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Jungle Gragas - Don't get pushy!

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Hi, thanks for reading my jungle Gragas guide. My summoner name is allymcveal and I've been playing LoL since open beta. I usually have between 1300 and 1400 Elo on the US server. I just started playing jungle Gragas, but based on my experience so far I think he has potential. [imgext=] Pros: [.] Strong ganks (especially at 2 and 6) [.] Powerful, game changing ultimate [.] Surprisingly high early burst [.] Naturally tanky and hard to kill Cons: [.] Clear time - slow at start, building tanky can gimp later on [.] Susceptible to counter jungling [.] Can't single-handily carry games, team reliant

[highlight]Early Game[/highlight] If possible, start [imgsmall=items/boots-of-speed.png] and try to get a level 2 gank on mid or top. Gragas can do a lot of damage at level 2 with auto attacks and a body slam. If you're blue side, do wolves -> blue to setup for the gank; if you're purple side, do wraiths -> red. Once you clear your buff and reach level two, try to come from the back of the lane you're ganking. If your ally has CC, you can usually get a kill or at least make the enemy champion blow their summoners. As you clear the jungle, keep an eye out for overextended lanes. Gragas is a strong early ganker. Route: [youtube][/youtube] [highlight]Level 6 - Team Fighting[/highlight] You can pull off crazy ganks once you get your ultimate. Even if the enemy is playing safe in lane, your ult can take them out of position and set up kills that'd be impossible otherwise. Try to coordinate with your teammates' CC with your ult. [highlight]Team Fighting[/highlight] By the time team fights start you should be pretty tanky and able to absorb damage for your team. Your ult can be used to either engage or disengage fights. Be smart when you use it, bad Gragas ults can throw the game. Gragas is especially great at peeling enemy bruisers of your teams' carries with his ult and body slam.

[highlight]Start:[/highlight] [item=boots-of-speed][item=health-potion3] - Early ganking [item=regrowth-pendant][item=health-potion] - Quick philo [item=cloth-armor][item=health-potion5] - Safest build, most sustain [highlight]Early Game:[/highlight] [item=philosophers-stone] - Necessary [item=heart-of-gold] - Get this if you're going to build Randuins [item=ninja-tabi] - VS. enemy AD and auto attackers [item=mercurys-treads] - VS. enemy AP and strong CC [item=boots-of-mobility] - Most aggressive choice, high mobility (I prefer to get mobs early and then sell them later for mercs) [highlight]Core:[/highlight] [item=aegis-of-the-legion] - Great stats and utility for your team, I get it every game [item=shurelyas-reverie] - More utility and MS. Between this, mobility boots, and body slam, you're really quick. [item=negatron-cloak] - Cost efficient way of getting early MR [item=phage] - If you plan on going a bruiser build with Fratmas or are way ahead and want to build a Triforce. Phage proc has good synergy with body slam. [highlight]Options VS. AD:[/highlight] [item=randuins-omen][item=frozen-heart] - IMO the best armor items. I build only one unless they have tons of fed AD. [item=atmas-impaler] - Decent if you go Frozen Mallet. Frozen Mallet + your other items can put you at over 4k HP. [item=guardian-angel] - Late game luxury. [highlight]Options VS. AP:[/highlight] [item=force-of-nature] - If there's a fed caster on the enemy team. MS synergy with your build. [item=banshees-veil] - VS. burst casters. [item=wits-end] - MR with good offensive stats too. [highlight]Offensive Options (not yet mentioned):[/highlight] [item=frozen-mallet] - Decent item if you're going Fratmas and got an early phage. [item=trinity-force] - Build it only after you have some tank items. All the stats are useful to you.

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