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    Greater Mark of Attack Damage (+0.95 attack damage)
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    Greater Seal of Armor (+1 armor)
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    Greater Glyph of Attack Damage (+0.28 attack damage)
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    Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (+1.34 magic resist)
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    Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (+2.25 attack damage)
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[title]About Me[/title] It doesn't really matter imo. My name is Axl and I've been playing League since the beginning of S2, but I wasn't that active until S3. Right now I'm playing on NA and I'm around 1500MR (Gold V) and I'm looking to play on LAN since I want a YT channel where I can upload the League of Legends stuff I know on a language I can speak. This guide will try to tell you how I play Graves. Playing this way boosted me from the very bottom of Silver V to Silver I. It's maybe not the proper way on how to play Graves, but it worked for me somehow. I don't really think this guide is for novices since it requires a decent last hitting, warding and decision making, and I won't teach you any of those, there's other guides (even more detailed) that cover those things. This guide is written english, but it isn't my first language, so if you find that something doesn't make sense in the writing, please let me know and I will work it asap. [title]My Graves's Backstory[/title] Once upon a time I purchased RP, and suddenly, both Lee Sin and Graves were at discount of... I don't really remember how many RP, but it was pretty cheap. Before, I was playing the regular Ashe, the free Tristana and maybe the ADC of the current Free Week. So, I played Graves one day (After he got the nerfhammer on his manly hairy chest) and I just fell in love with him (n̶o̶ ̶h̶o̶m̶o̶ FULL HOMO). Even though his range is short (F*ck Caitlyn), I consider him maybe the strongest ADC of the game (besides level 1 Draven). He's my favorite ADC and I really like his kit. So I started playing with him day by day by day until he actually grew in me. He's so strong he can play top and mid effectively, h̶e̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶e̶v̶e̶n̶ ̶j̶u̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ (he only have damage, but the lack of hard CC makes you regret about not picking anyone else), I would pick Graves even against Caitlyn. She can beat Graves, but this is League of Legends. And in League of Legends, if you are really good with Twisted Fate, you can beat a Fizz with ease.

[center][imgext=][/center] Using 1 glyph of Attack Damage rounds your AD. If you use this rune page with AD Marks and Quints, the game will give you 15AD (When the total is 15.3AD) However, if you use the same AD Marks and Quints, AND add 1 AD Glyph, the game will give you 16AD (When the total is 15.58AD). There's this amazing LOL Math video were explains the situations of some ADC Rune pages. I choose this because I want the early game domination on my lane. [youtube][/youtube]

[title][img=skills/graves/p.png] Passive: True Grit[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] The longer you stand in fights, the longer it stacks (cap to 10). This passive is what makes Graves so hard to kill early levels. [title][img=skills/graves/q.png] Q: Buckshot [/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] One of the strongest skills for an ADC. The closer you get, you can get hit by more bullets. If you get hit by one, it will hurt. If you get hit by 3, the enemy will cry. The only bad thing about this skill is its range. While it can do a ton of damage, the range is so short. And if you get greedy and you want to deal more damage, you can get yourself out of position and you will end with a bad trade. Or even dead. Use it to harass and to push hard your lane. [title][img=skills/graves/w.png] W: Smokescreen[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] An amazing utility skill. It can be used to give you an upper hand on a 1v1 situation, setup a gank and escape, since it slows (only when it hits) and reduce your enemy's vision range. [title][img=skills/graves/e.png] E: Quickdraw[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] Your steroid. Your escape. Your all-in. Your love. Quickdraw makes you dash and gives you a bonus Attack Speed for several seconds. And with every autoattack you land, the cd reduces one second. You can dash through some thin walls (Baron, Dragon and near the river bush) and trees of the jungle (Golems, near Wolves) with this. So you better have it available if you are chasing or running away. [title][img=skills/graves/r.png] R: Collateral Damage[/title] [title]Explanation:[/title] As a finisher, as a main burst on teamfights (after all the cc has been thrown) and even after a Buckshot, this skill makes more than simple 'Collateral Damage'. It murders people. The best use of this on teamfights is to land it in the front line (obviously after all the initiation), so the explosion can hurt all the champions behind the front line.

