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S4 Guide to Crazy [Marksman] [In-Progress]

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[b]A little introduction about myself..[/b] Hi there ! My name is Superdry JPN and i'm a diamond marksman main. I've been playing league for about 2 1/2 years now and have mained marksman for over a year now. I was Gold in S2, then quickly got to Diamond in S3 and stayed there. I've recently picked up Jinx in the last couple months and have had much success playing her. [b]Jinx[/b] is a very unique marksman that's recently become apart of the league. I believe she does not have a weak stage in the game and is amazing at constantly pressuring objectives and turrets. Jinx has great snowball potential and her kit allows you to abuse advantages drastically. [b][Focused on Summoner's Rift][/b] [img=http://i.imgur.com/K4SqNQr.gif] Let's look at some of her Pros and Cons : [b]Pros:[/b] - [b]ATKSpeed Steroid.[/b] Her ATKSpeed Steriod on her [img=skills/jinx/q.png] allows Jinx great dueling potential. People underestimate the damage she can dish out when she's growing stacks on her ATKSpeed. Also this ATKSpeed Steriod allows you to [u]Shred[/u] objectives and turrets which is a main component of your playstyle. - [b]Multi-Snare.[/b] ([img=skills/jinx/e.png]) Jinx has a very effective form of CC that allows her to create a wall of traps. Having this type of self peel is very effective in the Jungle as it cuts off possible paths allowing you to stay safe. Throwing this CC into a middle of a team fight disrupts the enemy team extremely well. - [b]Insane Speed Boost Passive.[/b]([img=skills/jinx/p.png]) Her passive [img=skills/jinx/p.png] allows you to make those all-in plays while still making it out alive. Remembering to use this passive is key to making many plays with Jinx. This is her biggest form of mobility that helps catching up to escaping enemies and also getting away. - [b]Great Waveclear with Rockets.[/b] An AOE Autoattack that scales better than your AD? having this grants extreme waveclear potential that all marksman require. - [b]Ability to increase ATKRange depending on situation.[/b] ([img=skills/jinx/q.png]) Want to finish off a target that's getting away and you're just centimeters from killing? Switch to Rocket and finish him off. About to duel some melee champion you can kite? Switch into Minigun for maximum damage. You have options with her [img=skills/jinx/q.png] and options are important when playing Marksman. [b]Cons: [/b] - [b]No Escape/Gap-closers.[/b] Having no escapes leaves Jinx very vulnerable to her all-in playstyle. Knowing your limits with Jinx is crucial and can be hard to gauge at times. - [b]Passive is only effective if you're getting kills, useless when behind.[/b] If you have fallen behind in your game, this passive won't help you much. You won't be able to make quick powerplays because you're lacking damage and cannot get resets on your passive. - [b]Ult/W/E are sometimes difficult to hit.[/b] Jinx is a very skillshot reliant Marksman. She has difficulties combo-ing her abilities if your mechanics aren't up to par. - [b]Snowball Reliant.[/b] Jinx is extremely snowbally. If she does get behind she has struggles making it back into the game. Her kit is designed towards making powerplays so being behind hinders that ability drastically. Jinx has a very aggressive playstyle that thrives at forcing objectives and making quick powerplays. Using her kit in this style will be the most effective when playing as her.

Jinx has a very strong laning phase overall. She has the ability to control waves with Rocket AOE and can trade very well. Some trading techniques include: - Getting 3 stacks of ATKSpeed bonus, switch to Rocket, autoattack enemy. Using this combo gives you free harass due to it's range. Having 3 stacks on ATKSpeed bonus is also necessary as getting an auto off without it takes way to long. - Zap Poke - Autoing a minion with Rockets that's standing near your opponent. Just like Tristanas E, you can get sneaky hits off by attacking near your opponent. If you're playing with a support that has hard CC (Taric/Leona), combo-ing their CC with your Flame Chompers! is the best change you have at locking down an enemy. Use it ahead of them also because there is a slight delay between when the traps go down and when they'll actually be effective.

Jinx thrives at pushing and rushing objectives. Your playstyle should involve around getting turrets and getting them quickly. Jinx is one of the best Marksman at taking down turrets by far. Roaming the map and forcing turrets and dragons is the key focus here.

Jinx has a pretty good late game, the problem is with her is that she has no escape. This leaves her very vulnerable during the late stages of the game where she can be killed quickly. It's important to keep your distance at all times with all fights.

Just as the Late Game section said, Keeping distance is key here. You have no escape and you cannot forget that. Jinx is a marksman that must make it through the front line first. It's important to keep a set distance that keeps you doing the maximum amount of damage at a set distance.

Overall Jinx is a very good Marksman that will shine in Season 4. She has great waveclear and pushing power. She's also exceptional at taking out turrets. I will be adding onto the Match Ups later. [img=http://i.imgur.com/uKM2UVY.gif]

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