate -amazing tower passive -fun to play -good harass under towers -amazing seige -strong split push -darude sandstorm is relevant Cons -early levels can be weak -very easy to die early and ruin lane -very difficult to learn at first -is not heimerdinger -easy to misclick towers while moving THIS IS STILL WIP

Focus mainly on farm. In my experience Azir is an extremely fragile laner and getting behind in the slightest way is very detrimental to the rest of the lane phase. Only go for kills if they are 100% guaranteed and don't feel bad if enemies escape with very low health because them escaping is much easier to deal with than them escaping and you dying.

Mid game on azir is very strong because once he gets his Q maxed the soldiers will almost always be attacking. Don't overlook your ability to roam because the wall and E can make for very deadly ganks. If your team is behind early ganks can help a lot, but if you have lost all faith pick up 3 wards and split push relentlessly.

Azir's lategame is brutal. The soldier damage can exceed 400 damage a hit with only 1 and they are in constant movement. The max rank wall is very effective for the peel of your carries and the protection of barons. By this point in the game you should have 40% cdr so attack speed will be high and so will damage. be mindful of your position in teamfights and don't get too close because you are still a carry. Kite as best you can with Q and rylais and you should be good to go.

stay in the back line and use W and Q to force soldiers into their front/back line. Use these to dish out constant dps and try to avoid enemy assassins. The wall is crucial to surviving in teamfights and you should almost always save E for a quick escape. a good W Q E can let you jump any wall in the game and once E is maxed the cooldown is relatively low. Keep all of this in mind and you should always win teamfights.

This champion is extremely combo based and knowing all of the combos you can pull is very useful W-atk-Q-atk-W-atk basic harass, i dont like putting two soldiers down immediately because if the enemy champion has a repositioning skill you can only hit them once W-atk-Q-E-W-atk long range full engage, only use this if enemy jungler is visible or if you have a guaranteed kill. the kill range for this is about 400hp on enemy opponent W-Q-E use this as an escape or chase keep in mind that enemy champions can interrupt the dash. W-Q-E-Flash-R My personal favorite combo, if your team is ahead this is a free teamfight, also because you are going to be positioned behind the wall it is much less risky than most people think. Use this to win a teamfight and prepare for 4x honors from the team. W-E Quick dash, fast animation and looks really cool when you dodge skillshots W-W-Q-E great for chasing down because the slow stacks on enemy champions, use this to set up ganks for the jungler and remember you dont always need to follow with E if you are low. W-atk-R-W-Q-atk use this to get safe damage on melee opponents, get the hit off then push them back and hit them from the safety of the wall

Azir is quickly becoming my favorite champion to play because of the uniqueness in his kit. Throughout the game as long as you stay in the back and kite effectively you should be able to win by 45 mins. i have had 15+ deaths and still won games because of his strong pushing and teamfight ability. never give up and play smart and Azir can be easy freelo. Feel free to add me on LoL, Skippy McJimbo, I'm on NA and usually on during weekends.

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