I won't talk about the main build since it's a pretty standard ADC build, but I will talk about the Doran's Blade. [title]Why Doran's? You should go Boots3 against Skillshots or Sword2 to build something else![/title] Yeah. I know best. I know exactly what you mean. But remember something, when you understand that some ADC needs to build Cloth5 against certain champions, a new whole world opens right in front of you. Two words. [center][title]True Grit.[/title][/center] [center][img=skills/graves/p.png][/center] His passive. The main reason. The longer you stay on a fight, the more tanky you become. If you are against Ashe, Cait or Tristana (who can push the lane naturally), most of the wave you will have a your True Grit stacks at 5 AT LEAST. So if they try to poke you, you can freely Ctrl+4 on their face and just heal back with a few hits. The main reason why Graves is also an amazing choice as a top or mid lane is True Grit. Let me continue please. [center][img=items/dorans-blade.png][/center] [center][title]It heals.[/title][/center] Maybe you can say "It heals you just for 8 every auto!". Yes. But that's all Graves needs. [title][center]It gives you HP.[/center][/title] Just 80 you say? True grit. Those 80hp will make the difference on long trades. [title][center]It gives you AD.[/center][/title] With the AD of the runes, masteries and Doran's, Graves can have on [highlight]level 1 83 AD[/highlight]. His Q scales with AD, this makes him stronger and most of the ADC. The enemy ADC can have Lifesteal Quints, but Lifesteal doesn't work on skills, and most of the time they will never try to harass you with Autos since your 1 auto 1 Q can out trade them instantly for a pretty nice chunk of health (unless the enemy ADC has an insane range, like Caitlyn).

There's only a few supports that doesn't do good with Graves. I will list his support friends: [title]All-In Supports[/title] [img=champ/alistar.png] One Headbutt to a wall = almost 1.2secs. Followed by a Knock up = 2 secs. That's 3 seconds of [highlight]free damage[/highlight]. Also, he has a heal. [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] (Good luck picking him) Pull-Knock-Silence = almost 300health. Add your Auto+Q+Auto+R. Yeah. Overkill. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] [highlight]His fear his so short, Riot should buff it.[/highlight] [img=champ/leona.png] Leona has an amazing passive: Every skill she lands on an enemy left one Sunlight debuff that only another allied champion (not herself) can pop. So, when she E on your enemy, you auto (one Sunlight consumed), followed with her Stun, you Q (Your skills can also [highlight]consume her passives[/highlight]), followed with her W explosion and one more auto from you, you will see their lifebar just disappear. [img=champ/lux.png] She's a poker, but when she hits level 6, one binding and it's done. [img=champ/nami.png] She has a stun, a buff, a heal. Love her. [img=champ/taric.png] He's so outrageous. Too bad he isn't that played anymore. [img=champ/zyra.png] She roots, she pokes, her ult does a ton of damage and also knock up. [title]Sustain Supports[/title] [img=champ/janna.png] Yeah. She doesn't have a heal, but her shield + the bonus damage is just INSANE [img=champ/kayle.png] She has a decent heal with a decent CD. Also her ult comes in handy later on teamfights. [img=champ/nami.png] Again. [img=champ/nidalee.png] Her heal is also an AS steroid. People doesn't realize how surprisingly good is Trap/Heal support Nidalee. [img=champ/sona.png] The perfect support for The Passive Game (A guide I'm working on) [img=champ/soraka.png] Heal and Mana. Spam those Q's with no fear. You will push the lane like no tomorrow but you will also poke like no tomorrow, and believe it or not, most of the champions still have problems with CSing on turret. If you pushed your lane, you should do Wolves/Golems. After all, you have Soraka. [img=champ/taric.png] Again.

