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Destroying with the doge! [ FULL Champion Guide] [REWORKED FOR 5.21]

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Hi guys i'm Farlord (AKA: Archjuke Nasus on EUW) and I am a Dedicated Nasus main here today to teach you what I know about the Doge and this pimp cane. First off, This is what I KNOW. This guide will be updated the more I learn and the more I play Nasus along the time period, so be aware I may not know everything, but it will still help those who need some general tips and basic advice! Twitch = Youtube = Facebook = Nasus Montage! = [vid=] [img=] [img=]

Farm and Stack Q. Melee minions take two tower shots and an Auto (or Q stack), Caster minions take an auto, towershot, auto (or Q stack) and cannons take (about) 4 tower shots and an auto (Q stack). Against AP lane, rush Spirit Visage and against an AD Lane, rush Frozen Heart. Let the enemy push if they are, this will ehlp you farm without taking too much damage from them.

Should still be stacking OR looking to help other lanes if you're ahead. Ward the enemy jungle or ward your jungle depending on your teams current situation. Utilize TP well for Dragon/Baron fights or a team fight is breaking out in mid lane, either TP there or walk depending where you are on the map. If you're behind, Tell your team to stall and protect towers while you split, farm Q and take the enemies towers. They will have to stop pushing for YOUR towers if they want to save their own.

This is where Nasus is most feared, big boy late game. this is where you WANT to fight, when you have nearly all your items, about 450 Q stacks, 3k+ HP, 200+ Armor and 150+ MR. You'll dominate mostly anyone 1v1 and it will be even easier in Teamfights. Wither the carries and zone them away from the fight, make them focus you, you're a brick wall, let them fight you while your team deals with the heavy engagers. Then once your team has dealt with them, they'll assist you, or even finish off the enemy ADC/AP carry and in the teamfight.


I hope this guide will be of use to anyone looking to pick up Nasus in lower elo's. I will be updating this when I learn to tricks and tips so stay tuned for more information! thanks!

Video samples: Nasus PINPOINT Baron Steal! = [vid=] Video Guide to Nasus TOP = [vid=] Nasus 1v3 = [vid=] Nasus MID game #1 = [vid=]

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