Vladimir Build Guide

Vlad guide for patch (5.15)

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Introduction Vladimir is an AP mage who is played in the top lane. He is the the king of sustain and poke in top lane.

So you want to know how to surprise your opponents? You can pull of an ancient trick of League of Legends using an ability and then flash. Press E then Flash and the E will instantly seek out to your opponents and you burst them down before they can react. If you’d Flash-E they would just counter-flash, therefore, they don’t have time to react.

Depending on your matchup play passive or aggresive. Against Renekton or Riven just farm and harass if you can. Go aggresive vs tanks and if you are vs Nasus pressure him really hard.

If you’re ahead of your lane, roam down for Dragon or force them to come top and give your teammates a free Dragon. Dive the enemy laner with your diving kit. If you’re behind try to farm up as much as you can. Always ping like crazy if the enemy laner is roaming.

Group up, get an Oracle’s Lens and get vision with your teammates. Try to get a good fight late game. Vlad hurts a lot. Always try to see if you should peel for your carries or not. If the enemy marksman or their midlaner is fed go for them, unless the enemy has Janna or a heavy peel comp, then peel for your own team. If the enemy tank, bruiser or assasin is fed, peel for your team: ult as many frontliners as you can. You will destroy the enemy marksman with your E-Q-R combo.

There are two ways to play Vladimir in teamfights: peel or dive. Usually you want to dive the enemy carries because you’ll be untargetable for ages with your pool and Zhonya’s. You’ll be huge pain in the ass. Peel for your teammates if your marksman is fed and get Rylai’s Crystal Scepter to aid him more. The best way to engage with Vlad in teamfights is to flank with him and E-Q-Flash-R their marksman and watch him explode.

Vladimir is a fun champion if you enjoy frustrating your lane opponent. And i sure do. Always remember you have almost no CC, you have a very low range and you have to play aggressive or passive. Have fun annoying your opponents on the Rift.

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