So, let me explain this real quick: At the end of every matchup, I will add something lke [highlight]'Sustain support'[/highlight] or [highlight]'All-In support'[/highlight]. That's my personal recommendation for that champion. If you see something like [highlight]'Pick your poison'[/highlight] it means you can do well with any of the support, but you may have a hard time on that lane. So, here it goes. [img=champ/alistar.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Hard. The cow. The all-in damned cow. Ward your lane bushes and try to CS. This lane is pure hell. [highlight]Sustain Support[/highlight]. [img=champ/ashe.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy. You can out trade her easily. Once she got 6 you need to stay alert and check every single of the enemy bot moves. Every single change on their behavior (like the Enemy Sona suddenly charging on you, or they backing up and then suddenly go again to the front) is the evidence that she's trying to initiate on you (or your support). Her ult is easy to dodge with your E, unless she's so damn close to you, something that you shouldn't let happen on the first place.[highlight] All-in support recommended.[/highlight] [img=champ/blitzcrank.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy He's fun to play against imo. I love to bait his pull going /d. Most of the Blitz just felt taunted by that and try a pull. Just sidestep or if you aren't that confident use your E.[highlight]All-in Support[/highlight]. [img=champ/caitlyn.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Hard Play the passive game. Maybe you can't out trade her, or even try to trade with her, but basically this is a farm lane, and with your AD you shouldn't have any problem to last hit under turret. [highlight]Sustain support recommended.[/highlight] [img=champ/corki.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium He can deal amazing damage with his combo, since his E just shreds your True Grit. If you have a support with some hard CC (like Leona, Alistar, Taric or Zyra), just engage him once he used his W. Some mistakes most Corkies do is to go in with W and then E. Walk out of the E range and then engage. [highlight]All-in support recommended.[/highlight] [img=champ/draven.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy Play the passive game. There's no way you can deal with his Q on level 1. By the time you landed 2 autos and 1 Q, he will be throwing his third Q Auto. And that third Auto will make you lose the trade. [highlight]Sustain support recommended[/highlight]. [img=champ/ezreal.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy Auto him and auto+Q every once in a while, but try to stay behind your minions. Unless he has a sustain support, you can out trade him with ease. [highlight]All-in support recommended[/highlight]. [img=champ/fiddlesticks.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Hard You are pretty much screwed. Unless you have an Alistar or Leona supporting you. He will just fear you to death. Literally. You can try to all-in him, but if he fears you, you are done. [highlight]Pick your poison.[/highlight] [img=champ/graves.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: HARD AS FUCK [highlight]Are you playing unranked? MAN UP![/highlight] [img=champ/janna.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium This is kinda tricky since you rely on HER. If she's good, she will mess up ALL your all-ins with her tornadoes. You can try to bait a tornado or try to kill her. Good luck. It's not hard to lane against her, but you can get frustrated (or pick some laughs if she mess up her ult). I would recommend a support based on her adc. If you have a sustained support, poke. If all in, bait a tornado. [highlight]Pick your poison.[/highlight] [img=champ/jayce.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Hard Some people play him as an ADC. And he will make your life miserable if you try to auto Q auto him, since he will just go on Hammer, W,Q,E, R, And then Q or E+Q and you just lost a trade BY A LOT OF HEALTH. Just get a sustain support and play the passive game. [highlight]Sustain Support Recommended. [/highlight] [img=champ/jinx.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy Dodge her zaps. Don't get baited by her traps, don't stay with low health o̶n̶ ̶l̶a̶n̶e̶ ON OBVIOUS SPOTS and you should be fine. She's not OP. She's easy to deal with. Stop crying. [highlight]All-in Support.[/highlight] [img=champ/kayle.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium The best cockblocker. She have a decent heal, a soft cc that can set up some ganks with her skills and can even make a tower dive with her ult. Pick a support depending on their ADC. If you take an all-in support, just all-in their adc as early as possible. If you take a sustain support, then it will basically be a heal war. [highlight]Pick your poison.[/highlight] [img=champ/kogmaw.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy Trying to out trade him is hard while he uses his W. If you try to out trade him, do it while his W is on CD. He will ooze you. Oh yes he will. If he oozes you, put a Smokescreen in front of him so he can stop autoattacking you. But since the chances he will stop are so low, just E out of the damn ooze. All-in him with your support. He's actually pretty squishy and he doesn't have a real escape. [highlight]All-in Support.[/highlight] [img=champ/leona.