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A Comprehensive Guide to Letting the Dogs Out

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Hey there, my IGN is best irl cat na and I've been playing League since around the release of Lulu and Fiora. I mostly played LeBlanc and Alistar when I first started ranking up. At that time, however, LeBlanc was still in her useless phase (~40% win-rate) and I wasn't clever enough to carry from support (with Alistar). I ended up placing in Bronze 1 despite feeling like I was better than all of the players in my games. After not seeing much success with Alstari, I just started cycling through the champs until I found one that could consistently carry low elo games. Nasus' playstyle was really fun for me because it allowed for a few mistakes (dying once or twice wasn't the end of the world, for example), so I stuck with it and reached 99 LP D1 in my first season playing. Anyway, playing Nasus was a pleasant break from going 17-3 on LB and still losing the game. My biggest accomplishment so far has been hitting rank 164 NA Challenger near the end of Season 4, getting to play with my favorite streamers (Imaqtpie, OddOne, scarra, etc.). I don't think I've ever dropped a game to Sirhcez. I do, however, seem to always lose to Trick2g's fucking Volibear top. Pros: People say \"D CANE!\" when you make a good play There are a lot of dog-related memes Being able to say \"stacked\" in all chat when you last hit a player with your Q Invading at level 1 and Withering someone makes them fail flash over walls 90% of the time You can play both top and jungle with the same champ Cons: People get mad when you pick Nasus jungle in champ select Everyone calls you Sirhcez Levels 1-5 can be pretty hopeless if you get camped or dove without any of your jungler's assistance There are a lot of dog-related memes There are a couple of really awful matchups (Lissandra, Nidalee)

[Summary] Early game is basically levels 1-6 or the start of the laning phase through the first or second buy. This is when you're at your weakest so try not to duel your lane opponent unless you have an advantage, such as a huge wave of minions or somehow they are lower level. Your goal is survival and farming as much as possible. Getting levels is the key to winning as Nasus. A little farm can be given up to prevent your lane opponent from getting an easy kill. As Nasus, you will outscale by default, so the worst thing you can do is allow your lane opponent to snowball. [Tips] Expect to be outfarmed by certain matchups but don't give up farm for no reason. Know why you are overlooking every minion that you aren't last hitting. What separates the good Nasuses from the great Nasuses is what kind of cs they can pull out of early game. When possible, avoid unnecessary damage. Often you have to take free damage, there's just no way around it. However, a lot of damage can easily be avoided. Usually this damage is in the form of auto attacks and close range abilities that you do not always need to be in the range of (know your lane opponent's cooldowns and if possible last hit while their spells are down/they are warding/pushed to your tower). Lifesteal off of the wave whenever you can. Every bit of health helps and Nasus comes with built-in lifesteal. Each auto attack will give you less than 15 health early on, so do not trade lifestealing on a minion for an auto attack from your lane opponent. Nasus lanes are both easy to gank for and a high priority to shut down early. It is very likely that your lane will be focused by the enemy jungler, especially if they are a jungler that deals a lot of damage or has a lot of CC with your lane opponent doing a lot of damage. Because of this, ward constantly.

[Summary] Mid game starts after level 6 or with the purchase of a full item, like Iceborn Gauntlet. Come mid game, Nasus will start having kill potential on his lane opponent. However, having kill potential does not mean you will naturally win any fight, only that you can now look for openings to strategically all-in. I will include in the matchups section exactly which champions that you are able to zone and kill immediately at level 6 or 7 and which can still destroy you in a straight up fight. During mid game, Teleporting bottom or mid lane is a play you should look to make. You can single-handedly snowball one of your other lanes to victory. If you see low life bars or a fight brewing, don't hesitate to teleport in and make something happen. If you can't make a play elsewhere, continue to farm and push down the top lane turrets. [Tips] Take dragons when possible. With Fury of the Sands and teleport at your disposal, you and your team can quickly dispose drag and grab everyone a big chunk of gold. Be sure to get back to top as quickly as possible, but it's never a bad idea to try and run behind mid lane for a quick Wither gank. Do not be discouraged by the course of the game. A lot of games are over because a team gave up. If the game isn't going your way, don't play like you're losing. Keep focused and do the jobs of a top laner. Defend your turret: that is your job as a solo laner. A good team will back you up after a teleport gank to bottom by rotating top, but you can't depend on that. Keeping your turret alive is a huge advantage for both you and your team.

[Summary] Late game, when everyone is grouped up and near full-build, is your time to shine. All parts of the ranked ladder work differently, so Nasus players will all find success through different strategies but there are three ways Nasus can be valuable late in the game. First off, split pushing is great because putting pressure on a side lane throws people off and it can force bad initiations from the other team and reckless rotations that allow for picks. An objective-focused late game is the safest route. Take advantage of Nasus' ultimate and ability to wither anyone who comes near an unwarded area. Someone on your team will need to ward and counter-ward with pinks for this strategy to work well. Finally, depending on your team composition and the enemy team's, a teamfight-focused strategy is also possible. Generally, if your team has more AoE or there is a big gold advantage, forcing teamfights by grouping up and sieging is to your advantage. [Tips] Do not get caught out split pushing. Ward effectively and react to the enemy team proactively. Nasus is a massive power spike for his team, especially if the game is even or your team is behind. Without your presence in a big fight, your team is set back a lot. Vision control is incredibly important late game. Mechanics mean nothing when the enemy sees you but you don't see them. Know the strengths of your particular team composition. Do you have Fiddlesticks, Sejuani, AND Graves? Group up, siege and dive turrets. Do you have a lot of poke? Establish vision control and bait objectives. Keep in mind the strengths of your team's champions so you'll have an idea of how they'll try to play out the game. You don't always need to dive the back line. Don't tunnel too hard on them. If you can force a flash, that's usually enough; get back to your team and peel for them if it's needed.

