Nautilus Build Guide

I've been a nauty boy in the top lane.

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Hi! My name is Fboii. I am currently Silver III but make no mistake, my mechanics are very well off and so is my ability to write an effective guide for all players, challenger and bronze alike. I understand Silver III is less than....adequate, but my flaws are with my in game decision making skill on calls, etc. Now on to the guide. Nautilus is by far the most graceful and badass champion LoL has to offer. Let me show you why Nautilus can become a Top lane contender very quickly into the future in this top lane tank meta. He possesses the largest spammable shield in the game, and can be a lane bully and snowball very easily with one kill and completely devastate a top laner who is unfamiliar with the matchup (as he very well should be). He has an annoying amount of CC and can secure a gank every single time his ult is up, even with an opponents flash. He will do very well in a 2v2 skirmish should the jungler countergank because of his CC. Here are the pro's and con's of nautilus: PROS - Has a disgusting amount of CC and can give the enemy team nightmares and suddenly afraid of going on a cruise ship or to the beach. Possesses a solid initiation for a teamfight. Has what has to be the most annoying shield in the game. Will always be able to secure a kill on a gank. Becomes very bursty as soon as he completes his trinity force. Even if he loses lane he is still very valuable and can farm very well while losing. Can split push like a freaking boss. CONS- Nautilus unfortunately is possibly the slowest character in the game, even slower than Swain and he is an old man with a cane. Nautilus has a very weak kill potential without a gank if he loses lane early. Once he loses his shield he becomes very vulnerable and loses a lot of damage potential. He has very high cd's and can be very mana hungry early in the game. Gets destroyed by the best duelists in prolonged trades. (fiora, olaf, tryndamere)

In the early lane phase you want to try and slow play and farm until level 3. Test your opponent out and see where you stand on your trades. If you start to lose your lane don't fret, save your ult, call your jungler and get a very easy kill and just focus on farming. If you find yourself pushing because you are winning your lane (it will happen because of your AoE shield proc) and your opponent is turtling, roam into the enemy jungle and steal some farm and ruin their day. Make sure to ward the enemy jungle before hand and try to do it if the enemy jungler is bot. Don't do it unless you can see the mid laner because you could be walking into a trap.

This is where the fun begins, by this point you are relatively tanky, and can make great plays. If you have ohmwrecker by now, let the fun begin. If you have teleport, then you better be using it as soon as your ult is up. As nautilus you need to roam a decent amount with your ult and secure kills. Make sure to group for team objectives even if it means losing your turret, you can win a 5v4 secure dragon or a turret and that will be a worthy trade of letting yours go down.

I've decided to cut out the \"Late Game\" section because in reality late game is essentially team fights minus objectives but that you should know on your own. You need to decide your identity as nautilus in teamfights. If your ADC or mid is fed, you need to peel for them, if you are fed, Ult the Carry that is the biggest threat and rough them up. If you can, ult whoever has a powerful ult, such as Kat, or a Warwick while he is ulting your carry. You should be the one initiating unless you have another strong initiator such as malphite, or nami, or Sejuani. In this case you should be following up as soon as they initiate.

Nautilus will have a enticing amount of CC for you to try, and a surprising amount of damage for you to enjoy. I hope you liked my take on Nautilus and if you have any questions feel free to message me in game at Fboii, and if you have any suggestions or debates about my guide don't hesitate to let me know. Fear the nautilus.

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