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Hard PLAY. THE PASSIVE. GAME. I know you have an as steroid that can also be an escape, but let me tell you something, if Leona E you from a bush, you are doomed. Her Q will stun you just as you hit E. You will dash, but you still will get stunned, get a passive that can be popped and you lost your trade. Ward the lane bushes and NEVER try to all in. You will also need to buy one or two wards to help your support to get some gold relieve. It's for the best. Your 150g are better than give the enemy ADC 300g, turret and drake. Just farm. [highlight]Sustained support (Preferably Sona. Click on Sona to understand why) WITH A LOT OF WARDS.[/highlight] [img=champ/lulu.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium. I love Lulu. She's tricky. She can be so deceptive. She can slow you, she can shield her ADC, she can Polyform you, she can heal and give an aura with her ult, she can stop any engage with her slow... But still, she's somehow squishy. You can try to all-in her, but you will need to poke both her adc and her before she hits level 6, but that will be hard. [highlight]Pick your poison.[/highlight] [img=champ/lux.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium She can be SO dangerous sometimes. You should play passive and try to dodge all her skills. Even if she's support, all she needs is a Doran's Ring (AKA 15AP). If she lands a bind on you, expect a laser. If she Lasers, then expect most of your health gone and her ADC finishing you. You can all-in her since she's squishy, but you better capitalize. [highlight]All-in support (More like pick your poison). [/highlight] [img=champ/missfortune.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium You can't stay behind minions if you don't want to get free poke. You don't want to 1v1 because of her buff and debuff. You can't chase her. She's pretty strong, so try to farm and don't get initiated on. [highlight]Sustain Support.[/highlight] [img=champ/morgana.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium Dodge her binds and poke her adc. Ignore her. Still, you should get a sustain support since her shield can deny every single CC. [highlight]Sustain Support.[/highlight] [img=champ/nami.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium (maybe even Hard) Just as Lulu, she can be tricky and deceptive. You should totally play passive, since she have everything you can ask for a support: She have a nice heal, an steroid, a stun that can hit up to three people and a ult that can hit everyone in your team. However, there's something you should know about her: If she misses her Q, a big window opens to you. Still, that window will open only on teamfights for the most part. To be honest, I don't really know what works best against her. An All-in works and a sustained support works too. You just need to have all your bushes warded so you can predict when she will use her bubble. [highlight]Pick your poison.[/highlight] [img=champ/nidalee.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: If going Trap/heal: Easy If going AP: Hard If she goes AP, you are screwed. If she goes heal/traps, ward your lane bushes. Yes, most of the AP Support Nidalees are a bunch of selfish guys, but there's one thing that it wouldn't change: Dodging javelins can change the way you play botlane. You will ward every single lane bush so you can watch where is going the javelin. Honestly, you will pick your poison. You can always all in his ADC and kill him, and most of the time, she will do anything about that. She will just sit back, watch her teammate die and just keep throwing javelins. Most of the time, she doesn't mean a threat on mid-late game because of the lack of CS, but if she made you lose CS and EXP by chunking 80% of your health, you will not mean a threat neither. AND DON'T CHASE HER. [highlight]Pick your poison, ward every single lane bush AND HOPE FOR THE BEST.[/highlight] She's not hard when she doesn't build AP, but she's still annoying. [img=champ/nunu.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy [highlight]Pick a sustain support.[/highlight] You can't kill him, he will slow you, he will buff Caitlyn and that's it. Easy lane, but boring as hell... [img=champ/sona.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium (maybe even Hard) I love Sona so much. The Maven is amazing. And ALSO she's deceptive. Most people don't take in context her Powerchord scales with LEVELS, not with AP. Anyway, that aside, you should pick an [highlight]all-in support [/highlight]and all-in her (or her ADC if it has his escape on cd). BUT, if you fail to kill her (or her ADC), she will punish your all-in support so badly. [img=champ/soraka.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium (wtf??) [highlight]Pick your poison. Most recommended, a sustain support.[/highlight] I say this because of one game I had recently. Soraka was literally unkillable with NO AP on lvl 3. She can bait you with so much ease. [img=champ/taric.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium He's outrageous. He's truly truly truly outrageous. His outragoues heal, his outrageous burst and his dazzling stun screams [highlight]PICK A SUSTAIN SUPPORT[/highlight]. You can't all-in him or his ADC. [img=champ/teemo.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy Once his blind as just ended, just all-in him. Now he's dead. [highlight]All-in Support[/highlight]. [img=champ/twitch.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy He Q's, you wait. He appears, all-in. He's dead. [highlight]All-in Support.