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  • 9
    Greater Mark of Armor Penetration (+1.28 armor penetration)
  • 9
    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
  • 9
    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
  • 2
    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
  • 1
    Greater Quintessence of Life Steal (+1.5% Life Steal.)
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Draven is one of my favourite ADCs due to his high burst and carry potential. His burst should be taken advantage of, making botlane a very aggressive lane. Pros: Very strong early-game potential A knockback/slow + MS buff for catching or escaping enemies Global ultimate for close encounters or MLG cross-map blind snipes Snowball potential due to new passive Cons: Doesn't stand a chance against fed hyper-carries eg.[imgsmall=champ/vayne.png][imgsmall=champ/kogmaw.png] Takes a lot of practice to use combos well Kinda squishy like most ADCs

[img=items/dorans-blade.png] Normally a must have for ADCs nowadays. Nice early game utility. On your first back, it would be great if you could pick up an instant [img=items/bf-sword.png]. However if you don't have that much money, settle for a [img=items/vampiric-scepter.png] + [img=items/berserkers-greaves.png] + [img=items/health-potion2.png] On Draven, you need to quickly rush [img=items/the-bloodthirster.png] due to the high flat AD and lifesteal, which works wonders on your [imgsmall=skills/draven/q.png]. After that, rush a quick [img=items/zeal.png] then a [img=items/last-whisper.png] for the zeal buffs and armor pen. Next, finish off [img=items/phantom-dancer.png] or start building [img=items/infinity-edge.png]. Your final item should vary from time to time. If they have a heavy CC team, build a [img=items/quicksilver-sash.png] early and finish the [img=items/mercurial-scimitar.png] last. If their team hardly has any CC, buy a [img=items/warmogs-armor.png] or [img=items/guardian-angel.png] for more endurance in fights. However, there are other items which work well with Draven's playstyle. Consider [img=items/sword-of-the-divine.png] or [img=items/statikk-shiv.png] or [img=items/sword-of-the-occult.png] if you are destroying. I wouldn't recommend [img=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png] as Draven relies on flat AD damage. If you want to add this to your build, it wouldn't be disastrous, but there are better items you can invest in. Upgrade your boots with [img=items/enchantment-furor.png]/[img=items/enchantment-alacrity.png]/[img=items/enchantment-homeguard.png] Then get your pots. [img=items/elixir-of-fortitude.png][img=items/elixir-of-brilliance.png][img=items/oracles-elixir.png]

Get one point in everything first, then max your [img=skills/draven/q.png]. This is your main damage output due to its percentage scaling on your AD. Next, max your [img=skills/draven/w.png] for the increased MS + AS. This gives you more kiting potential. Finally max your [img=skills/draven/e.png] for the increased damage + slow. And of course max your [img=skills/draven/r.png] at LV 6,11,16.

I recommend the runes at the top of the page. HOWEVER, the quintessences are subject to change. Either have flat AD runes or lifesteal runes or both. Flat AD gives you more early game advantage, whereas lifesteal helps you sustain more with your [imgsmall=items/dorans-blade.png] + your [imgsmall=skills/draven/q.png].

[img=champ/varus.png] Varus Difficulty : 8/10 Varus is very good at staying back and poking with his Q and E. Both abilities stack with AD so progressively deal more damage when he starts building his core items. His E makes it hard to lifesteal when you use your Q as it reduces healing and slows you, meaning you could lose an axe as well. Plus his W passive makes it worthwhile to autoattack you, back off, and hit you with an ability. A tricky laning phase. [img=champ/caitlyn.png] Caitlyn Difficulty : 8/10 Caitlyn has stupid range. She can poke you down with her Headshot passive which takes a small chunk of your health away. She is a hyper-carry. Can clear creep waves faster than you due to her Q. [img=champ/kogmaw.png] Kog'Maw Difficulty : 8/10 His W range is very annoying as he can constantly poke you down with autoattacks. He is another hyper-carry meaning lategame is going to be a big challenge for you. [img=champ/twitch.png] Twitch Difficulty : 6/10 His stealth is annoying, so your support needs to buy pinks. This lane is really decided on how good your support is compared to the enemy support. If Twitch shuts you down and starts snowballing, you going to lose botlane and vice versa. [img=champ/vayne.png] Vayne Difficulty : 5/10 You should be able to win lane against a Vayne. Your Q poke should keep her at bay. If she is fed at lategame though, you do not stand a chance. [img=champ/missfortune.png] Miss Fortune Difficulty : 5/10 Annoying to play against if she has skill. Her Q can poke you down a lot and gets quite annoying. You can stop her ult with your [imgsmall=skills/draven/e.png]. Your E also demolishes her MS as it slows her + takes away her passive, making it harder for her to catch you + easier for you to catch her. [img=champ/tristana.png] Tristana Difficulty : 4/10 Pretty useless early game compared to Draven. Although she's a hyper-carry, if you shut her down early and snowball away, you'll be fine. [img=champ/ashe.png] Ashe Difficulty : 3/10 Squishy champ, quite mana dependent early game. Drain her many early to have an easy lane. She cant really have her passive up that often as she has to farm, so poke with your [imgsmall=skills/draven/q.png] whenever you can. [img=champ/ezreal.png] Ezreal Difficulty : 3/10 Squishy early game champ. If he's going blue build, you have a very good advantage early game as he's going to be building more utility items first. Dodge his Q's and you'll be fine.