In teamfights, Nasus has two options: 1.) peeling for his team's carries and 2.) pinning down/killing the enemy team's carries. Each fight will call for something different. If you are relying on a single carry for damage, prioritize saving their life over trying to go for kills yourself. If your ad carry has mobility in their kit, you may be able to go ahead and chase someone without having to stay by their side. A third factor that goes into your teamfight strategy is the amount of peel on the enemy team. If you won't be able to stick onto the enemy carries, play smart and stick to your own carries instead. [title][center][Tips][/center][/title] [.][highlight]Do your best to use your wither on a target who relies on attack speed in a teamfight.[/highlight] Withering an Ahri will do almost nothing in terms of damage reduction compared to withering Tristana. Ahri will still be able to deal her full burst with her abilities while withered where Tristana is heavily crippled with her attack speed being reduced by 45%. However, if you are catching Ahri out of position, that is a different story and you shouldn't hesitate to lock her down. [.][highlight]Carrying a ward in your inventory at all times is a good idea.[/highlight] You will be able to see where an enemy is headed after dashing over a wall or entering a bush so you won't have to guess a chase path. [.][highlight]Buy a red pot before big fights.[/highlight] If everyone is posturing around Baron, grab that huge boost to health and attack damage from a red pot. [.][highlight]After winning a fight, do something[/highlight]. Don't split up and do different things, don't teleport to base to heal and buy immediately. Instead, group up and try your best to get an inhibitor or Baron down. Keep an eye on death timers and anticipate homeguarding enemy teams, however.

[Do's] Watch where your lane opponent wards. Tell your jungler and/or ping its location. It's the little things that win games. In this case, it's keeping an eye on what your lane opponent comes back to lane with and highlighting the best route for your jungler to gank from. Keep your team relatively updated on what is happening top lane. Are you getting zoned? Are you fine for the rest of the game? These are important things to say because they let your team know what they need to do around the map to give your team the best shot at winning. Stay positive and self-focused. You can't control anyone else's play but your own. If you watch pro streams, the ones who generally seem to do well and enjoy the game aren't the ones who try to order around their teams. Ignore someone if they are being negative. Don't hesitate to ignore your whole team if it'll help you focus. By default, you should try not to ignore everyone instantly because you will run into a lot of cool people in solo queue and there are often times where strategic plays are coordinated in chat. However, anyone who starts being negative can safely be ignored. [Don'ts] Don't demand ganks. It can throw off your jungler and the rest of your team. Ask for ganks or just ping, especially if you feel a potential dive. Don't complain about a teammate or the game. It's counter-productive and you will have worse solo queue experiences in general. To win more games, never say anything negative in chat. It's reasonable to get frustrated or angry in solo queue, but the goal is winning so be incredibly weary that what you say will usually influence how your teammates play. Don't enable all chat. A mute button for the entire enemy team has always been the better way for me personally to enjoy and win more solo queue.

[b]v4.1[/b] [i]W - Wither[/i] Range reduced to 600 (from 700) [i]R - Fury of the Sands[/i] No longer increases the cast ranges of Wither and Spirit Fire [b]v3.14[/b] [i]Passive - Soul Eater[/i] Lifesteal rescaled to 10 / 15 / 20% (at levels 1 / 7 / 13) (from 14 / 17 / 20% (at levels 1 / 6 / 11)) [b]v3.13[/b] [i]Siphoning Strike[/i] Fixed a bug where Siphoning Strike ignored Spell Shields [b]v3.09[/b] [i]Q - Siphoning Strike[/i] Bonus damage now displayed as a buff on Nasus [b]v3.06[/b] [i]W - Wither[/i] Attack speed slow amount has been halved [b]v3.02[/b] [i]Q - Siphoning Strike[/i] Fixed a bug where Siphoning Strike critical strikes were dealing more damage than intended Mana cost reduced to 20 at all ranks from 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 [i]R - Fury of the Sands[/i] Now increases attack range by 50 and cast range by 100 while active Mana cost reduced to 100 from 150 [b]v3.01[/b] [i]Q - Siphoning Strike[/i] Permanent damage bonus is now doubled to 6 when killing a champion, large minion or large monster

Disclaimer #1: Matchups not found in the Matchups section are uncommon either at all levels or only at high elo. In either case, I don't have the experience to provide much insight about them. Disclaimer #2: There are a variety of ways to build Nasus both in terms of runes, masteries, and items. None of them are 100% wrong or right but builds should generally change from game to game. Challenger Screenshot! [img=]

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