[/highlight] [img=champ/vayne.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Easy Whenever I support and my ADC picks Vayne something inside me screams. I just can't stand her low range. Just Auto Q Auto her every time you can. You will push your lane, but you will deny her big time and even kill her. All-in on her might be a little tricky because of her E. But [highlight]All-in and then BULLY THE DAMN OUT OF HER.[/highlight] Also, you might want to end the game as soon as possible. Vayne loves long games. [img=champ/zilean.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Hard [highlight]Pick your poison[/highlight]. F*ck this guy. You can't all-in ANYONE post level 6, and you can only survive with sustain. Seriously, f*ck this guy. [img=champ/zyra.png] [highlight]Difficult[/highlight]: Medium She roots. She pokes. At 6 she deals a ton of damage AND knock you up. So you need to stay always alert of her moves. Ward your lane bush so you can predict her skills. She has no sustain, but her root is also a nice disengage. [highlight]Pick your poison.[/highlight]

[title]Please. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO READ BEFORE TRYING THE BUILD. That's why I think it deserves its own section. It's the main reason I'm writing this guide. This is my SoloQ Graves. I figured this out all by myself. And I will tell you how this worked to win games that were most likely lost.[/title] Also, here it comes a HUGE text wall, so you better listen some smooth sax. [center][youtube][/youtube][/center] The secret of SoloQ Graves it's not on his passive. It's on [img=items/brawlers-gloves.png]. Why? Simple. Brawler's gives you Crit chance. Most of the people doesn't realize that 'lucky' crit can give you a nice lifesteal, or save your life. Also, it can build in something you will need on any of the normal build or the Soloq build. So it's a must on your build. But, here comes the catch. You know Solo Q. I'm not the one showing it, and I don't have the absolute truth. Also, this is not the first time you ever heard about it, and like we said were I live, 'It will listen like a scratched record': In Solo Q YOU are on YOUR OWN. Your victory depends on 9 people, were 4 are in your team, but still, you are on your own. You can't trust them. And you will soon realize if you can trust them after 10 minutes of the game. Your top lane dying, your mid lane getting kept on bay, and your jungler having troubles ganking (or getting counter jungled). The catch is here: You will make one decision. And that decision will define how the game works: ¿Can I carry myself using this team? Yes. It's a selfish question. And yes, even a self-centered question. But this is how Solo Q rolls. Your decision could made the team win or lost. But remember something: On your last game, when you went 10-2-5 Jayce, you lost the game. And you blamed your team. What if I told you, you had some of that blame on your own? Yes. You didn't decide to do something about them losing. And that cost you the game as well. There's also something you should know: [highlight]This doesn't always work[/highlight]. And also, [highlight]Somebody always will think you should group and fight.[/highlight] Some times, people in this game are like people in real life: they deny the reality. Most of the time because the reality hurts. And there will be people who thinks [highlight]you lose them the game.[/highlight] Even someone will threat you (and will do it) with reporting you. That's why you need to be polite and explaining them [highlight]"Why the game is over, but there's one liiiiitle chance to maybe win"[/highlight]. Don't take too much time explaining tho, that will make you lose time you could use split pushing. Unfortunately, this build also has a terrible catch that can demoralize your team and then do a /ff without even trying: You need a teamfight or a skirmish (with the fed enemy) ASAP. With this, you will recognize instantly that [highlight]all hope of winning this game with your team is gone[/highlight]. [highlight]So, right now, I will show you how this build works, but you need to follow some rules:[/highlight] [center][title]1. The golden rule.[/title][/center] If you don't follow it, you will lose every single game no matter what. And if you don't know it, the golden rule is Don't be a dick. It's not even a little skirmish, but you already noticed how the enemy [imgsmall=champ/riven.png] is 4/0/3 with 120CS and how the enemy mid is 2/1/5 and has roamed all day, while your mid doesn't have any single presence. Then a teamfight happens and you are all dead. This is where all begins. Before the teamfight, you already knew this was going to happen. [highlight]Don't tell that to your teammates.[/highlight] You need a backup plan. And this is were it enters the second rule. [title][center]2. Inform your team.[/center][/title] You are polite with your mother. You are polite with your hot sister. You are polite with your lovely grandmother. You know how to be polite. Tell them politely what you gonna do. This may work: "Guys, this is over, but there's something [highlight]we[/highlight]can do to win" <- Always say we. All of you are together on that, and all of you will try to come out on top. "I need you guys to stall on the turrets and defend it the most as possible. I will split push" Your objective now is to split push all the way. If the enemy team have a [imgsmall=champ/tryndamere.png] or a [imgsmall=champ/masteryi.png] just forfeit and move on, but if not, you will have to do this. [title][center]3. Ward everything. Convert your splitpushing in mind games.