Yorick Build Guide

Yorick - The Yung Shovelman

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Updated 1 year ago

Ready to make people hate playing against you? Ready to send your fellow solo queue adversaries on tilt? Then time to learn about yorick! Im Such Counterplay, I used to go by Yourick. Ive been maining the shovelman for about a year and a half now. Im a platinum top laner so im pretty bad at this game but if theres one thing im very good at, its yorick. Ive got around a 60% win rate on the champion in ranked and as of this moment, every single ranked yorick stat of mine exceeds Inverted Composer's(A fellow yorick main. A very good one at that). I participate weekly in vVv's Amateur Draft Night where my yorick is feared enough to warrant a ban in nearly every single game. Yorick is a top lane champion who Id be hard to give a specific \"Role\" to. He most closely resembles a juggernaut in his current state. His role in the early game is to torture his opponent laner out of lane and build a gold lead from this. This transitions into mid lane, where you need to apply your gold lead globally whether its by split pushing or teleporting into teamfights (more on this later). And finally the end game which is no mans land most of the time for yorick. Lets get into the meat of this guide

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