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Support AP Ezreal, eat shit dunkey

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[big]RIP DFG[/big] [img=http://i.imgur.com/hyuTX48.jpg] ^ dunkey and his girlfriend eating my donkey dick in normals ayy lmao [img=http://i.imgur.com/bOxtg0y.jpg] [img=http://i.imgur.com/K26pW5E.png] I don't have any ranked games since i am casual4life, but first picking ezreal support should help you win since the other team will assume ezreal adc and pick around countering that A lot of my other guides are for unconventional supports, as well. What sets them apart from this one is the fact that Ezreal has no real utility. Every support I play is due to the presence of at least one stun or hard cc (Riven's knockup & stun, Anivia's stun, etc.) What Ezreal brings to the table is just pure damage, poke and therefore, an unignorable presence in the laning phase. [img=http://i.imgur.com/TJKVKZe.png] Get 5 in Sorcery for more ability damage (2% increased ability & spell damage) 1 in Doubled Edged Sword to burst harder (Deal and take an additional 2% damage) 5 in Natural Talent for more AP (+10 AD and +15 AP at level 18) 1 in Oppressor since you will have rylais slow later on (2.5% increased damage to impaired movement targets) 5 in Piercing Thoughts for more damage late game (+7% Magic Penetration) Deathfire Touch as Keystone Mastery (Synergizes extremely well with non-stop q spam at bot lane) Get 5 in Wanderer to get more speed when roaming/going to lane/etc. (+3% MSPD out of combat) 1 in Secret Stash because they got rid of mana pots and free mana/hp is blessed (Gives biscuit instead of pots) 5 in Meditation because although more burst when they're low is nice, you need mana in lane (1.5% of missing mana/ 5 seconds) 1 in Bandit for even more money as you poke (1 gold/minion that dies from adc, 3 gold/poke every 5 seconds)

Shoot Q's basically whenever it's up to harass and get some auto's in Your mana regen is high enough and the mana cost of Q is low enough that you will always have enough mana to do a w+e combo when you need to initiate despite the spam Don't use W in lane unless you're ready to get them really low for a kill and have something planned, just don't spam it like it's a fukken Q brah Don't use E in lane unless it's to dodge shit or if you're initiating, don't use it for damage as poke like a fukken downsie Moment you hit 6, ping them and start poking with q and get some w's in, just get ready to ult from brush and e+w+q both people and ignite adc, etc., etc. have it your way brahs, just know the damage at 6 is fukken ridiculous on ezreal Ward tri or river depending on which team/enemy jungler Get hp pots depending on enemy matchup and 1 mana pot everytime you back and can't afford a tier 2 item (sheen, fiendish, that lichbane movement speed gay thing) rek't sai the enemy team and make them fear ap ezreal support

Hopefully, you're out of the fucking lane already Ward dragon regularly so you have chance to steal, etc. Other places to ward, I usually just carry 2 stealth wards or 3 on me at all times and ward brushes depending on where I want to fight Gank other lanes with your retarded damage Camp in bushes and get ready to ult + e + w + q and 1 shot and basically just catch people on rotations (you better know what that means) Push your lane hard with your Lich Bane and just put a lot of pressure on the map

Aim to 1 shot people before fights or at least force them out of the next fight and have to b Split push with lich bane or push with team if you're going for a hard push of at least 2 towers Don't get fukken caught brah Get dragons, barons, etc. whenever possible, you aren't fukken bronze, you know what to do (if you are bronze, lel ur chit brah, gtfo my guide faggot 2/10 no bang)

Aim to hit as many people as possible with your ult. Good spots to fight are either in cramped areas in the jungle so people can't evade ult or anywhere when they're all stunned so you can get a good hit. After, I usually e in, since I ult from far away so they don't see it coming, then shoot out a w immediately to do a huge bulk of damage to everyone followed up with a q at the lowest person, hoping the lich bane + accumulative r + w + (maybe)e damage will finish them off immediately The rest of the fight, just aim for squishies with your skills and try to only use e to escape when the enemy top laner (it's always a fucking darius who goes after you) realizes you're the annoying cunt in the fight and starts to shit on you After fights, see above about pushing

get fuking rekt nerds

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