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[URF MODE] The energetic quick cast AP tanky BULL

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[center] So Alistar have always been my favorite Support due to his high capacity of saving your ADC's ass, basically. The combos that you can do when you get to know this awesome old but gold champion are unique and you can have so much fun with him while winning a game that you truly know that it is pretty much thanks to you, even though people almost never realize how much a good support is, you might find yourself a bit angry because no one notices how the game could have been if you didn't do all those plays, am i right Supporters around here? Well but i am not here to talk about Supporting, you see, Alistar grants a great playability with his skills, what he lacks is CDR and so you try to build it as much as you can without making him lack on other things according to which role you're playing, but on URF we don't have to worry about both Mana and Cooldown, which are both the Alistar's major issues if i am not wrong. This gives you a lot of space to build AP and Tankiness, in this Build I am trying to show you the options you have on items to build both, choosing new kind of items to this champion and replace the ones that are not as worth in here because they no longer give you Mana and CDR. I'll be posting the items and masteries first and then i will work out on the Runes pages. About this build and alistar's Pros and Cons, i can't really say much, neither for matchmaking, URF is extremely new and changing and it's temporary for now, this should be only for the fun of URF [b]One advice[/b]: You should not focus on getting the kills for you. Your main lane should be top and you will be probably sharing it with a teammate, your huge CrowdControl will enable your lanemate to get fed and to prevent his/her death. You will be getting strong along with your partner, hating him or not due to personal motives, you want to win the game, and your partner will rely on you. Also don't worry about engaging against 3 enemies after Spirit Visage, press R and land the kills to your mates. Your KDA won't let you down, Assists count as much as kills, only you won't get as much gold but it won't really be a problem, you can farm minions easily enough. [/center] [center] [big]About me[/big] There isn't much to say, i don't have any Ranked records and i usually play League Of Legends for the fun of it while still knowing competitive gameplay. My main account is [b]xTheDarkSoul[/b] but i'm using my 'smurf' (quoting cause it's a smurf but i have no league on my main..) to see how i've improved and basically cause of the name that i wanted to change. Anyways my smurf is [b]Stiigma JC[/b] I'm from Portugal and i'm currently studying in high school, looking further on taking Computer Engineering course. [/center] Making some Edits to the build specially on the Item build.

I know what I said on the Skill Order, but if you're going 5on5 and you happen to be the Solo one against 2 champions in lane, it will kind of be hell so you probably want to Level up Triumphant Roar first.

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