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The Busted Assassin

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  • 7
    Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (+1.28 armor penetration)
  • 2
    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (+0.16 magic resist per level (+3 at champion level 18))
  • 3
    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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Talon is one of the best top solo lanes in the game. He has phenomenal farm capabilities with his [imgsmall=skills/talon/w.png] and crazy burst with [imgsmall=skills/talon/e.png][imgsmall=skills/talon/q.png]. He terrifies everyone when he is MIA, and causes utter chaos with his [imgsmall=skills/talon/r.png]. Heavy damage and strong escape mechanics make talon,in my opinion, one of the best characters in the game.

7x Greater Marks of Desolation for the simple fact that from level 1 to 18 you will always want,or rather need as much Armor pen as you can get so that right off the bat you can melt through even those devastating tanks to the squishiest of carries! 2x Greater Marks of Strength : Trying to squeeze in as much attack damage as we can early so your hitting like a truck as soon as you hit your lane allowing you to push your counterpart right out of the lane. 9x Greater Seals of Resilience : Your seals in this build are strictly for that capability to stay in your lane as long as possible, which means being able to take a little bit of a beating from those minions and the enemy top lane.The longer you stay in your lane the more pressure your putting on your enemy champion which means more opportunity for you to harass and for them to slip up and get a little to low! 9x Greater Glyphs of Shielding : The more you can focus on damaging items the more Destruction you will cause in your game. Which is why we go with more defensive runes here in your glyphs, doing this allows you to make your enemy AP carries not want to focus you right away because you not only can get away easily, but because you can soak there hits and shake em off without much of a scratch! 3x Greater Quintessences of Strength : Flat attack Damage early on makes a HUGE difference in your lane harassing capabilities.

[title][img=skills/talon/p.png] Passive: Mercy[/title] [number]Talon deals 10% more damage with his basic attacks to any target that is slowed, stunned, immobilized, or suppressed. [/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] Mercy is one of the BEST passives in the game,it allows talon to work well with just about any team composition and exploit those amazing snares and roots (like Nasus' Wither) and make them work so much more for his advantage! Another great reason this passive is great is that if you have red buff, it means for the duration of red buff you deal 10% extra damage on top of red buffs passive damage and slow bonus!! [title][img=skills/talon/q.png] Q: Noxian Diplomacy[/title] [number]Talon's next basic attack deals an additional 30/60/90/120/150 (+30% per attack damage) physical damage. If the target is a champion, the target will bleed for 18/36/54/72/90 (+120% of attack damage) physical damage over 6 seconds, revealing their location for the duration. Cooldown 8 seconds Cost 40 mana[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This ability is one of Talons best forms of burst aswell as a Damage over time effect that doesnt feel so great. The reason why this ability really shines is for its sight revealing trait. For example, if you are chasing an enemy champ around top lane and you have your bleed on them and they hit a bush it allows for multiple benefits [.]Enemy champions trying to super juke you in brush, they can no longer super juke while you have vision! [.]Trying to close that gap and the enemy hits the brush? Sight allows you to still cast [imgsmall=skills/talon/e.png] and stay right on top of them! [title][img=skills/talon/w.png] W: Rake[/title] [number]Talon sends out a volley of daggers that then return back to him, dealing 30/55/80/105/130 (+60% of attack damage) physical damage every time it passes through an enemy. Additionally the enemy is slowed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds. Cooldown 10 seconds Cost 45/50/55/60/65 mana Range 750[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This is talons first ability that gets maxed out and is his key to ultra farming and harassing early game.Another great reason why this ability is so great is that if you hit an enemy champion you automatically gain an additional 10% damage on them for 2 seconds because this ability causes a nice slow effect to be applied to all targets it hits! [title][img=skills/talon/e.png] E: Cutthroat[/title] [number]Talon instantly appears behind his target, silencing them for 1 second and amplifying Talon's damage against the target by 3/6/9/12/15% for 3 seconds. Cooldown 18/16/14/12/10 seconds Cost 35/40/45/50/55 mana Range 700[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This ability is the reason why you dominate ALL AP carries, not only does Talon have an ability that closes any gap between opponents and increases all damage on them, but it also SILENCES them for 1 second. Now i know what your thinking "One second?! thats it?! pfffffft thats nothin!" But let me tell you from experience, one second can mean the difference between a kill or and escape or a death! If fiddles casting his ult, just use [img=skills/talon/e.png] and BAM! ix nay on the Ull Tay,or Karthus is gonna wreck your low health homies?! Never fear [img=skills/talon/e.png] is here! just a quick silence and you just saved your buddy from certain death! Another great mechaninc is you can use [imgsmall=skills/talon/e.png] as an escape. Just jump to an enemy minion or even an enemy champ to further yourself away from that one jerk who has been focusing you all game! [title][img=skills/talon/r.png] R: Shadow Assault[/title] [number]Talon disperses a ring of blades and gains stealth for up to 2.5 seconds, gaining 40% Movement Speed. When Talon emerges from stealth, the blades converge on his location. Every time a blade passes through an enemy, they receive 120/195/270 (+90% of attack damage) physical damage. Cooldown 60/50/40 seconds Cost 80/90/100 mana Range 1000[/number] [title]Explanation:[/title] This ability...oh this ability...This ability allows Talon to be a great initiator. Jump in with [imgsmall=skills/talon/e.png] hit em once with [imgsmall=skills/talon/q.png] toss out a [imgsmall=skills/talon/w.png] and BOOM! [imgsmall=skills/talon/r.png] and your a ghost! The enemy can either just stand there and take a huge beating from your team while they wait for you to pop back out or they can switch focus onto someone else which allows you to get out scott free or stay there and reek more havoc on their team! Another thing about this ability is that any champion can be hit by multiple stars both when launched out or when pulling back in which means this ability has Outstanding burst potential!