[/center][/title] The most successful Shaco are the most scary ones. And the most scary ones are the one who can play mind games with the enemy team. You will do the same. (This is on purple side. Just adapt it to blue side) If you push bot, ward all the bot enemy jungle entrances and their bush in the front of their red. If you push top, ward all the top enemy jungle entrances and their Blue bush. There's one logic that all the people have, and it's "[highlight]If we let him push, there's two things to do, kill him and push then[/highlight]". So they will send someone to stop you (if they send two you have a lot of chances to win. Sending more than 1 is a complete waste). [highlight]This is where the mind games begin.[/highlight] ALWAYS look at the map. If you can't distinguish 5 enemy circles in a single place (let's say, mid turret), then press tab. If all the enemies are light, then most likely they are all there (or one or more of them are on an area where you have vision). If someone it's dark,[highlight] get out of the range of the minions and recall. They sent somebody.[/highlight] One thing you should know is the distance it takes from point A to point B. If it's more than 8 seconds and you are still there, you can recall with no fear. If its less than 8 seconds, you better get out of there, because you won't make it out on time. Also, you should always watch what kind of boots the enemy bought. If you are at the inhib turret, and someone with Homeguard boots recalled, [highlight]you better run out of there. If you stay you will die.[/highlight] Also, you and your team should buy Homeguards too, since it heals you instantly and gives you a nice movement speed buff, so they can go back quickly to stall and you are back quickly to splitpush. That's why you rushed Statikk Shiv. [title][center]4. Splitpush diferent lanes.[/center][/title] You need to swap lanes to push. So they will have trouble to control you. Still, you need to ward everything before trying to split push and have your eyes open to know when an enemy (or enemies) are missing and going after you. Just ward. When you successfully push a wave, and then a turret, then you should do next thing and say this to your team: [highlight]"I don't think we can still teamfight with them, so please, try to build tanky and protect me if a teamfight explodes"[/highlight] You are not selfish. You are not self-centered. Maybe they know this, but it's worth the remind them that right now, thanks to the farm and the turrets, [highlight]you are a little hope for your team.[/highlight] You should never stop splitpushing. [highlight]And now, the explanation of the SoloQ build. You need to buy this in order.[/highlight] [img=items/berserkers-greaves.png][img=items/statikk-shiv.png] Gives you ALL the movement speed you need to get into lane. They give you a nice speed to clear and push waves, and you have Statikk's passive that helps with the cleanout as well. [img=items/runaans-hurricane.png] Gives you attack speed AND can fire bolts that apply on-hit effects. [highlight]This effect accelerates the rate of Statikk's stacks insanely fast. You will clear waves and push lanes in 2 seconds. Also, every auto attack + every bolt fired reduces your E's cooldown.[/highlight] You are a pushing machine right now. Activate your E at level 2 and with Runaan's, you will have your E again just before you end pushing the wave. [img=items/blade-of-the-ruined-king.png] MORE attack speed with a boost: You can stay a little longer to push more waves, and use BOTRK's active to run away from chasers. Also, the Lifesteal is nice and you can get more lifesteal thanks to the Runaan's Passive. At this point, the game should be near the end, maybe for your side, maybe for their side. You should remind your team "The importance of build tanky". It is because you need them to stall as long as possible so you can splitpush quickly. With this items you should be able to split faster. If you lose, don't feel sad. You already knew this was lost. And remind this to your team "It worked for a while, we could win". [highlight]Don't blame anyone.[/highlight] If you win, you should be happy. You pulled out something the enemy team couldn't handle. Don't feel like you carried the game tho. Without your team stalling, you couldn't be split pushing. Whatever the outcome is, think about what happened. What was right and what was wrong and how could you help that. This will make you better at this game and you will understand more about how hard can someone have a lane.

This, as every other guides, are not meant to do exactly as I say. Those are simply guidelines. This build and this playstyle worked for me. It may work at Bronze, Silver and Gold, but maybe it won't work above Platinum. You must have saw that I mentioned a lot [highlight]The Passive Game[/highlight]. The Passive Game is another guide I'm working on, and the one it helped me to reach Gold V from Silver I 0LP. I hope you enjoyed the guide! You can leave your comments and questions about this guide and I will try to answer them. Also, if you find some grammar mistakes, please tell me and I will fix it asap. I don't think it's necessary to add a early/mid/late game since this is a Solo Q build, but I might add it if necessary. Thanks for reading!

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