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Master player that plays a ton of Eve on smurfs (d5 to d1). Don't want to make a long intro on this, got a long one on my Heimer guide if you want it (http://www.solomid.net/guide/view/130572-heimerdinger-build-guide-apc-fighter-by-stealthlink) [img=http://i.imgur.com/RHJbksZ.png]

[big][center][b]Blue side:[/b][/center][/big] Here's options I like to think over. [b]1: Starting Krugs - Farm only[/b] Route: Krugs (S), Raptors, Scuttle, Red (S), Wolves, Blue [b]2: Starting Krugs - Gank options[/b] Route: Krugs (S), Red, Raptors (S) > Gank bot/mid or do Scuttle and then look for gank bot/mid [b]3: Starting Red buff - Anti invade or lvl 2 cheese gank[/b] You take this option if you're afraid of getting invaded (by Elise/Lee Sin for example) so your jungle path becomes less predictable. You can also do it if you want to catch the enemy laners off guard with a super early gank. Route: Red (S) > gank or move to Wolves > Blue [b]4: Starting Krugs Smiteless[/b] Against slower junglers, or junglers that go low on their initial clear (Rek'sai/Wu'kong etc.) you can have some very nice cheesy invades and get either a kill or a flash. The reason you don't smite the krugs is just so you can smite the enemy blue buff and guarantee you take it, rather than having to use your E/Q combo on the blue buff and not be able to kill the enemy jungler. Note: You can also do Red (S) > invade enemy blue. But in all the cases the leash you get from your botlane is important. It's also good to gank for your bot lane early on if you do this, because if the enemy botlane does a camp at lvl 1 and yours doesn't, AND the enemy jungler starts at the topside of the map, you've just set your botlane behind and got nothing for it in return. [b]5: Starting Enemy red buff[/b] Walk up and auto the Red buff, then walk back and line up the camp so you can hit all 3 with your Q. Finish the camp then gank either top or mid. If you start at the enemy red, you're looking for kills. [big][center][b]Red Side:[/b][/center][/big] [b]1: Gromp and farm[/b] Route: Gromp (S) > Blue > Scuttle > Wolves > depending on your HP you either Red (S) > Raptors or Raptors > Red (S). Make sure you use your trinket ward before doing the red buff so you don't get killed. [b]2: Gromp smiteless and invade[/b] Same criteria as blue side smiteless start. You're looking for slow clearing junglers or junglers that drop low on their first clear. [b]3: Gromp and gank[/b] Route: Gromp (S) > Blue > Red (S) > gank mid/top [b]4: Red and cheese gank[/b] Would only recommend this if you have solo laners with crowd control, or with voicechat (duo queue), so you're (almost) guaranteed a kill when you lvl 2 gank mid or top. [b]5: Krugs and farm[/b] Route: Krugs (S) > Red > Raptors > Wolves (S?) or Blue (S?) [b]6: Krugs and gank[/b] Route: Krugs (S) > Red > Blue (S) and gank mid/bot

[b]If you're about to gank:[/b] Communicate with your team. Use your pings and/or use your words. Example: \"Gonna do red then omw top\" and as you've cleared the red buff you ping \"OMW\" top. [b]Things to note and know:[/b] Is the lane pushing to the enemy side or mine? Enemy summoner spell cooldowns. Does he have flash ready yes/no? Does he have his secondary summoner ready yes/no? (If it's exhaust/heal/ignite/barrier/cleanse) Is he lvl 6/Does he have his ultimate off cooldown? What items/lvl does he have? Is there a pink ward? Does my own laner have his ultimate/summoners? Can I lane gank or do I need to flank? Can we towerdive? Do I see all the other laners on the minimap? (Ex: If I'm ganking bot and I haven't seen the enemy midlaner in a while I'm getting mighty curious where that guy is hanging out, he could be on his way bot, could already be there, or could simply be in the shop/fountain or in the top lane) Press TAB to find out all of these things, or ask your laner if you don't know. And the last thing you should always ask yourself: [b]Where is the enemy jungler and can I still win the 2v2 if he/she shows up when I gank?[/b] [b]Execution of your gank:[/b] There's a ton of different ganks available and which one to choose depends on how much information you have about the lane you're going to gank and the surrounding circumstances, and what you can do with that information. For example: If you're ganking the botlane, there's often a pink ward in the tri-brush or in the river if you gank after the support's first or second buy. They love buying pink wards, everybody loves buying pink wards. So if you're not sure and you don't want to risk having to check the brush by walking into it to find out if there's a pink ward, just lane gank. You're invisible so if it's top/bot, walk into the side brushes and keep inching forward. [b]Note: If there's a green ward in the brush you're standing in the enemy champion WILL see you if he gets close to it.[/b] If your gank targets have all summoners up, you gank to blow the summoners. If you see during the gank they mess up, you can go for the kill. If your gank targets don't have summoners, always go for the kill. Use flash for it if you have to. COMMIT! If all your lanes are pushing, get some wards and prepare for a towerdive. Or if all your lanes are pushing, get some wards and look for a countergank. [b]About the use of your abilities during a gank:[/b] Pre 6: Get as close as you can before using W, and if you have a red buff/stalkers use it/apply it as soon as possible so your laners get time to help with your gank. If your laners can somehow bait the enemy champion to fight them instead, that's perfect. But don't count on them to do your job for you. Post 6: Use your R on as many targets as possible (for a bigger shield) but also use it on high HP targets because it does more damage to higher HP targets. Besides that just make sure you can chain your slows (if you have more than 1) so your laners can catch up. ----------------------------------------------------- Lastly about the use of your ult and your positioning in team fights. If you are SQUISHY, don't just run into 5 members and count on the shield from your ultimate to stay alive. If you're tanky, by all means run in like a headless chicken and by the time you're low HP you can run out. But if you are NOT tanky, don't just ult and run in. You WILL die.

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