[img=champ/thresh.png] Thresh Thresh has the ability to disable enemy ADCs due to his Q. Combining Thresh with any high burst ADC is a really good idea as you want to inflict the highest amount of damage when you can. You should play this lane very aggressively if you want to take an early lead. [img=champ/nami.png] Nami Very similar to Thresh with the fact that she can disable enemy champs well. Also gives you sustain. [img=champ/janna.png] Janna As her shield gives you extra AD, it works really well with everything on Draven. Her global passive + her W slow + her knockup makes it harder for the enemy to flee Draven. Her ult is a great disengage if you're losing a fight. [img=champ/leona.png] Leona Great at disabling the enemy ADC. Very tanky and can take a few hits before you go in. Her passive stacks well with Draven due to his flat AD damage. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] Fiddlesticks One of the most OP supports right now due to his poke and mainly his Fear. By maxing his fear, it gives you a whole 3 seconds of free damage on their ADC. Although he's squishy, he can poke like crazy + stacking your ults together gives you some AOE damage.

Draven is renowned for his early game power due to his [imgsmall=skills/draven/q.png]. Although his passive has been changed, it doesn't stop him from being a great ADC. Due to his new passive, concentrate VERY hard on farming. You want to build up early stacks if you want to try and get first blood. Farm hard in lane until you reach LV 2. If you can push up beyond river and to their tower, the enemy usually runs back so that they can farm under tower. This is a great opportunity to get some poke damage in. As soon as they turn their back, use [imgsmall=skills/draven/w.png] then [imgsmall=skills/draven/q.png] and autoattack their ADC when he's running away. If you want to, you can poke with a [imgsmall=skills/draven/q.png] every now again against the enemy and try to cath your [imgsmall=skills/draven/q.png] to save mana. HOWEVER, DO NOT TRY AND CATCH YOUR Q IF IT LANDS RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR ADC BEHIND HIS MINIONS. THAT'S JUST STUPID.

Mid game is where the outcome of the game is mostly decided. If your 0/10/0 by about 15 minutes in, you're not really gonna get back in the game. Mid game is basically when you farm up and get ready for late game. At least one tower down at bot lane should be destroyed at that point, meaning you farm or help your team pick up some stray kills. Try and do a bit of both and NOT OVEREXTEND LIKE CRAZY WITHOUT VISION.

Draven is NOT a hyper-carry. Although his damage potential is incredibly high, he CANNOT 1v1 a hyper-carry (unless they have no skill and are 0/10/0) Main hyper carries - [img=champ/caitlyn.png][img=champ/kogmaw.png][img=champ/tristana.png][img=champ/twitch.png][img=champ/vayne.png] By late game you should have most of your core items built by now. Like with every ADC, ALWAYS stay behind your front line. Being the ADC, you're gonna do the most damage to turrets, so stay with your team and push safely. Most of the enemy team are gonna aim for you so DON'T STRAY FROM THE TEAM. You can have 3 Q's at once when your attack speed is high enough, so take advantage of that.

Stay at the back of your team. Let the front line take most of the damage. Poke with your Q's and autoattacks. When the team fight occurs USE YOUR ULTIMATE[imgsmall=skills/draven/r.png]. DO NOT WAIT AND THINK THAT IF ONE TRIES TO RUN AWAY YOU CAN SNIPE THEM AND KILL THEM. Your ultimate can damage EVERYONE on their team, so by using it, you can put doubt in the enemy team's minds. If you are losing a team fight start to back off. You can kite really well using your [imgsmall=skills/draven/q.png] [imgsmall=skills/draven/w.png] and [imgsmall=skills/draven/e.png]. Your E can stop target jumps to you if you use it well, such as a [imgsmall=champ/diana.png] ult or a [imgsmall=champ/leesin.png] Q. Using your Q and W gives you extra AD, extra MS and extra AS, giving you excellent kite.

I think i've seen this a couple of times. I have never done it. Doesn't usually work. If you want to try it, go ahead. Just build a similar build with jungle items in it.

Draven is a strong ADC and is a common pick in games. His early game advantage gives you a chance to snowball botlane. Excellent kiting potential. Takes a lot of skill to play Draven at his best, but is definitely worth. Thanks for reading [imgsmall=champ/draven.png]

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