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How to bomb the world

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Good luck. In my opinion, the hardest part of playing AP Corki. I suggest that you call mid, and after you lock in, just simply say \"Corki Mid.\" I wouldn't advertise that your going AP because it may cause someone to troll you by attempting to take mid and force you bot or just flat out dodge and waste your time.

Corki's early laning phase is generally very safe with focus on early Q harass and farming. His damage is not obvious until the later part of the mid game to the late game. Keep in mind that you get bonus attack damage from your passive so early game your autos do more than usual. So better last hitting and better trades. If you are looking to kill your opponent, harass with Q c until the enemy champion is around 20%-25% percent HP- then W to gap close, Q, ignite. Auto as much as possible in between abilities.

At this point, look to roam pushed lanes, prioritizing bot lane. Corki has an excellent gap closer, and with a level advantage you will be devastating if you gank under leveled bot laners. If roaming is not an option, push mid lane hard in order to poke at your opponent and try to kill him either by outplaying or coordinating with your jungler allowing for an opportunity to taking dragon.

After level 11, the cool down of your missile reloading is substantially reduced and itemization will definitely play a huge role in your damage. Liandry's and Lich bane add a lot of missing damage that is not built into AP Corki, but are more effective (the items) on Corki than some other AP carries (kind of like how Lich Bane is OP on Twisted Fate, or Liandry's on Anivia). With these items, the damage is there.

With Liandry's torment and magic penetration you are apt to take the front line pretty effectively. Of course if there is an opening because of your excellent positioning or if the enemy just has poor positioning, then by all means focus the back line (AD Carry>AP Carry>Support). But generally when attempting to take down the front line, use E to proc Liandry's passive and a Lich bane proc, as well as Q. Missiles should be somewhat reserved for the back line, so use every 2-3 seconds for Lich Bane procs (immediate missile cool down is around 0.75 seconds). Do not press R like you are Karthus if only the front line is exposed. Of course if 4-5 enemies are clumped, spam R. If the front line is just destroying your back line, then its better to be out of ammo than dead.

Missile conservation Improper use of missiles renders you useless in team fights. Be sure to have at least 3-4 missiles when objectives are up during the Mid game (think Dragon). A common mistake is when pushing a tower as a team, many Corkis just start spamming missiles to try to poke the enemy down. If your team or the enemy team decides to initiate and you have no missiles, watch for incoming chats such as \"AP Corki sucks gg.\" Be smart about your ammo, at the same time don't ever have 7 missiles. Always have one on CD while seiging or teamfights. Usage of W 90% percent of the time, Valkyrie should be used for escaping and gap closing, rarely for damage. If Valkyrie is doing damage, it would be because you used it to escape and people chased you right into it. Never use Valkyrie into the team fights with the mentality of trying to do damage. I know it's tempting because it has very good scaling. If you do-you will die-and be prepared to report your teammates for verbal abuse. There you go a simple and clear way to BOMB THE WORLD with Corki :D this is my first attempt of a guild hope you all like it.

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