I go [imgsmall=items/dorans-blade.png] first because the blade provides everything Talon craves and needs for his solo lane control. It provides health so he can take a bit of a better beating, Attack Damage so he can dish out a bit of a better beating back, and a smidge of lifesteal for lane sustainability. [center][highlight]Early Game[/highlight][/center] First go back items are another [imgsmall=items/dorans-blade.png] and [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png]. The reason i go for another blade is that if you are rocking your top lane and already have a kill under your belt, the blade allows you to continue to push yourself further out of reach of your opponents quickly without having to save up and rush a huge item while still giving you very excellent bonuses for early game lane dominance. As for the boots, i always like the ability to either move faster than my opponents for easier harassing or moving at the very least be able to keep up with them if they also have boots. [center][highlight]Mid Game[/highlight][/center] Mid game you should be looking like this [img=items/dorans-blade.png][img=items/dorans-blade.png][img=items/mercurys-treads.png][img=items/the-brutalizer.png] The reason for the [imgsmall=items/the-brutalizer.png] is it provides amazing stats that Talon adores [.]Attack Power is wonderful [.]Armor Pen is Great for even more damage to those squishies and allows you to start poking at tanks if need be [.]Cool down reduction which = More Harassing and Farming of the minions! And the Merc Treads for reduced CC time and a little extra magic resistance for that extra edge on those pesky AP Nukers [center][highlight]Late Game[/highlight][/center] Late game you should be lookin like this [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png][imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png][imgsmall=items/youmuus-ghostblade.png][imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png][imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png][imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png] [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png] is an item that has the highest attack power per single item in the game (Excluding [imgsmall=items/sword-of-the-occult.png] ). It also provides HUGE amounts of life steal which is great for when you have to face 2+ champs at the same time or back to back. [img=items/trinity-force.png] Provides Move speed, Attack Speed, Attack Damage, Health, mana, crit, and Ability power aswell as has a chance to slow the enemy and increases you next basic attacks damage after activating an ability by 150%! this item was made just for Talon it would seem, it becomes really devastating when you think of combining [imgsmall=skills/talon/q.png] and the increased basic attack damage ability of trinity force. The act of activating [imgsmall=skills/talon/q.png] procs the Trinity forces passive ability to increase the next attacks base damage by 150% which is AMAZING! [img=items/youmuus-ghostblade.png] is just another great item to Talons arsenal of Items, it upgrades everything that was on [imgsmall=items/the-brutalizer.png] and then adds crit, and an activated ability that increases move and attack speeds for a short duration, but what is awesome is that the duration increases a total of 8 additional seconds of duration time! Who needs ghost when you have a Youmuus?! Having a [imgsmall=items/banshees-veil.png] gives you that extra magic resist, more health and more mana aswell as gives you a nice little anti-magic shell that blocks one spell and refreshes after 45 seconds! This makes you much less of a focus target because alot of people dont want to initiate on you and have an ability do nothing! or if your trying to get out of a sticky situation and the enemy has a stun for you, well your Banshees Veil just says "hey bro, i got you, just keep running ill stop that stun", needless to say, its just a great item to have in almost every situation. This is just a very general item build for an average game, all great items that Talon gets the most benefit out of on a regular basis now for the indepth Meta! [center][highlight]Heavy AD Opponents[/highlight][/center] If there is Heavy AD on their team i recommend rushing a [imgsmall=items/frozen-mallet.png] rather than a [imgsmall=items/trinity-force.png]. The Mallet still gives alot of attack damage, but it also gives you ALOT more Health than the Trinity force and if your getting focused down alot, the more health the better! [center][highlight]Heavy CC / AP Team[/highlight][/center] If they are just Controlling you everytime your little icon pops on their mini map i recommend dropping a [imgsmall=items/the-bloodthirster.png] and picking up a [imgsmall=items/quicksilver-sash.png]. The quicksilver sash is one of the greatest items for those ridiculous CC teams, one little click on this item and KAPOW! your out of every inch of CC on you. Its almost like having a quicksilver sash turns you into gangplank...except you cant break out of suppression...or make you smell like fish.Also gives you quite a bit of MR for that extra edge on those gosh darn AP Carries! [center][highlight]Boots Options![/highlight][/center] Your Boots can very from game to game, If you have no issue with being CC'd and like to be in the middle of every fight, then go with [imgsmall=items/boots-of-swiftness.png] or If you like to do heavy roaming go with [imgsmall=items/boots-of-mobility.png], otherwise [imgsmall=items/mercurys-treads.png] are your best bet.

