Evelynn Build Guide

A Shadow Walk To Victory (Patch 5.10)

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Hello everyone! Thank you for taking a look at my guide, it is much appreciated. Today, we will take a look at Evelynn, the champion who they never saw coming... [img=http://imgur.com/AnJOfFr] Artwork: ChariseHamme

Early game Evelynn is weak. Follow this path in the jungle to ensure your HP is as high as you can keep it. Blue Side Route: > Smite Golem with Leash. > Walk to River, Ward just past river in the enemy Blue Buff. Take Scuttle Crab as it spawns. > Take Red, smite it for HP. > Take Blue, use an HP Pot. > Go gank or finish off remaining jungle camps and use HP pot. Red Side Route: > Smite Gromp with Leash. > Walk to River, Ward the bush in between Dragon Pit and their Red Buff. Take Scuttle Crab as it spawns. > Take Blue, smite it to kill it quickly. Use an HP pot. > Take Wolves. > If you have time before your smite is up again, take the Scuttle near Baron Pit. > Take Red and Smite it for HP. Use your last HP pot. Honestly, early game Evelynn doesn't have much damage at all. Farm up, take good opportunities to counter-gank/jungle, and find picks. Once you build up 2 or 3 items, prepare the victory dance...

Mid Game is where you start to become stronger. Keep eyes on buffs and dragons and ward the enemies jungle. You can stalk enemy junglers and smite their camps and run away before they can do anything if you follow them carefully. Counter jungling is also very effective with Eve because she can walk right over wards and scuttle crab and not have to worry about being seen. Be wary of the enemy team collapsing if you're in their jungle; make sure to check the typical pink ward bushes for any pinks that will spot you when you're on the enemies side of the map. Gank with your passive as much as you can, your items by this point make your ganks pretty ruthless. Use BotRK and Stalker's Blade smite to secure kills.

By this point, you're extremely tanky and deal a ton of damage. You can eliminate enemy carries rather quickly if they're out of position. You can clean up low enemies with your stealth right when they think it is safe to recall. You can shred tanks with BotRK. You can peel heavily with items and maybe your ult if you have to. You can engage with your passive and ult. You can soak up tons of damage and fall back with W and/or flash. Remember to engage from the sides or from behind the enemy team because you will cause their team to feel surrounded, creating chaos and making enemy communication scramble, causing bad plays on the enemy teams side. Remember to alert your team multiple times when you're about to engage, a lot of people tunnel vision the map and may not notice you're coming behind the enemy team.

If your ADC is getting rekt by someone relentlessly, torture them by permanently slowing them with smite and your items. Peel is pretty important for ADCs. However, feel free to dive enemy carries with the best AOE ult you can and then your full nuke on them. Ulting a 5man enemy team will do a lot of %HP damage.

AD Evelynn is very fun and gets extremely tanky and strong by mid-game. She is fun and has the kit of an assassin with the utility of a bruiser through itemization. I feel AD Eve is a fun, strong pick that works well as long as you play to the enemy jungler's weaknesses.

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