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Solo Queue Cheese - a Malphite Story

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My name is DosCuatro on the NA servers and I'm currently a platinum level player who loves nothing more than to cheese anyone and everyone in solo queue. Here's a unique guide to a Malphite support build that will make enemy ad carries rage and your team praise you for your theorycrafting!

You are mainly sitting in lane with your adc as a presence. You don't want to use mana. You don't want to engage. If they engage onto your adc, just run at their adc and all in them. They'll tend to have you plus minions attacking them and there have been countless times you get a kill and your adc lives/gets a kill too. Overall, your goal is to survive til lvl 6. MUST: get lucidity boots pre lvl 6, homeguards if you can as well.

Once you hit 6 you have a few things to consider. First, find out what lane is losing. Second, find out which lane is losing. Third, find out which lane is super snowbally. If a lane is down 2 lvls/3 kills, etc, you going there probably won't change the lane too much. No, if you have someone who's 1-0-1 and ahead, ganking them will help you win because getting them ahead is the goal. You can either roam up for your ult ganks but sometimes the best situation is to TP homeguards. It can change fights, engage well, and be all the difference. Just make sure you come back to lane time to time to help out your adc or they'll start to die. You can't expect them to last more than 1-2 minutes alone in a 1v2 unless they're really fed. And if that's the case, they'll be getting solo xp and will be really strong mid to late game.

At this point you've either won or haven't. If you havent, you now start altering your build from early game armor to whatever the game requires of you. In addition, you're looking for a good ultimate engage onto the team or just waiting to protect the adc. Whichever you feel has better win conditions.

Aggro - ult into other team and blow up a target or 2 depending on team gold lead/comp. Passive - protect adc with ult, q, e.

This guide may not be for everyone. All i can tell you is that in the right circumstances, this cheese strategy featuring Malphite Support can be very potent and can help you climb some games. Just understand that this isn't something that can be done every game with desired results. But in the right games, you can be deemed one hell of a theory crafter and one hell of a carry.

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