Early Game I grab my Dorans blade and head top, if we have a jungler and we feel a strong invasion from the enemy team into our jungle is imminent,I will usually help cover blue until minions have spawned. After this i head top and start my farm, making sure [imgsmall=skills/talon/w.png] hits all the minions in a wave aswell as trying to grab as much damage on the enemy champ(s) with it.I do this until i reach 4, once i hit 4 and grab [imgsmall=skills/talon/q.png] its Uber harass time! continue your rake spam/harass but this time after rake hits the enemy champ quickly activate [imgsmall=skills/talon/q.png] then jump on them with [imgsmall=skills/talon/e.png] immediately,get a few jabs in, then back off.Wait for the combo to be back up, then rinse and repeat. Either the enemy champ will back or your going to get an easy kill after just a few of these rotations! [center][highlight]*Disclaimer*[/highlight][/center] DO NOT GET TO RISKY!!!!! IF YOU KNOW ITS NOT SMART TO JUMP ONTO TWO FULL HEALTH CHAMPS WHEN YOUR AT LOW HEALTH THEN DONT DO IT GO BACK! DO NOT GIVE THE ENEMY TEAM A FREE KILL! Easily Avoided feeds are the number one cause of depressed gamer's. *Smokey the Bear Voice*Only you can avoid Being a feeder.

At this point in the game you should be a few kills up on top lane, maybe even have their top lane tower down. Now is where Talon gets to cause a little disruption on the enemy team. Start your roam by picking up a red buff from one of the jungles (Always check, if you have a jungler, that its ok to borrow either your red or the enemies red before you take it!)Then head to whatever lane is being pushed the hardest by the opposing team. The reason you go for the most pushed lanes is for the simple fact that if the lane is being pushed, odds are more than likely the enemy champ(s) of that lane is a little over extended past river, Which means that it takes them longer to get to safter which means more time for you to cause them bodily harm!!Gank the lane, push the tower, then go to the other lane and do the same! Using this strategy can be a bit risky for the sole reason of leaving your lane unattended, dont forget that even though you pushed your top lane,it doesnt mean you can just ignore it from that point on, constantly be checking on it, making sure that the creep waves arent getting too massive or that an enemy champ is trying to push your lane! If none of your other lanes are being pushed against then either continue to push your lane up top, keeping good map awareness, or still help bully push your way through their mid tower.

By this time in the game, several of the enemies towers should be pushed and you should be making your attempts at their Base Entrance towers. If you are struggling to make a team fight happen and no enemies are leaving their base, try and force a fight at dragon or Baron, Doing this gives you 1 of 2 benefits [.]1 You and your team are left unattended and you grab Baron and bully your way into their base slowly [.]2 You cause the enemy team to come out of their little turtle shell and then the real fun begins Talon does alot of things in team fights, but the one thing he is known for is his ability to disrupt the enemy team,to cause confusion on focus targets as well as taking out key Targets in your enemy teams group. Depending on how terrified of you they are at this point, you could either cause the enemy team to break into 2 different groups, those who want to focus you, and those that want to stay with the team fight. by doing this, it allows your team to easily crush your opponents smaller group and then eventually catch up to the second group who is chasing you and Ace them that way The other option being that the enemy team wants to be smart and stick and fight like a group against your team, in which case they ignore you and let you rain destruction upon the squishes of there team with your keen ability of stealth and sneakery!

In Short, Talon is a Tremendous Farmer,a Mind Blowing Duelist, A Phenomenal Team Confuser, and just an all around great and fun champion to play! Now please let me know if there is anything i have left out or you would like more in-depth coverage on, this is my first guide so I am still learning! Videos are comming soon (Hopefully ^_^) [imgext=http://easycaptures.com/fs/uploaded/558/0596904429.jpg] Please Rate and Comment!!

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