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Super Mega Death Rocket (S4 UPDATED)

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[number]Jinx [/number] [number]\"The Loose Cannon\"[/number] [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/HpQWU2Z.jpg] Jinx is an extremely high skill cap champion that requires a bit of practicing in order to master. While she may be difficult to play, if played properly, she has the capability to single handedly carry a game. In this guide I will share everything I have learned about Jinx so far and explain how you guys can use Jinx to her full potential. Lets start off by looking at her strengths and weaknesses. [highlight]Strengths:[/highlight] [.]Strong poke [.]Strong wave clear [.]Amazing auto attack range with her rocket launcher [.]Amazing single target dps with her minigun[b][/b] [.]Absolutely destroys objectives (Turrets/ Dragon/ Baron) [.]Great dueling potential [highlight]Weaknesses:[/highlight] [.]No reliable escape [.]High skill cap. Relies on skill shots and the ability to toggle between her minigun and rocket launcher. As you can see, she has one key weakness which is that she has no built in escape. Despite this, with careful positioning and proper use of her spells, her pros outweigh her cons and she is definitely more than adequate to be considered a top tier marksman.

[title]When is it a good time to use Pow-Pow, the minigun?[/title] Generally, this is the gun you want to be using most of the time especially during the laning phase. This is the default gun. The main reason behind this is that each auto does not cost any mana unlike the rocket launcher. When fully stacked, this gun gives her a massive 130% attack speed boost! That is massive! Lets compare this to some of the other attack speed steroids in the game. [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/U0o3Bjl.png] As you can see, even Tristana, who is known to have one of the strongest attack speed steroids in the game doesn't come close. This is after the fact that Tristana can only use her steroid for only 7 seconds before it goes on cooldown while Jinx can potentially hold the 130% attack speed forever as long as she is auto attacking something! Once she gets a couple items Jinx can literally solo turrets within seconds. The fully stacked minigun also makes Jinx a deadly duelist as her attack speed steroid is unmatched by any champion in the game.

[title]When is it a good time to use Fishbones, the rocket launcher?[/title] Toggling her rocket launcher gives Jinx gives her aoe damage an INCREDIBLE boost to her attack range. Switching to her rocket launcher at appropriate times is key in doing well with Jinx. During the laning phase, you generally want to stay on your minigun to last hit and switch to your rocket launcher to harass/bully your opponents in lane. Make it a habit to toggle between these two guns during the laning phase. Once again, minigun = last hit, and rocket launcher = harass. Once the game progresses into the mid/end game where team fights begin to happen, you can use your rocket launcher to keep at a safe distance and switch to your minigun when you are in good position to pump out some single target damage. Lets compare Jinx's rocket launchers auto attack range to some of the other popular ADCs. [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/JaYaHkY.png] Although she is out-ranged by almost every other ADC while she is using her minigun, her level 1 rocket launcher outranges every other ADC besides Caitlyn and Ashe. Use this to your advantage to outpoke your opponents in lane. Once Jinx hits level 9, she is able to consistently outrage any champion in the game as long as she has mana. (The only other champions that can outrage her is Tristana at level 18, Kogmaw with level 5 Bio-Arcane Barrage active, and Twitch's Spray and Pray.) Use your range to your advantage and poke poke poke!

[imgext=http://i.imgur.com/ou6RxC9.png] Jinx's early game is all about last hitting and harassing. As I mentioned earlier, the most effective way of laning with Jinx is to be last hitting with your minigun while switching to your rocket launcher to harass. If executed properly, you should be naturally pushing your opponents to their turret due to the aoe splash damage of the rocket launcher. While pushing to their turret may be dangerous since it makes it more likely for you to get ganked, it causes your enemy adc to lose creeps under turret and causes a ton of map pressure. Make sure your support is warding properly during this phase. Keeping pressure is always effective but sometimes you will lose lane and be forced to turtle. If you're losing lane, you're most likely going to be pressured all the way back to your turret. Last hitting under turret is something you need to learn how to do. Generally at full health, melee minions require 2 tower hits + an auto while caster minions require 1 tower hit + an auto. Keep in mind that Jinx usually runs into mana problems during her early game if you are spamming auto attacks with your rocket launcher. If this becomes problematic, make sure to check out the mana regen runes/masteries in the previous sections. Goals for Early Game: [.]Farm as much as possible [.]Avoid jungle ganks. Remember you don't have a built in escape [.]Do not die. Bot lane is an extremely snowbally lane. Dying early on will most likely cause you to lose the lane

[imgext=http://i.imgur.com/ou6RxC9.png] This is when you should be looking to take down as many objectives as possible. Remember that by level 9, Jinx's 3 stack minigun gives her a 130% attack speed steroid. You can use this to your advantage to obliterate objectives. By the mid game, if your laning phase went properly, you should have your first enemy turret down. If not, call for jungle or mid to come help you siege down the tier 1 bot turret. Once destroyed, you can focus on taking dragons and begin taking map control. Also, keep an eye out for fights as you can contribute by sending your ultimate from across the map to help out your team or even pick up a kill. It is still important to keep up in CS so continue to farm, take objectives, pick up kills, and get stronger! Goals for Mid Game: [.]Keep farming [.]Assist your team with objectives [.]Look for opportunities to send your ultimate to pick up kills or to assist your team

[imgext=http://i.imgur.com/ou6RxC9.png] Once you make it to the late game, with good farm and a couple kills, you should have at least 3 of your core items. This is when Jinx becomes ridiculous. Remember, you are a huge threat. If left alone you can literally solo objectives within seconds. Keep forcing plays that will cause your opponents to respond. Late game is all about objective control. Do you see someone on the opposing team split pushing a side lane? Take dragon! Take Baron! Take another turret! Punish your opponents for making plays by making counter plays. There is no other champion that can match Jinx's single target dps. Use this to your advantage and make your opponents respond to you. Siege contested turrets with your team at a safe range with your rocket launcher. Take down uncontested objectives with your minigun. Goals for Late Game: [.]Do not get caught out on your own. Stay alive. Your team needs you! [.]Take down objectives [.]Be with your team. As much as farming is important, you have to realize that you are a very important part of your team. Do not be farming wraiths while your team is fighting on the other side of the map. You need to be with them.

I go by the name Qry and I have been playing this game religiously since season 1. I am currently at Diamond 1 and I consider my best role to be ADC which also happens to be my favorite role. Once Jinx was released, I immediately fell in love with her when I realized how much potential she had and how much fun she was to play. Her release has even inspired me to write this guide! She is definitely my new favorite and it is my honor to share my love for this champion with all of you. If you like this guide and are interested in seeing more, feel free to check out my twitch channel below! Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/Qrybaby [imgext=http://i.imgur.com/fLLeqJH.jpg]

I am still working on this guide and will update regularly. Keep checking in for updates! If you guys have any questions or concerns or any requests, feel free to leave a comment below :)

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